Morning market on June 28: BTC continues to fall in the mainstream currency

In the early morning, the BTC callback was intensified again. The trend just closed, and the price quickly dropped by 1000 points. Then the trend showed a 5-day low, and the lowest fell to 10,521 US dollars. At this stage, it was sorted around 11,100 USD. Bitcoin is currently within 24 hours. The net outflow of funds reached 1.23 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world capital outflow list. The second is our ETH ether, the net outflow of funds reached 280 million US dollars, the third is grapefruit, and the net outflow is also 220 million US dollars. The other mainstream currencies are different. Not big, after the large amount of funds are flowed out, the short-term quantity will be in a decreasing trend, and the subsequent trend fluctuations will also be reduced, mainly based on adjustment;

On the BTC daily chart, the Bollinger Bands are open upwards and the upside space is open. However, the Bollinger Band has a tendency to bend downwards. The trend price is suppressed at 12,600 USD, and the 5-day moving average has been on the upside but has been leveling. The 10-day moving average and the 30-day moving average are still in a long position, and the mid-term is still optimistic about a rising trend. Today's trend has fallen between the 5-day moving average and the 10-day moving average, which will form a trend of further adjustment. In the figure, the MACD is at 0. The elbow is down, the STOCH has been down to the 50 level, the RSI is down at the 80 level, and today's trend is a downward trend. Then the follow-up strategy is mainly based on rebound short: follow the empty order around 11500, 11700 USD Seeing $11,000, the break continues to see $10,500, support $10,000, and resistance $11,700;

The etheric ETH dropped to a minimum of 280 US dollars today, and it has reached the key support, and a long lower shadow line is received below. The lower support is very sufficient. The daily line Bollinger Band keeps the upwards, but the 5-day moving average Has turned to the head down, the figure indicator MACD turned head down, STOCH formed a dead fork at 50 horizontal lines, RSI kept down, the overall trend formed a downward trend, the price will be sorted around 300 dollars, and then maintain a downward posture The operation suggested that the rebound should be short-selling: follow the empty list at $320 to see $300, break the downward trend, support $280, and resist $320;

XRP Ruibo once again broke the dividing line of 0.4 USD. The price is now in the middle and lower rails of the Bollinger Band, and it is close to the 60-day moving average. Once the price continues to be suppressed downward, the 60-day moving average will have a long adjustment trend. The 5-day moving average is about to break through the 10-day moving average. The basic downtrend is confirmed. The follow-up trend will continue to decline. The operation recommendation is mainly to rebound and follow the short-selling, and follow the short position at $0.43. If you break, you will see it. New low direction; support $0.39, resistance 0.45 yuan;

LTC Wright yesterday's trend was the lowest at $110, and today's lowest at $111. On the daily chart, the 5-day moving average crossed the 10-day moving average, forming a dead fork, and the price is further down. He has been keeping the lower track for Bollinger. Breaking the state, Brin has a tendency to keep parallel, so the trend has a posture that enters the shock zone. The MACD of the figure can flow out, the STOCH is down, and the RSI continues downward, forming a downward trend. , 125 yuan to follow the empty single to see 115 dollars, support 110 dollars, resistance 130 dollars;

BCH touched the 60-day moving average and received a long lower shadow line. The support below is strong, the index has not yet fully formed, and the price remains adjusted in the middle of the Bollinger Band, so the follow-up will be a downward trend of volatility. It is recommended that the rebound be short-selling. See $400 for the $440 follow-up order, support $390, and resistance $450.

EOS's super-trend has already fallen below the 60-day moving average, and the price remains below the 60-day moving average. The overall trend will be a downward trend. The follow-up will enter a long adjustment phase, and the operating recommendations will be short-selling, with $6.3. Follow the empty list to see 5.9 US dollars, support 5.6 US dollars, resistance 6.3 US dollars;

Recently, the mainstream currency has fallen below the key areas and moved to the low point in April. At present, it can be followed up at the bottom. If it does not rebound for a long time, then consider throwing away the new low, and pay attention to the stop loss in the operation. I often mention that I hope that investors can control the risk of positions and use the positions to make profits. Instead of exploding personal positions when the big market comes, only the positions remain safe in the current market trend. , then the income can naturally be very impressive, maintain good operating habits, and be able to earn a satisfactory profit in the next trend;

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