People's Venture Capital: Research Report on Blockchain + Sharing Economy Innovation and Development

On April 4th, the Media Lab of the People's Venture Capital Blockchain Research Institute released the "Research Report on Blockchain + Sharing Economy Innovation Development". The report pointed out that the sharing economy showed rapid growth, but problems such as low resource allocation efficiency, low asset and service quality, unsafe asset security, opaque assets, and imperfect platform credit system appeared in the development process. The characteristics of distributed accounting, non-tamperable, traceable, and machine trust of blockchain technology are highly compatible with the needs of shared economic development.

The core content of the report is divided into five parts. The first three chapters focus on the value and development trend of the sharing economy, and explore the new path of blockchain and sharing economy around the status quo and problems, as well as the new business model based on blockchain technology. The fourth chapter of the report introduces in more detail the key points of building a blockchain era sharing economy, expounds the construction method of asset-winding confirmation system and platform trust system, and combines the development of Internet of Things technology to “blockchain+sharing”. The economics is discussed; the fifth chapter summarizes the development of “blockchain+shared economy” and gives the next stage of industry development proposals.

The following is the full report:

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