Focus on Hainan's blockchain boom: the talent dilemma behind the "gold rush"

Source: "Science and Technology Board Daily" , the original title "Focus on Hainan's Blockchain Fever: Baidu, 360, Huobi, and Oke are" gold rush "These key shortcomings are to be solved!

Author: Gang Chai

Recently, Hainan is very "blue". Within a week, two large-scale forums related to blockchain were held in Sanya and Haikou, and the photos of the blue background activities on the Internet were swiped.

A reporter from the “Science and Technology Board Daily” was interviewed at the scene and learned that Hainan was the first to release “Six Chains”, and at the same time unveiled the Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Sanya) Experimental Zone and the Blockchain Academy of Sciences. Chain "sandbox supervision". In addition, Hainan Province is drafting "Several Policy Measures on Accelerating the Development of the Blockchain Industry" and will set up a 1 billion Blockchain Industry Sub-Fund.

For a time, Hainan was known as a hotspot for blockchain investment, and it was no different. So, under the policy of "introducing Feng", can Hainan overtake by blockchain?

Baidu, 360, Huobi, etc. are here

In October 2018, Hainan Province awarded Hainan Ecological Software Park the construction of the "Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone", which is the first blockchain pilot zone officially awarded in China. However, at that time, because of the establishment of the Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park, Hainan did not receive much attention from the outside world.

According to Yang Chunzhi, general manager of Hainan Ecological Software Park, the park has attracted many technology companies such as Baidu, Sanliuliang (601360.SH), Thunder, and Huobi China headquarters.

In October last year, Baidu cooperated with the Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Hainan Ecological Software Park to establish the Hainan Baidu Blockchain Lab, and initiated the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone Standards Committee and the establishment of a degree chain company The "Baidu Super Chain" was officially released. In addition to the blockchain, Baidu's intelligent driving car industry has also joined the "Hainan Ecological Village" project.

The reporter of Science and Technology Board Daily noted that Duchain is 100% owned by Baidu's Beijing Dinglu Zhongyuan Technology Company. Former Baidu senior vice president Xiang Hailong serves as chairman and legal representative. He is mainly engaged in blockchain technology research and development, Development and operation of online games and e-sports software.

Since last year, Baidu has launched a blockchain layout in various fields such as games, finance, search, and copyright. In addition, Baidu is building a total smart city solution, and has already implemented projects in the medical, government, judicial, and transportation fields. It is understood that Baidu's key blockchain business is responsible for the blockchain laboratory.

Unlike the layout path of other Internet giants, 360 first established its industry status with its core business, security, and then gradually extended to other related businesses.

At the end of May 2018, before the EOS mainnet of the public chain project called Blockchain 3.0 with a financing scale of up to 4 billion US dollars, 360 announced the discovery of a series of high-risk security vulnerabilities in EOS, which aroused strong attention in the industry. Taking this as an opportunity, security has become the main entry point for 360 to enter the blockchain.

Xunlei emerged in the PC era. Today, as a "passive" player, its mobile-oriented transformation is full of ups and downs, and many explorations such as games, live broadcasts, short videos, AI, and social media have come to an end. At present, the blockchain has become a new label for Thunder. The "Global Blockchain Patent Ranking in the First Half of 2019" revealed that in the first half of this year alone, Thunder's blockchain patent applications had reached 74, and it has a total of 115 blockchain patents, ranking 11th in the world. Than Tencent, Jingdong and other giants.

As one of the organizers of this "Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum", Huobi China has a very high "appearance rate". The reporter of Science and Technology Board Daily has learned that Huobi China has launched a number of "blockchain +" projects, including the joint development of the "Coconut Cloud Blockchain Issuance Supervision System" with Hainan Bank and Yeyun Network; and CITIC Real estate develops blockchain park construction and explores the "blockchain + real estate" landing mode; unites China Mobile Internet of Things, Hytera (002583.SZ), and Century Qianjin to build the first domestic blockchain-based and Internet of things technology Identity sharing verification platform; cooperation with Jihong Co., Ltd. (002803.SZ) to develop a "one thing, one code" blockchain management platform, etc.

In addition, Huobi China also participates in launching the "Blockchain Academy of Sciences", publishing a series of books on the blockchain, and conducting research, consulting, and training. According to the company's CEO Yuan Yuming, he has implemented blockchain enabling practices in the real estate, retail, FMCG, e-commerce, Internet of Things, tourism, intellectual property protection and other physical industries. The research scope covers the underlying technology of the blockchain, data sharing, Education, Internet of Things and more than 20 industries.

Sanya trials offshore business model

Prior to Huobi China, the "Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Demonstration Demonstration Zone Construction and Blockchain • Digital Asset Trading Technology Innovation High-end Forum" hosted by the Hainan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Financial Bureau and the Sanya Municipal Government and sponsored by Eurotech Group Sunset on December 1.

