From millions to billions, these projects have already run with your money in 2019!

"Running the road", this is a word that no industry can avoid. The currency circle is no exception. There are some cases when the currency circle project runs, some are caused by natural disasters that are not what you want, and some are purely "sinful".

With a 10-year history of currency, there are countless projects running. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018 alone, there were more than 200 running projects. Among them, the funds involved are as low as several million yuan and many billions. Among these projects are wallets, exchanges, financial wealth management products and so on. The “originator” of a few running projects eventually suffered legal sanctions, but the vast majority “can’t”.


On June 10th, the Pakistani multi-party inspection confirmed that the cryptocurrency wallet project TokenStore carried billions of dollars of funds "evaporation". The TokenStore official website is inaccessible and the APP wallet is not available. For a time, thousands of investors fell into panic, and some of them even invested in their own savings in this project.

A few days before the news of the TokenStore run, another scam of hundreds of millions of scams, the Hero Chain (HEC), has just made the latest progress: the public security organs have a total of 24 detainees, 9 arrests, and 7 bail pending trials. 1 person was arrested, 1 was detained in custody, 6 were fleeing, fled to the United States, Indonesia, Singapore and India, 3 computers were detained, 23 mobile phones were detained, and nearly 30 million yuan were temporarily withheld. This also provides a good example for those who want to run.

In 2019, what other projects have already run? Babbitt took stock of it for you. The routine is deep like the sea, and investment needs to be cautious.

Financial product trading platform Big V, potential investors

At 9 o'clock in the morning of April 8, the disaster suddenly came. " is closed and APP can't log in." This project of "5G points" gimmicks, from planning to perfect harvesting, took only one month, hundreds of thousands of victims, no return.

Routine: Media big V publicity, online “HC points” crowdfunding, creating the illusion of buying, 40 times in 3 days. The new "points" crowdfunding will be launched, and the platform integral HF will be required. The downtime user adds a position. Simple routines are expensive. The inferior scam, together with the publicity of the media, made this perfect harvest.

Scale of victims' funds: According to statistics, the loss amount of only 84 people has reached a total of 3.075 million yuan.

Wallet Sumtoken: the person in charge was arrested, the price of the coin collapsed

In March of this year, “SumToken” suddenly closed its official website. The reason was that the two responsible persons in China were arrested. The official notice stated that it was taken away from the investigation in an unknown situation, and the system also suspended the operation of flash and smart cloud. When this announcement came out, the price of sut plummeted, falling by nearly 30%. In fact, the platform has transferred nearly 300,000 Ethereum from four addresses to two other addresses in advance. It seems that the plan of the trader has already been there, just to find an excuse to let investors believe that it is true, to win the time for the trader to run.

Currency Manager: It is difficult to save the platform currency

The digital currency trading platform coinkeeper successfully sold the platform currency BC in May 2018, and in July of the same year announced the destruction of its contract locks 100 million platform coins BC. It seems to be running well, but shortly after the user feedback that the ETH and other currencies are unable to withdraw the problem, the official website is closed and the road is running.

MoreToken: First run in 2019, rolled over a billion

The digital wallet MoreToken, known as the first run in 2019, “runs” with investors with billions of dollars before the Spring Festival, and thousands of investors stayed up all night. According to the information provided by the victims at the time, Ethereum and mainstream currencies worth nearly 1.2 billion yuan were found in the two wallets of MoreToken, excluding BTC.

MoreToken said in an official email that it had been hacked, and this is the usual way of using traditional funds to run. What is more tragic is that the specific information about the project side of the investor is still unclear, and it is not clear who is the actual controller and cannot provide enough clues and relevant evidence to the police.

DOGX wallet

This is a wallet with a balance in the field of blockchain. According to the propaganda materials, it is the original team of the dog coin. It started to be crazy and the deposits were very high. Through this means, the wallet party continuously draws the mainstream currency from the user, and then rebates the platform currency issued by itself to the user. According to incomplete statistics, the wallet received 5.5W million ETH within 20 days, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

AngleToken: More than 20 users were quilted for 10 million yuan

According to, Ms. Jin of Pingyang Shuitou recently reported that she and her colleagues deposited a virtual currency worth nearly one million yuan into a digital wallet app called Angel Token. At the end of last month, the wallet suddenly stopped, and the virtual currency deposited by the user could not be transferred.

The reporter's investigation found that there were no fewer than 20 people with similar encounters, involving a total amount of 10 million yuan. The victims identified Cangnan Longgang’s Hwang as the operator of the wallet, but Hwang claimed that he was also a victim. Later, several victims have reported to the Cangnan County Public Security Bureau.

Polish exchange Coinroom runs with money

According to the Polish financial news platform on June 4, the local cryptocurrency exchange Coinroom suddenly shut down its services in April, and was suspected of playing with customers to disappear. Its website and social media channels are currently closed. The exact amount involved in this fraud is unclear. It is reported that on April 2, the exchange sent an email to the client stating that all contracts will be terminated and that they are required to withdraw their deposits within one day. Anyone who fails to generate a withdrawal request within the specified time must contact the exchange to withdraw funds from their storage. But at the time many customers did not receive deposits, and some customers only received some deposits.

A company in Xi'an High-tech Zone ran a million yuan investment in a blockchain project

In April 2019, according to the report of, a company named Xihuang High-tech Zone named Block Chain Research Institute of Shaanxi Redwood District, through cooperation with Shaanxi Sequoia Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd., promoted the “yew project”, which attracted investment. Investing in virtual currency with money, in fact investing in yew and planting land, etc., after the investors put the funds into the road, the amount is as high as five or six million yuan. It is reported that Shaanxi Redwood Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Redwood Block Chain Research Institute Co., Ltd. have been listed in the business operation anomaly list by Xi'an Industrial and Commercial High-tech Branch.

Coinnice: Four years old veteran exchange, the ultimate escape to fate?

According to the user broke the news in the community, he has been reviewing the currency for more than 100 days. QQ group banned, customer service is not online. There was a customer service reply in February, and the customer service is now missing. The exchange is suspected of having run. According to other user comments, many people have never heard of this exchange. It is sad that the four-year old exchange has only such a small popularity.

In the currency circle, almost every day, the project is running or ready to run, and many of them are not exposed or paid attention to by the media. Many victims have nowhere to speak. The ending of nowhere exposure means there will be more new victims.

To this end, the Babbitt joint chain node ChainNode is here to launch a special report on the road project. Victims of the road project can tell their experiences in the ChainNode exposure post , and sound alarms for other industry participants to ensure the healthy development of the industry.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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