How do we tell the truth about the currency in the currency circle?

Today, Bitcoin skyrocketed by 16%, and the news came out because the US SEC approved the Bitcoin ETF, which was accompanied by a wave of microblogging hot searches, but later it was actually a fake news. The news of the currency circle is true and false. Can't guess, just take a screenshot, send a text message is a message. So how do we distinguish the true and false news of the currency circle for our ordinary investors?

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Maybe we all know that the fake news in the currency circle is flying all over the sky. From a certain point of view, we are absorbing all kinds of true and false news every day, and now the financial media of the currency circle, the newsletter is also the price tag for you to push, as long as the money Everything is good to talk about.

Moreover, the media collection of the news channel is actually very narrow and not comprehensive, so even if it is really a normal push message, the probability of error may be great, so how to distinguish the true and false news of the currency circle may be a trouble. Things, but at least the media that push the news may have more methods.

I provide an angle here, from the official channel of the project side to get the progress and promotion information of the project, which can largely avoid the false news, but you want to make investment through the official official release of the news, I am sorry that the probability is high. You can only be a pick-up.

So simply starting from the problem, you can get some information from the official channel of the project side to distinguish between true and false news, such as official public number, Twitter, Facebook, telegraph group official, etc. Of course, some bad money items will be released. False news, this is another thing, anyway, I don't refer to most of the news to invest, but I will refer to the mainstream currency to balance the risks, such as EOS's previous main network, ETH upgrade, etc. Then with the technical side to do some position adjustment or risk control adjustment, know when the risk is increased to reduce the position, when can use the medium-term band of good speculation to expect to layout or increase the position and so on.

But at least, ignoring those messages that are sudden or obtained from the gossip, such formers basically release the ups and downs, the latter is not reliable. . .


The currency circle is a message sea. Really fake and fake has become accustomed to it. Some even the news released by the project party may be fake. The purpose is one. The fishermen touch the fish and cut the leeks, so the best way for everyone to distinguish is to improve their own. Resolving power, this is fundamental.

In addition, there are some tricks, that is, to see as much as possible the project side's own announcements and some authoritative media news, and more comprehensive comparisons, so the reliability is relatively stronger.


In fact, if you are nervous enough to distinguish the news, it is no longer a good state. You must know that the news of the currency circle is with your own purpose. The truth is not so important. What is important is the information behind it.

What you need to do is to improve your own level and have your own correct judgment on the currency market cycle. As long as you are on the beat, the timing is right, any news can be your tool to make money.


There are too many messages in the currency circle. As an ordinary investor, how to distinguish it, one principle should be to look at the official news, not to read the news, not to rumor. The second is to carefully study the news, what is the actual use of the map. The third is to try not to add any group, do not contact some so-called well-informed people, and consciously stay away from these bad sources of information. Finally, don't listen to any big words.

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