The important trader of Plustoken has been repatriated and the police are investigating

The boss behind the scenes has not been arrested, suspected of absconding.

According to the media's "Conscience of the Currency Circle" , the personnel involved in the Plustoken fund have been repatriated by the Vanuatu police and have been handed over to the Yancheng police in China.

The Odaily Planet Daily asked the Yancheng police for this matter and confirmed that the news was true. However, the Yancheng police said that it is only the important trader of the Plustoken fund, and the police are investigating the case.

The Yancheng Public Security Bureau told the Odaily Planet Daily:

At the beginning of 2019, the Yancheng Public Security Bureau received an alarm. Some people used the PLUSTOKEN network platform for pyramid scheme crimes. The Yancheng City Public Security Bureau filed a case for suspects involved in the investigation. On June 27, the public security organs carried out overseas law enforcement cooperation. Vanuatu law enforcement agencies arrested a number of suspected criminal Chinese, including suspected criminals using the PLUSTOKEN network platform. The party has handed over the suspect to China. Relevant personnel used the PLUSTOKEN platform to engage in the pyramid scheme to carry out pyramid schemes in the name of the blockchain digital currency wallet, etc., and was suspected of organizing the leadership of pyramid schemes. Public security organs in Hunan, Beijing, Jiangsu and other places have carried out investigations into the case. The case is complicated and involves overseas. It is found that there are still important suspects who have fled. The case is still under investigation. The public security organs urged suspected criminals to surrender as soon as possible, and the participants will conduct investigations according to law.


(Image from: Conscience of the currency circle)

According to the Vanuatu Daily Mail reported on 6 July, after negotiations, six Chinese nationals who had been arrested by the Vanuatu police force will be demobilized.

The six people did not commit criminal activities in Nouatu. The reason for the arrest was due to the Chinese police's request; four of them had successfully applied for Vanuatu citizenship under the Development Support Program (DSP) and the other two were applying.


(Vanuatu police and Chinese police escorted prisoners)

The local police did not provide information on the identity of the six people and the specific crime details.

Foreign media neironix speculated that these 6 people may be involved in Plustoken fraud, suspected to be a founding member of Plustoken. The "Phoenix Network Blockchain" official micro-message also said that the Vanuatu police force arrested six Chinese nationals, six people suspected of illegal Internet fraud, suspected of the PlusToken founding team.

In addition, since the media "conscience of the currency circle" also broke out a suspected "escaped person registration form." The Yancheng Public Security Bureau confirmed that the contents of this registration form are true.


The registration form shows that the fugitive is Gu Zhijiang, a native of Fuyang City, Hunan Province. The crime is “according to the crime of suspected organization leading the pyramid scheme.” The case is the Jingshui Brigade of the Yancheng Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province. The date of filing is March 13, 2019. No., officially registered at 6:30 pm on June 29, 2019, to the fugitives.

The "Simplified Case" was also introduced on the registration form: "Since May 2018, Chen Bo, Gu Zhijiang, Ding Zanqing, Lu Wanlong, Peng Yixuan and other network technicians such as Wang Renhu, Zhang Wei and Dong Jianhua have created on the Internet. The plustoken platform has developed a mobile app system, and has promoted the plustoken platform to Chinese people through WeChat public account and website. It has held cocktail parties, promotion conferences and other activities in Beijing, Sanya and Jeju Island, Korea. Promoting the plustoken platform, as of March 15, 2019, the platform has more than 100,000 members, and the membership fee is more than RMB 1.3 billion. It is suspected of organizing the leadership of pyramid schemes. After investigation, Gu Zhijiang was suspected of committing a major crime.

Yancheng police told the Odaily Planet Daily that Gu Zhijiang is a marketing staff for Plustoken, just standing in front of the stage. Comprehensive analysis of the situation, the boss behind the scenes has not been arrested, suspected of absconding. The police are trying to hunt down and the money flows into a mystery.

According to the Odaily Planet Daily report, Plustoken raised funds to quantify and monthlyize 20% interest to raise funds for users.

Earlier, according to financial reports on the financial network chain, the first fund table project PlusToken collapsed or was a foregone conclusion. On the financial network chain, Finance also quoted a person close to the police as saying that the amount involved in PlusToken is about 20 billion yuan.

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