We analyzed 45 government blockchain tenders in the past two years: small and micro enterprises were the main bidders with a single amount of up to more than 8.5 million yuan.

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Since the blockchain rose to a national strategic height on October 25, various government departments have begun to promote the layout of the blockchain. This is also evident from the government blockchain project procurement action. There are a total of 31 blockchain-related procurement projects from 2019 onwards, and from the end of October, the Chinese government procurement network has announced 9 Chain technology related procurement information.

Through the acceleration of procurement and bidding, we can understand the corresponding layout of the government.

But we don't know much about which government departments are in the process of bidding, what kind of blockchain projects are being planned, and what kind of companies can win the blockchain projects.

Recently, the pulse of the mutual chain has counted the procurement information of blockchain-related projects announced by the government bidding network in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, there were 14 government bidding projects related to blockchain. By 2019, the number of projects has more than doubled, with a total of 31.

Further observing the main body of bidding, most of the institutions and departments that have conducted bidding around the blockchain in the past two years are located in Beijing. In addition, relevant institutions and departments in Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, and Gansu have also conducted blockchain Project Bidding.

From the perspective of the types of procurement projects, they can be divided into three categories: blockchain applications, industrial services, and technical services. Among them, the application of blockchain has always been the mainstream of procurement projects, and the blockchain application of government affairs has always occupied a large proportion.

From the perspective of the winning bidders, compared with large-scale technology companies such as BAT, small and micro enterprises are more involved in the government's blockchain bidding activities, and have become popular. In 2019, the highest bid price for government procurement projects based on blockchain is 8.995 million yuan. This procurement project is a "Blockchain-based Development Zone Government Big Data Platform Project" initiated by the Information Technology Office of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. It was also awarded by Shenzhen Miracle Smart Network Co., Ltd., a small and micro enterprise.

Subject of tendering: more regional departments and institutions will participate in 2019

In recent years, especially in the recent past, many blockchain procurement projects have been launched. So who initiated these projects?

First of all, from the perspective of the distribution of procurement entities, in the past two years, government departments in Beijing have been the main procurement force for blockchain projects. In addition, in 2018, after Sichuan Province ranked second in Beijing, there were two blockchain procurement projects. By 2019, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Yunnan Province, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have more prominent performances.


(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

If we focus on the Beijing area, it can be seen that in 2018, only the China Cyber ​​Security Review Technology and Certification Center conducted three purchases around the research on blockchain technology security assessment technology and certification needs. In addition, national institutions such as the Procuratorate Technology Information Research Center of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, China Industrial Economics Federation, China Press and Publication Research Institute are all engaged in the procurement of blockchain projects.

In 2019, Beijing has more regional departments and institutions to participate. In addition to the China Welfare Lottery Issuance Management Center, the Water Transport Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, and the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, there are also Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Beijing Haidian District Government Service Administration Bureau, Beijing Finance and Trade Vocational College And other agencies for procurement and tendering.

Most of the remaining regions are also involved by regional agencies. In 2018, the procurement of the Sichuan Province blockchain project was initiated by the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Planning and Land Construction Bureau, and Beihang (Sichuan) Western International Innovation Port Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2019, more regions such as Fujian Province, Yunnan Province, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will participate.

The procurement entities in Fujian Province include the Affiliated Hospital of Putian University, the Fuzhou Big Data Service Center, and the Information Management Service Center of the Xiamen (China) Free Trade Pilot Xiamen Area Management Committee; the State Administration of Taxation of Yunnan Province initiated two For the second blockchain project procurement, the Puer Digital Economy Bureau initiated a procurement; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is the Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, Yulin Housing Provident Fund Management Center, and Debao County Poverty Alleviation and Development Office (Headquarters) participating in the blockchain project procurement.

Procurement project: 6 times the number of government blockchain applications in 2019

Under the active action of the above institutions and departments, many blockchain procurement projects were initiated. Inter-chain pulse is divided according to the blockchain classification system. In 2018, there were 8 blockchain application projects, 5 industrial service projects, and 1 technical service project. In the blockchain application category, government, social and content (property rights) account for half of the total.

(Drawing: Interchain Pulse)

In 2019, there are 22 blockchain application projects, 7 industrial services, and 2 technical services. In the blockchain application category, the proportion of government affairs increased, accounting for 54.54%, which is 6 times that of 2018.


(Drawing: Interchain Pulse)

The pulse of each other chain then observes the blockchain application projects of government affairs. In 2018, the government application of blockchain government affairs was focused on the judicial and micro-government fields. First, in December 2018, the Procurement Technical Information Research Center of the Supreme People's Procuratorate conducted a tender for the "Intelligent Procurement and Innovation Institute Blockchain Electronic Data Storage Platform" tender; the other was, in July, Chengdu's high-tech industry The bidding of the Development Zone Planning and Land Construction Bureau is based on the "High-tech Zone Network Reservation Taxi Micro-Government Platform Purchase Project".

