February is another milestone, ConsenSys releases latest data report on Ethereum ecology

Editor's Note: Original title was "Latest Data on Ethereum Ecology"

Foreword: At current market value, Ethereum is a network worth nearly $ 25 billion. So, from the data point of view, what level is the Ethereum ecology at? In general, Ethereum is far from entering the mainstream, but due to its breakthroughs in open finance and games, and the active participation of thousands of developers, it brings rich imagination for the future. This article is from ConsenSys, translated by "JT" from the "Blue Fox Notes" community.

From 1 million MetaMask users on the Google Chrome Web Store to $ 1 billion worth of locks on the DeFi protocol, to Ethereum mentions in Forbes' "Top 50 Blockchains", Ethereum in February It is another milestone for the community.

The Ethereum ecosystem is not only promoting the adoption of DeFi, but also promoting the generation of some frameworks for measuring the risks of the DeFi platform. As more and more businesses work to implement their blockchain proof-of-concept into products, things like Hyperledger Besu and its latest 1.4 upgrades make business functions such as licenses and key management easier.

The developer community has been doing what they do best: mobilize in real life and online to build composable software stacks that unlock industries such as games and asset markets. During the Valentine's Day weekend in February, more than 2,000 developers gathered in Denver to participate in the ETHGlobal event in 2020. This seems to be another important year for Web3.

The internet

  • Global nodes on the Ethereum mainnet: 7,083
  • Ethereum unique addresses: more than 88.8 million
  • Smart contracts created in February: 825,895
  • Successful smart contract requests in February: over 41 million


  • Total dApps: 2,773
  • dApp overall daily activity: 21,730
  • DApp contract transactions in the last 24 hours: 73,890
  • New Ethereum dApps released in February: 21
  • DAI prize pool of 16 players fighting in the SkyWeaver competition: 1,000 DAI


  • MetaMask users on Google Chrome Web Store: more than 1 million (Blue Fox Note: MetaMask is a web crypto wallet)
  • Truffle Suite lifetime download: more than 3 million
  • Gnosis team generated GitHub events in the last 30 days: 6,526
  • Gitcoin's total market value: more than $ 3.5 million
  • Possible tps for SKALE chain: 2,000
  • 3rd Annual ETHDever Hackathon Participation: More than 2,000
  • Infura's request response time compared to self-hosted solutions: 20 times
  • Ethereum ecological developer number of goals: 1 million (Blue Fox Note: Note, here is the goal of the struggle, not realistic)


  • Codefi data scores DAI on Oasis: 9.7
  • 24 hour compound amount: $ 2.6 million
  • DAI mined in February: 3.6 million
  • Total holders of DAI: 183,714
  • Total rewards distributed via PoolTogether, a lossless storage game: $ 12,542
  • Total value locked in DeFi for two weeks in February: $ 1 billion
ETH locked in DeFi (Alethio DeFi Analytics)


  • People receiving blockchain-based air strike alert systems: 2.1 million
  • Hong Kong dollars tracked and distributed via the LUXARITY platform (for charitable donations): 196,017
  • Reduced time to issue digital letters of credit on blockchain-based trade finance platforms: 99.58%
  • Benefit from the size of the municipal bond market based on blockchain issuance and coordination: $ 3.8 trillion
  • Number of times Ethereum mentioned in Forbes' "Top 50 Blockchains": 32


  • Funds that ETH validators will pledge in ETH2.0: 32ETH
  • Duration of the slot on the beacon chain: 12 seconds
  • Validator withdrawal period reduced in ETH2.0: 36 days
  • Probability that an attacker will control the ETH2.0 Validator Committee: 1 trillion
Visualization of ETH2.0 beacon chains and shards


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