FCoin trading mining anniversary: ​​the pass economy is not going to work

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MLM crime: what the law says

In 2013, “Two High and One Department” issued the “ Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in Handling Criminal Cases of Organizational Leading MLM Activities ”, which clearly stipulated the criminalization of pyramid schemes:

In the name of marketing activities such as selling goods and providing services, participants are required to obtain the qualifications for membership by paying fees or purchasing goods and services, and form a hierarchy in a certain order, directly or indirectly using the number of development personnel as a basis for reward or rebate. If the coercive participants continue to develop other people’s participation, defraud the property, and disrupt the economic and social order of the MLM organization, if the organization’s internal MLM activities are more than 30 and the level is above the third level, the organizer and the leader shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. .

From the above text, it describes five aspects of pyramid scheme crime:

“Eligibility for joining”, “hierarchy”, “income model”, “promotion method” and “commercial purpose” .

It can be seen that the essence is the compliance issue of an economic model.

FCoin: Economic Model

What is FCoin: The world's first fully transparent digital asset trading platform that allocates 80% of the platform's revenue to FT holders on a regular basis.

What is FT : FT (FCoin Token) is the certificate issued by the FCoin trading platform and represents all the interests of the trading platform itself. The issuance of FT is gradually released based on the principle of “transaction is mining”, with an upper limit of 10 billion and never increased. As a representative of platform interests, FT will allocate 80% of its revenue to FT holders, while FT holders have the right to participate in major decisions and community management.

FT Holder Rights: FT, as a representative of the FCoin community's interests, is the cornerstone of FCoin's community governance.

“Digging” obtained FT: First, “transaction is mining”, that is, the method of returning the fee is obtained. The second is the “mining income multiplication plan”, which is obtained by inviting friends to register and getting the return fee of the friend. The fee mining is actually “the fee is refunded by the equivalent FT”, that is, the platform calculates the transaction fee generated by the user every hour, 100% is converted into FT for accumulation, and the converted price is calculated according to the average price of the hour FT, then Returned to the holder of the FT the next day.

The total amount of “mining” can be: 51% of the FT (5.1 billion) is gradually returned to the trading users through the “transaction is mining” method. Once 51% of the FT is fully returned, “mining” is automatically terminated. The remaining 4.9 billion ("pre-excavation FT"), the specific allocation is: 500 million investors, the team 1.2 billion, strategic partners 900 million, the platform foundation 2.3 billion.

How FT is circulated: trading is caused by mining, no lock-up period; pre-cut FT is unlocked according to FT generated by mining, FT circulation quantity = current cumulative mining output / 51%

FT, hundred times coins or pyramid money

At the beginning, we summarized the pyramid scheme and compared the five components to analyze one by one:

1, qualification: trading mining, suspected.

2, level: member invitation system, part of the level, reaching 30 people and 3 layers of elements.

3, income model: exchange fee and value-added services, non-number of people.

4, promotion method: no false propaganda and coercion

5, commercial purposes: no illegal possession.

Taken together, the FCoin economic model, whose income model is derived from exchange fees and value-added services, is not directly or indirectly based on the number of development personnel as a basis for remuneration or rebate .

At present, the market value of FT has reached 2.339 billion yuan (the total FT of 13 FT: 397803026, the price is 5.88 yuan).

FT will not rise to the sky. Unlike other air coins, the value of FT has a foundation, which is 80% of the FCoin exchange fee and value-added services. OKB has a total circulation of 1 billion and a circulation of 300 million. The current OKB price is 30.61 yuan, and the OKB dividend is 50% of the OKEX exchange fee income.

With the gradual release of FT, the price will inevitably be on par with BNB, HT and OKE .

Zhang Jian, the king returned?

FCoin was revived when the IEO wave rolled, but the way was not IEO, because it was proved by FCoin that the risks were huge. GU, QOS and FI were the first IEOs. This dark horse, which once led the "transaction mining" frenzy, intends to carry out mining.


After Zhang Jian returned to the community, the newly launched sustainable mining locks, repurchase, destruction and other means to avoid FT selling, since February this year, FT rose more than 600%, the transaction volume has also skyrocketed.


Through the control and adjustment of daily return, the mining output is relatively stable, and can guarantee the mining duration of at least three years, so it is called “sustainable mining”.

In addition, the Fractal project was launched, FCoin's FT was officially upgraded to FToken, and it itself was upgraded from “platform currency” to “public currency”.

Zhang Jian believes that the general trend of the general public economy, even in the bear market, we still believe in the general economic, I believe he is the future direction of development. FCoin was also the platform for the economic banner of the economy. This is only a temporary one, and the bull market will come. With community start and pass-through as the means to achieve, we will have a very large force in the next round of bull market.

In trading mining, FCoin deserves to be studied by believers in every pass economy.

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