The public chain everiToken brings together four major projects to explore the blockchain investment and development

On the afternoon of March 29th, the road show exchange meeting of “Shannan Sword” blockchain project was held in Hangzhou Yuhuangshan South Fund Town. The Jade Emperor, the foot of the Jade Emperor, was established in 2015 in the Yuhuangshan South Fund Town. It is one of the first provincial-level characteristic towns in Zhejiang Province and is known as the “China's First Fund Town”.

In the green mountains and green hills , the public chain everiToken and its four “blockchain+” projects have carried out roadshow exchanges in the town. These projects are distributed in the fields of volunteer service, homestay, compliance consulting and bartering , blockchain. The blessing of technology has made its original business more transparent and secure, and some even have new business models.

Outside the window, the scenery is picturesque; in the window, the commercial map is statically painted. The exchange was hosted by Hangzhou Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town Management Committee, Hangzhou Yuhuang Shannan Fund Town Management Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Yuxing Technology Co., Ltd.

WechatIMG14_meitu_1 Wang Yuejun, CEO of Volunteer Exchange

The first roadshow project is Volunteer Exchange . The Volunteer Exchange is the APP (mobile) of China's registered volunteer information system "Volunteer China" under the guidance of the Communist Youth League Central Committee. It has 9 million download users and the total number of volunteers APP downloads. The first (third-party statistics, as of March 13, 2019) is currently the largest Internet public interest platform in the country.

In 2018, Volunteer Exchange had a total of 4.81 million volunteers and participated in 18 million volunteering services. The accumulated service hours exceeded 62.42 million hours. With the expansion of the demand for volunteer services, the number of registered volunteers has gradually increased, and the security of the platform data has made Wang Yuejun, the CEO of Volunteer Exchange, feel pressured. In addition, Volunteer Exchange has created a unique charity credit system – benefit points, how to improve its liquidity is also a problem.

" Blockchain + Volunteer Service " can solve the above two pain points: on the one hand, based on the characteristics of the blockchain technology itself, the data security of volunteer service can be guaranteed; on the other hand, the periToken-based everiPay protocol and the everiPass technology, volunteer You can use the benefits points to enjoy a variety of services. Wang Yuejun, CEO of Volunteer Exchange, said:

"The revolution brought about by new technologies will turn ordinary people from pursuing material satisfaction to spiritual satisfaction, from focusing on their own interests to caring for people… The volunteer service platform also hopes to attract the attention of the technology and business communities and jointly promote public welfare. Modernization."

WechatIMG372_meitu_2 Jiao Yulong, founder and CEO of Shuangyu

The second roadshow project is Double Stay . Double-stay is an operating platform for the short-stay rental area. It uses self-operated, brand-joined and branded apartment stocks to manage the asset utilization of urban apartments. What is the bonus of the city house? For example, the co-founder and CEO Jiao Yulong said:

“Shanghai Disney’s daily average passenger flow is 30,000. Within 30 minutes of Disney’s itinerary, there are 296 hotels, with an average of 40 suites per hotel, with a total of nearly 12,000 suites. The average 1 suite receives 1.5 people. In total, it can accommodate 18,000 people, so an average of 12,000 people go to Disney every day.

Smart door locks are a common hardware facility in the short-term rental area. The current pain point of smart door locks is that their data is transmitted in plain text, which is easily falsified and leaked. The application of “ blockchain + smart door lock ”, in addition to ensuring the security, accuracy and disclosure of real-time occupancy rate data, can also realize automatic rent collection, and through the smart contract, the order, rent, electronic key, tenant identity and The integration of information such as operational data sharing will help investors monitor the actual operation of the hotel.

WechatIMG15_meitu_1 Luo Wei, co-founder and CEO of everiToken

The third road show project is everiToken , the public chain everiToken original "Token-Based" transaction model, security contract and global certificate verification and payment standard agreement "everiPass / everiPay".

In addition, the team also independently researched and developed the deposit and traceability blockchain products “Mycert” and the alliance chain “Vastchain”, and independently developed blockchain chips for the Internet of Things, smart door locks, traceability and other fields. Its business model is B2B2C.

When it comes to business highlights, the CEO and CEO of everiToken said:

"Comparing with Ethereum, Ethereum's dream is to be a computer in the center of the world. It is very difficult to migrate all the centralized code to the decentralized network. 1. User migration, a user with tens of millions of users. Applications cannot be migrated to the network immediately; 2. Efficiency, decentralized networks are inherently inefficient; 3. Without this necessity, the core difference between the Internet and the blockchain is that one is information transfer and the other is value transfer. An application is passing information, not value.

In the future, centralized applications and decentralized applications are likely to be coexisting and complementary. In this case, these functions can be implemented on the everiToken by calling the API, so there is low friction (the centralized application becomes a decentralized application) and low user migration costs. WechatIMG373_meitu_2

The fourth roadshow project is Bergu Zhida , a blockchain consulting firm whose main business includes the development of compliance smart contracts, one-stop securities pass and legal advice in the blockchain industry. service.

In his speech, Bo Guida CEO Zhang Tianyi shared the world's first case of Hetian jade physical assets :

By developing a smart contract that is compatible with the certification certificate, the Hetian jade asset blockchain electronic voucher can be produced, and the consumer can also query the electronic voucher by querying the website. In the later stage, the art level and Hetian jade assets can be used for deeper data chaining, tracking the trade, auction and entry record of the art, thus realizing the process of Hetian jade.

WechatIMG37_meitu_3 Zhu Jiajie, Collectible Barter CIO

The last road show project is the Daoxuan blockchain project of the collective bartering circle . This project aims to solve the problems of inventory pricing, matching demand and fast trading in bartering, and to create a streamlined channel for the distribution of goods in the industry. middle term.

Take Apple as an example. In the fruit store, the price of ordinary apple is 6.8 yuan / kg (member price is 6.5 yuan / kg), in the remote A area, Apple pricing is 6.8 hair / kg, the difference between the 10 times. Due to inconvenient traffic and other reasons, Apple could not sell, and finally the large stock of apples rotted. As a platform, the Daoxuan blockchain project connects farmers, investors and third-party distributors. Investors first purchase apples from fruit farmers, and then third-party dealers buy at a price higher than the price. After deducting rigid costs such as logistics and warehousing, it is allocated to investors who hold commodity certificates.

What is the problem with " blockchain + barter "? Zhu Jiajie, CIO of the collective bartering circle, said:

There are three main applications of blockchain: First, each batch of goods needs to be fast-winded in a pass-through manner, and automatic settlement is realized after the goods are sold or removed; second, the actual goods are confirmed in various business links. Ownership, one-to-one correspondence between the physical sales and the voucher transaction; the third is the traceability of the goods, for each commodity, from the member unit to the logistics link, until the user sign is easy to record in the chain, to ensure the industrial belt The quality control of the goods distribution center can cover the whole process of the business.


After the road show ended, the participants from the investment institutions, project parties and road show projects were engaged in heated discussions.

It can be seen that the blockchain technology has a wider application range in the real economy, but the blockchain application often adopts the B2B2C mode , and it is difficult for ordinary people to directly perceive the existence of the blockchain . In addition, with the popularity of 5G, the blockchain may also be combined with intelligent hardware to better serve our real life.

As of press time, the Office of the Internet has released the first batch of 197 blockchain information service names and filing numbers, including the ant blockchain BaaS platform, the Tencent blockchain and the everiToken public chain. The road to commercialization of blockchain compliance has been opened, and blockchain technology will gradually empower the real economy.

Note: This article is for business promotion content, does not represent the position of Babbitt, and does not constitute investment advice, users should be cautious.

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