Elon Musk said that he is the former CEO of the dog, is the real platform or the April Fool's Day joke?

Although April Fool's Day is over, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk still gave us a joke. Yesterday, he not only sent a tweet to express his favorite cryptocurrency. It is a dog coin, which also changed its Twitter account profile to "pre-dog CEO".

He wrote a tweet:

"Dogcoin is probably my favorite cryptocurrency, it's cool."


It is reported that Musk’s praise for the dog’s coin is a response to the results of the April Fool’s Day poll published by the official Twitter of the previous day. The survey asked who should be the next CEO of Dogecoin (on the surface, this It's a ridiculous concept, because the encryption project should be decentralized, and the end result is that Musk won with 54% of the votes.

So, late Tuesday, the dog coin official twitter @了马斯克, and said: "Looks, you are the CEO now…"

Subsequently, Musk replied to this with a few tweets referring to cryptocurrencies, including a tweet claiming "Dogecoin rulz" with a Doge meme diagram.


'$4.2 billion'

Dog coin, the 25th cryptocurrency of the current market capitalization, its founder, Jackson Palmer, mimicked Musk, saying:

“I am considering selling the Dogecoin.com website for $4.2 billion and the deal is not guaranteed.”

This was a response to the speech made by Tesla’s CEO, which ultimately led to the actions of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is the case. Last summer, Musk said on Twitter that he received a quote to sell his Tesla company for $420 a share. This statement proved to be untrue, which eventually led to Musk losing the position of the company chairman and causing him a personal loss of $20 million.

It should be noted that Jackson Palmer himself has nothing to do with the dog currency, although he confirmed that he still owns the Dogecoin.com website.

And Musk, the PayPal gang member, seems to be proud of his "new position."


On Tuesday, he changed his Twitter profile to "CEO of Dogecoin", but later he seemed to feel that something was wrong, he changed it to "pre-dog CEO". As of press time, this The newly appointed "Dogcoin Executives" also sent a tweet to warn investors that:

“The value of the dog’s currency may change.”


Is it really good to use the mouth to pull the disk unscrupulously, and is it that Musk’s twitter account has been stolen?

What do you think?

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