By 2019, the application of blockchain government affairs will mainly focus on housing provident funds.

In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yulin City, Hubei Province, Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, and Pingdingshan City, Henan Province have all launched bidding for government affairs around housing provident funds. This type of project mostly aims to complete the docking of the provident fund platform with the blockchain platform, perform data transmission, data verification, and use blockchain technology to ensure data security and consistency.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

In addition to the housing provident fund field, the blockchain government application in 2019 also includes aspects such as digital identity, customs supervision, and taxation. For example, the "Rongcheng Blockchain Government Integrity Assessment System Project" initiated by the Rongcheng Social Credit Management Office is centered on digital identities; the "Tianjin Customs Technology Division Blockchain Technology Service Project" initiated by the Tianjin Customs Logistics Management Center of the People's Republic of China "It belongs to the customs supervision in the field of government affairs; the" State Administration of Taxation Yunnan Provincial Taxation Bureau's Electronic Archive System Construction (Optimization and Upgrade) Project "initiated by the Yunnan Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation belongs to the tax category.

In the category of blockchain applications, in addition to government affairs, the financial sector also occupies a certain proportion.

In 2018, the "Blockchain Intelligent Reinsurance Operation Management Platform" project of the People's Property and Casualty Insurance Company of China was an insurance application in the financial field.

In 2019, the four applications in the financial field will focus on financing, payment, and bills.


(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

In addition to the blockchain application field, projects in the industrial service category and technical service category also occupy a certain proportion of procurement projects.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

In 2018, there were five industrial service projects, including research on blockchain technology security assessment technology and certification needs, industrial ecological construction, and blockchain teaching and management platform procurement.

One of the industrial services in 2019 is the "Blockchain Information Service Recording Service" project proposed by the Office of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Information Technology Commission in September. The final winning agency was the National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center. In addition, other industrial service projects are mostly organized around the college.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

The mutual chain pulse observation, the development of this type of project is to provide various colleges with a block chain teaching management system, a block chain experimental scientific research platform, a block chain-based related curriculum and related practical training. This will enable students to become familiar with blockchain technology through the platform and empower them with related disciplines.

Successful bidders: Small and micro enterprises are the most popular and the highest bidding price reaches more than 8.5 million

In the statistics of the winning bidders of the blockchain procurement project, the mutual chain pulse paid attention to the fact that the enterprises mainly involved in the construction of government blockchain projects are not large enterprises such as BAT. On the contrary, small and micro enterprises with certain technical strength are actively participating in the bidding activities of government blockchain projects, and have become popular.

In addition, the procurement of blockchain projects often follows the "closest principle". Therefore, in the past two years, the successful bidders for government procurement of blockchain projects have been concentrated in Beijing. By 2019, the rise of science and technology enterprises in Guangdong has leapt to the second place in the number of successful bids, followed by Shandong Province.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

And if you look at it from the perspective of the winning amount, in 2018 only the blockchain-based projects, the highest winning amount is the "Community Correction Blockchain Data Sharing and Linkage Platform" of the Chancheng District Judicial Bureau of Foshan City. The project was finally awarded by Light Load Infinite (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. at a price of 4.94 million yuan.

It is reported that Light Load Infinite was established in 2016. It is an innovative business group under Century Internet Holdings and belongs to small and micro enterprises. In 2014, the technical research and development and application research of the Atlas blockchain was carried out, and the construction of a new generation of network information business infrastructure supported by innovative technologies such as the blockchain was promoted.

Looking again at 2019, the highest bid amount for the blockchain project is the “Blockchain-based Development Zone Government Big Data Platform Project” of the Information Technology Office of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. Ten thousand yuan won the bid. Founded in 2013, the company is an AIOT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) system and solution provider, which also belongs to small and micro enterprises.

Later, the "Blockchain Electronic Invoice Expansion and Operation and Maintenance Project" of the State Administration of Taxation, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau was awarded a bid of RMB 4.75 million by Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. This is a government blockchain procurement project with few large technology companies participating.

The third place in the bid amount was the "Blockchain Scientific Device Virtual Infrastructure" project of Pengcheng Lab. Shenzhen Xinwangdian Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid with 4.662 million yuan. The company was founded in 2005 and is a desktop centralized management technology research and development company.

Observing several companies with higher bids, we can see that government-purchased blockchain projects are not only undertaken by small and micro enterprises. And it's not just about blockchain companies. On the contrary, companies that have both blockchain technology and other information technologies seem to be more favored.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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