April 2 market comment: stock price linkage, risk appetite rises, the effect of making money is obvious

Recently, with the progress of Sino-US trade war negotiations progressing, risk appetite has obviously warmed up. Among them, the blockchain concept of A-shares has experienced a large-scale ups and downs yesterday. The Quartet that we mentioned the day before yesterday is also the trend of the daily limit, the stock market. The mood is likely to be fermented, and the relevant sectors will spread to the edge calculations. The currency market has experienced a long-lost overall increase. Some of the cottage varieties have risen sharply. In the first quarter of 2019, the value of 21 small currencies has doubled. It's very obvious, but we don't recommend everyone's layout. The number of daily transactions in usdt is also high, and the market activity is improving. According to the WeChat search index, the keywords related to digital currency have seen significant growth recently, IEO The daily growth rate was 45.94%. The other keywords are as follows: blockchain (+20.99%), bitcoin (+6.16%), coin security (+20.11%), OKEx (+15.57%), but nearly 7 days BTC The search index has dropped significantly, the blockchain search index has risen, and the overall market activity has increased. Currently, there is a linkage effect with the stock market to observe the diffusion effect of the stock market. how is it.


At present, BTC has broken through the end of the inverted flag-shaped finishing. The moving averages are arranged in a long position. The macd indicator has a golden cross on the zero axis. The kdj indicator gold fork is diverging upwards. The currency price has been running up along the boll line, maintaining a strong feature and rising more than 5 The average daily volume, the decline in volume, the obvious pile up (not up to the amount of crit), continue the trend of shock upwards, pay attention to the pressure level of 4300 US dollars, break through the point must be heavy, if successful breakthrough is bullish to $5,900, of course, we should also be defensive, once again fell below the uptrend line to lighten up, fell below $3,900 to leave.


ETH core technology member Lane Rettig recently said that ETH's governance has failed, and the ETH problem has become less and less technical. The target has not been able to attract market interest, the volume has not been able to start, and the funds have shown a net outflow. The rise of the platform currency in the near future is really a bad thing for the target, so it is understandable that the consensus cannot be achieved. The short-term and medium-term moving average bonding, the macd indicator gold-fork bonding, has not yet appeared in the direction of divergence, or $127. As the critical point of departure, the point breaks below the $127 mark and the uptrend line below. You can leave the market and wait for it. If you break above $147, you can aggressively go up and bullish to $170.

Source of data: qkl123


XRP is still squatting, has been very quiet in this, do not contend, still maintain yesterday's point of view, will soon choose the direction, personal tendency and go up, short-term moving average, macd indicator returns to near the zero axis, the average line tangled , no trend direction, patiently waiting for the direction of choice, the volume of the breakthrough of $ 0.35 is bullish to $ 0.41, still good defense, effectively fall below $ 0.3 to leave.

Source of data: qkl123


EOS is still under five days, and the volume is shrinking. If it is too long, it is not necessarily a good thing. If the support of the integer mark at 4 dollars is effective, the pressure above 4.4 dollars is strong, and the funds are not willing to chase high. It may be necessary to repeatedly oscillate within the range of 4-4.4 USD. If the volume exceeds 4.4 USD, it can actively do more. If it falls below 4 USD, pay attention to leaving.

Source of data: qkl123


LTC maintains yesterday's point of view. At present, the basic adjustment has been in place, and the volume of trading has shrunk almost. Next, there should be a directional choice. Although the daily macd indicator still runs downward, the time-sharing macd indicator has already been gold. For the fork up, I think the possibility of choosing to go up is even greater. The support below is at 57 US dollars. If the point cannot be effectively supported, it may step back to the range of 47-50 USD. If the amount exceeds 62 US dollars, you can actively do it. many.

Source of data: qkl123


BNB once again hit a new high, breaking through the high point of the previous double head. Although the innovation is high, the transaction volume is still small, and the small volume is easy to be short. At present, the target daily level of the macd indicator is deviated. Trends, and everyone open the k-line chart for one hour level, the macd indicator is also in a diverging state, the kdj indicator is also a divergence trend, in addition, the platform currency and the mainstream currency are now basically a competitive relationship. The two main lines are unlikely to rise at the same time, and there is not so much money in the market. Therefore, we are more optimistic about the mainstream currencies that have not yet risen. We are not optimistic about the trend of the target in the later period, and we mainly control the risk, and we will fall below 16 US dollars to reduce the position. Breaking $13.8 to leave.

Source of data: qkl123


Yesterday we mentioned TRX, which built a large head and shoulders. At present, the right shoulder part has been basically completed. It is possible to pull up the neckline at the bottom of the head and shoulders at any time. It is worthy of our attention. The macd indicator reaches zero. The strong area above the axis, the moving average system is currently entangled, there is a tendency to divergence upwards, the volume of transactions is effectively enlarged, and whether the volume can be continuously released, can be slightly involved, and can be actively done after breaking the neckline position, set a good stop loss Position, effectively fell below $0.022 to leave.

Source of data: qkl123


HT has seen a sharp rise today, similar to the situation of BNB, there is no heavy volume. It is mentioned that before the creation of the first high, it can not fall below 5 antennas. At present, 5 antennas are used as the signal of the strength of the target. Once again, the 5 antennas will be reduced. If you effectively fall below 2.4 US dollars, you should pay attention to leaving the market. At present, you have not broken the pressure of 2.8 US dollars. The effective breakthrough of 2.8 US dollars of rising space will open. Top has fallen sharply for two consecutive days. It has penetrated 5 antennas, and the trend is weak. The second target (on mid-April) of the fire currency is preferred to go online.

Source of data: qkl123

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