I am doing blockchain entrepreneurship in China, not the kind of currency | than the original chain global developer contest

A Hui, a code farmer with 14 years of Internet experience.

In 2015, at a small gathering, he knew about Bitcoin. "I bought some, 3000 yuan."

The bitcoin of "cabbage price" did not bring him wealth freedom because he did not take it. However, this made him see a beautiful new world. The path of life has also smoothly moved from the Internet to the blockchain.

In 2019, A Hui and three friends who were also farmers of the code farmers made a copyright deposit certificate project called “Secret Certificate”. The blockchain has the characteristics of being non-tamperable and decentralized, and the copyright deposit can be described as a pair of "made in heaven".

However, unlike such a wide variety of such projects, first, the quick license chooses to use the public chain as the underlying technology platform rather than the alliance chain. Second, QuickEasy chose the IPFS (Star File System) storage file instead of the traditional centralized storage.

Access warrants are only the beginning. A Hui hopes to create a closed-loop platform for the integration of deposit-evid-evid-rights-asset transactions.

At present, the Ahui team of four people took the quick certificate project to participate in the second 2019 than the original chain global developer contest. In August, they hope to win a $30,000 prize in the finals in San Francisco.

Four yard farmers, can they find their place in the copyright field of giants?

Copyrighted Material, Intellectual Property Copyright

More than the original chain + IPFS, copyright maintenance "Supreme Sword"

Access card, a huge market. Not only the graphic and audio and video works, but also the rights and interests of hundreds of millions of transactions in the e-commerce field.

Blockchain + deposit certificate is mainly divided into two ways. First, the digital work source file is directly uploaded to the blockchain to generate a file hash value. Second, the digital work source file is stored locally or uploaded to Alibaba Cloud. The public cloud, then hashes the source file, anchors the post-winding. When the subsequent confirmation is confirmed, the source file can be hashed again, and the data on the chain is compared to confirm the authenticity (whether it has been tampered with).

There are some problems with these two methods. The former problem is that the public chain can not accommodate huge amounts of data, and the cost of data winding is high. The second way is that the source file may be deleted and there is no evidence to die.

The clever thing about the QuickEasy solution is that, first, the hash value of the digital work hash is uploaded to the public chain than the original chain. Second, the source files are stored through the IPFS distributed storage system. Multi-center plus version control makes the source files difficult to tamper with.

At present, after the completion of the registration, the quick and easy license users can complete the deposit of the text, music, film and other works according to the above logic (original winding). When he discovers that a third-party website infringes his own work, he can also deposit the infringement evidence of the third-party platform website, webpage screenshots, and webpage source code in the same way (evidence chain).

The quick-acceptance certificate has also introduced artificial intelligence image recognition technology and web crawling technology. The two can make image recognition and comparison between the source works and the target webpage, and the suspicious targets with high similarity can automate the screenshot storage. In the future, they plan to do automatic monitoring throughout the network. From this, it is possible to realize the “one-stop” right-defense rights protection experience such as original chain-up, online forensics, security, evidence-based chain, automatic monitoring of infringement activities and infringement.

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"Digital Asset Trading", the star city of the access card products

“In reality, the creator can sell the copyright of the work. The transfer of the copyright is the transaction of the asset in the blockchain. Therefore, we hope that the creator can also authorize the work to a third party. The authorization is the transfer of the right to use, and our innovative design A trading model supports asset-authorized transactions on the chain."

A Hui said that depositing rights and safeguarding rights is only the first step of the long march. The ultimate goal of the quick certificate is to form a closed loop of depository rights and copyright transactions. The transaction is the star of the sea.

"The bitcoin transaction model is UTXO. Ethereum is an account model. It combines UTXO and account model with the original chain, and better supports smart distribution contracts and complex logic." A Hui said that this is speed The choice of the card is the original intention of the development of the original chain.

In addition, the alliance chain has always been the first choice for the deposit certificate business. First, the alliance chain enables the alliance members to achieve data permissions controllable. Second, the alliance chain meets the government's regulatory requirements. Third, the alliance chain is suitable for the participation of national copyright management departments, industry associations, law firms, courts, third-party copyright agencies, etc., to achieve the implementation of copyright confirmation and rights protection.

In 2019, the base chain based on the original chain-based BaaS platform – Bystack. Developers can quickly create, manage, and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. This gives the institution an opportunity to build a chain of deposits based on the original chain.

"We can put some content on the alliance chain, some content on the public chain, and then achieve data cross-chain exchange through data anchoring." A Hui said.

Equal to the quick certificate, you can have the value of the public chain, and you can explore the direction of the alliance chain that is easier to land.

Link more resources than the original chain developer contest

At present, the speed-acceptance project has completed the development of functions such as deposit certificate, evidence collection and rights protection. The team is still sprinting for the August chain competition, and a new version will be released.

Copyright deposits have always been the track for large players, including the balance chain, the arbitration chain, the security network, etc., the traditional giants and blockchain rookies are on the Nuggets deposit track. The smooth development of technology does not mean that the project will eventually land. For A Hui, in addition to the users, the quick license still needs to access the copyright management department, the appraisal agency, the court and other institutional players. This is the mountain where the project needs to be overtaken.

It is precisely the current team of only 4 people, all technical men.

"By participating in the competition than the original chain developer, I hope that our project can get some attention, and then get more resources, through these resources and then make our project better."

In 2019, bitcoin prices soared to $13,000. Facebook brought in the stable currency Libra, and BAT was also on the blockchain BaaS platform. Compared with 2015, the basics of the blockchain are no longer the same, and all kinds of cows and ghosts are also sent out.

A Hui is not a blockchain recruit. He has experienced a round of bulls and bears more calmly than many entrepreneurs. He said: "I feel that we can only do things within our capabilities. Depository rights protection is a product that takes time to hone, we have long-term planning. But we are more technical teams, we need more resources, cooperation Partners, to help us better carry out operation and promotion. Fortunately, the environment is better, we can go bold on the road to entrepreneurship."

Meet San Francisco, the second will be the opening of the original global developer contest

In November 2018, the first chain of global developer contests in the original chain in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, nearly 100 developers from the United States, South Korea, Europe, China and other places participated. In the end, 16 teams divided 2 million BTM bonuses in the final stage.

Based on the decentralized digital asset flashing platform, sewage management asset system, and automobile data management platform developed than the original chain, many projects stand out. Among them, the BlueChain team from Greece developed an environmental protection project based on the original chain smart contract and won the second prize. In April of this year, BlueChain was nominated for the top 20 of the future blockchain summit in Dubai.

In August 2019, the second edition of the original chain global developer contest was settled in San Francisco. Among them, the first prize can receive the equivalent of 30,000 US dollars BTM reward. Excellent projects will also receive multiple open source community and media reports, as well as more than the original chain incubation and technical support.

At present, the contest has received registrations from developers and development teams from Taiwan, Zambia, Venezuela, India, the United States and other regions and countries.

The second official website of the original chain global developer contest in 2019 : https://devcon.bytom.io/

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