How to catch the big bull market? Demystifying the 3 rules of BTC bull and bear cycle


In the morning of June 22, 2019, BTC's volume exceeded 100 million US dollars, setting a new high for the year. So how do you catch the big bull market?

Risk warning: short-term increase is too large


In the morning of June 22, 2019, Beijing time, the BTC volume exceeded 10,000 US dollars, setting a new high for the year. Tongzheng has accurately grasped the lows and hot spots of this round of bull market, and the recommended BTC and BNB have achieved remarkable benefits.


From victory to victory

As early as October 2018, the pass of the bear market was pointed out:

The BTC bull market may be opened around May 2019.

In March 2019, Tongzhengtong issued the "BTC bottom" in succession ? 》 , "Classic update reappears" BTC Bulls and Bears cycle of the three laws and applications – one of the freezing point outlook" and many other reports, repeatedly prompted "the third halving of BTC is about May 21, 2020 Starting from the left and right, the BTC price up cycle will start around May 2019."

The BTC halving logic is verified. Similar to the two rounds of price cycles that have ended, one year before the third halving of the BTC, the fourth round of price up cycle is on schedule, starting in May 2019, BTC has broken through several strong resistance levels until 2019. On the 22nd of the month, the BTC price has exceeded 10,000 US dollars, setting a new high in the past year.

On December 5, 2018, Tongzheng put forward a market neutral strategy for multiple BNBs and empty OKBs. By June 22, 2019, BNB's increase was about 573.25%, and OKB's increase was about 40.65%. For half a year, the strategy's pure alpha. The revenue is as high as 532.6%.

In February 2019, Tongzhengtong released "Shentian Secret! 47% in 8 months, the deterministic opportunity in the cold winter, in March 2019, released "BNB: Market Inflection Point and Davis Double Click", repeatedly reminding relevant investment opportunities.


How to catch the big bull market?

Wall Street is the most frequent and consistent place in history. Looking at the modern accounts of stock market booms or panic, the most striking thing is that today's stock speculation and speculators are almost the same as in the past. The game has not changed, and the humanity has not changed.

– Edwin Raphael, "Memoirs of Stock Traders", 1923 The key to grasping the big bull market is to remember that all people have a death, and everything has a cycle. Investment must be: insight into the cycle, belief cycle, compliance cycle.

Human beings live in a world where ubiquitous cycles are. The relative regularity of nature's cycle, such as the sunspot's activity cycle is about 11.2 years, when it is active, it will affect the Earth's magnetic field; while the cycle of human activities, corporate activities, and investment activities is easy to go to extremes. The investment cycle includes fundamental periods (such as economic cycle, corporate profit cycle), psychological cycles (such as psychological pendulum cycle, risk attitude cycle) and market cycles (such as stock market cycle, bond market cycle).

As far as the economic cycle is concerned, the faster the economic growth, means that there will be more consumer demand, so that companies can sell more goods at a more favorable price, and can provide more job opportunities and higher wages. The level further promotes more consumption, and the income of the company will also grow, and the corporate profit and stock market will prosper.

On the basis of the economic cycle and the profit cycle of the enterprise, the behavior, psychology and attitude of the investors will also fluctuate periodically, and the fundamental changes will change accordingly, resulting in some special cycles, such as the credit cycle. Credit is an indispensable part of the production process. Many economic units rely on the credit market to operate smoothly. Credit also has a cycle. As the economy prospers, credit expands, and loans are indiscriminate, causing major losses. Major losses cause lenders to stop. The loan was issued and the cycle began to reverse. There are many similar market cycles, real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, foreign exchange, and BTC.

The commonality of the investment cycle lies in the participation of human beings. Human nature determines these cycles or goes up to the extreme, or goes down to the extreme. In the fields of economy, commerce, finance, etc., there is a constant humanity behind the constant cycle.


Demystifying the BTC Bull Bear Cycle

There are three major rules for the BTC Bull and Bear cycle:

1) The BTC Bull and Bear cycle is closely related to its halving cycle. The complete BTC Bulls and Bears cycle lasts for about four years, and the price up cycle begins every halving of the previous year. At the end of November 2012, the first BTC production is halved, and in November 2011, the BTC price has bottomed out. In July 2016, the second production of BTC was halved, and in August 2015 BTC had bottomed out. The BTC halved the horn of each price up cycle attack and the price began to accelerate.

2) BTC price volatility becomes smaller as market value increases. The change in the value of BTC (circulation) market is mainly dominated by its price fluctuations. The trend of BTC price increases drives the trend of market value, and the price volatility of BTC gradually decreases. It is similar to the historical process of other asset classes. In the sub-price cycle, the BTC price rose by a maximum of 10,636 times, up by 94%; in the second price cycle, the BTC price rose by a maximum of 623 times, up by 84%; in the third price cycle, the BTC rose at most. 98.57 times, up 84%.

3) The innovation led by BTC is constantly evolving and more recognized by the mainstream. Every time the bull and bear cycle has iconic innovations and applications. For the first time, the birth and gradual application of BTC was a landmark event. The second time, with the re-emergence of BTC in 2013, the tide of the village pass was attacked, and a large number of cottages were issued. The third time, Crowdsale Beginning to be popular around the world, many websites have started to provide Crowdsale's news and discussion community. Since 2017, Crowdsale has dominated the blockchain investment, far exceeding VCs and corporate investment. With the development of blockchain technology, the evolution of digital certification, the improvement of practitioners' awareness, and the evolution of government regulation, the innovation led by BTC has evolved and is more recognized by the mainstream.


Laughing bull market golden key

Bull market pass layout strategy: BTC positions are maintained at more than 20%, and other passes are comprehensively configured according to their own circumstances. Judging from the market performance of various types of certificates in the past price cycle, the current round of the proposed BTC position is maintained at more than 20%, and other main circulation certificates and other certificates are comprehensively configured according to their own circumstances. Although the price fluctuation of BTC has become smaller with the increase of market value, the current cycle of wealth effect is obvious, and BTC is still expected to gain a higher increase. Compared with BTC, other certificates are more flexible and are expected to bring higher returns to investors in the bull market.

This round of cycle earnings outlook: BTC target price of about 50,000 US dollars. In the first round of the three-round price cycle, the BTC price rose by a maximum of 10,636 times in the first round. In the second round, the BTC price rose by a maximum of 623 times. In the third round, the BTC price rose by a maximum of 98.57 times. In view of the fact that the current BTC still has a large room for growth regardless of market capitalization or investor base, the current cycle of BTC can still obtain a gain of about 10 times, with a target price of about 50,000 US dollars. Although 10 times the income of many people think that it is not worth mentioning in the bull market of the general market, the essence of the bull market is that most people can't beat the market after all.


For some reasons, some of the nouns in this article are not very accurate, such as: pass, digital pass, digital currency, currency, token, Crowdsale, etc. If you have any questions, you can call us to discuss.

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