At the conference, the Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Sanya) Pilot Zone was officially unveiled. By exploring the offshore entrepreneurial model that is registered in the zone and operated at home and abroad, it will shorten the way for international companies to enter the country, lower the barriers to entry, and promote talent, capital, Efficient cross-border flows such as technology. On the day of the unveiling, the first batch of companies such as Eurotech Group, Tianya Community, and Guangzhou Deding Innovation Investment Company signed a contract.

Eurotech Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sanya Municipal Government. It will establish a blockchain offshore digital asset trading laboratory in Sanya, and subsequently build a blockchain big data research institute, a blockchain innovation application research and development center, etc. Group Asia Pacific Headquarters.

The Oke Group was renamed from "OK Group" on November 28. On the same day, its holding block chain + big data company Qianjin Holding Group (01499.HK) also issued an announcement to change its name to "Oco Cloud Chain" ". In January of this year, when the Eurotech Group entered the main holding group, it said that it would increase investment in blockchain technology. At present, Eurotech Group has set up research institutes, engineering institutes, browsers, big data and other services around the domestic blockchain.

As a "passive" player, the Tianya community entered the blockchain later than Thunder, and it was not as thorough as Thunder. In July 2018, Tianya announced the introduction of the blockchain token "Tianya Token" (TYT) to reward original content and participation in community activities to revitalize its huge user base. This move was regarded by Xing Ming, the founder of Tianya, as a "nuclear weapon that revived Tianya."

"Technology Board Daily" reporter noticed that there are currently more than 140 million registered users on the end of the world, taking the afternoon of December 9th as an example, and about 370,000 people are online at the same time. From this point of view, the issuance of blockchain tokens has played a certain role in maintaining the size of users, but it is far from the "re-emergence" of Tianya.

To this end, Tianya has extended its business tentacles and will set up a “Skyya Digital Content Copyright Transaction Blockchain Lab” in Sanya, focusing on blockchain technology in the field of digital content copyright protection, focusing on online literature, film and television production, and digital art works Application technology and business model innovation of copyright integration in various vertical fields.

The aforementioned Guangzhou Deding Innovation Investment Company plans to set up a blockchain industry investment fund in Sanya to carry out blockchain project investment and incubation. The company has previously invested in, Fang En Pharmaceutical, Haopu Blockchain and so on.

The talent dilemma behind the "gold rush"

Hainan has always been a testing ground for various experimental measures for reform and opening up. Then this time, the policy opportunities for the construction of free trade zones (ports) and international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration zones have been superimposed on the blockchain, which has been listed as a country. Can the strategic tuyere industry allow Hainan to overtake the curve?

"Blockchain, as a disruptive emerging industry, is difficult to adapt to many aspects such as traditional regulations and economic models. The development of this industry requires a high degree of tolerance and a spirit of trial and error. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce friction with the traditional economy in order to Reduce the systemic risk of the economy. Hainan's blockchain policy is the most accommodative in the country and has a unique advantage. "Jiang Changke, chairman of the Chengdu Tianfu New District Blockchain Industry Association, analyzed the report of the Science and Technology Board Daily.

"Hainan is a 'special economic zone'. The central government has given many policy preferences and pre-emptive privileges. It has a great advantage in the level of access to the blockchain market. Hainan ’s local government ’s decision-making enthusiasm for developing blockchain is relatively high. Hainan is a relatively independent sector, and it is easy to isolate problems encountered in the process of piloting, "said Yu Fenghui, a famous economist.

However, he believes that Hainan's disadvantages are also obvious. One is whether it can attract talents. The other is the overall investment environment, including people's relatively backward ideas. Third, the blockchain industry is still in the early stages of exploration and the profit model is immature. It needs government financial support, but in recent years Hainan has been relatively weak in finance due to real estate regulation.

Blockchain practitioner Gu Qianfeng, CEO of Shanghai Xuanbei Technology Co., Ltd., bluntly stated, "Hainan is very difficult to retain talents, most foreign speculators and adventurers, most policy arbitragers."

Gu Qianfeng also pointed out that Hainan's industrial and financial foundation is relatively weak and has been dominated by tourism for a long time. The blockchain industry in Hainan has just begun, and it has almost no competitiveness compared with Singapore and other overseas countries, even with policies. Dividends are also harder to compare with established digital economy industrial countries and regions, not to mention policy instability.

"The most critical thing is talent. If this short board can break through, I believe that Hainan's blockchain industry will be at the forefront of the country and even have a place in the world." Yu Fenghui said.

To this end, the "Six Chains" released by Hainan Ecological Software Park mentioned that a group of key talents and outstanding scientific research teams for key blockchain technology will be selected, among which the leading talents will be awarded 1 million yuan, and the excellent scientific research team will provide 3 million to 5 million. Yuan research funding to provide up to 5 million yuan of industrial landing support funds for high-quality projects.

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