The Libra scam is coming! Will the victim be you?

Recently, Facebook and Libra are really troublesome.

On the one hand , a group of US House Democrats in a letter to Facebook executives strongly urged the suspension of all Libra-related development work, and asked the Financial Services Commission to hold a hearing to clarify how Libra works and target users. Specific measures for privacy protection.

On the other hand , in the past two days, central banks and financial regulators in China, Europe, and South Korea have responded to Libra's emergence and expressed their concerns, and did not give Libra specific support.

Libra's great dreams are a long way to go.

Here, Facebook and Libra are too busy to respond to outside doubts and objections. On the other hand, Libra scams are endless and slowly emerge. For example, when someone tells you that you can now buy Libra coins on Libra's official website, do you believe it?

Earlier, Xiaoza made it clear that users can only buy Libra coins in WhatsApp and Messenger, and it is next year, next year.


What about the website below? What's going on?


Isn't this the Libra official website? Can I buy Libra coins on Libra's official website? Xiaoza, you lied to me!

But if you are careful enough, you will find that this is not Libra's official website. Because the real official is like this:


What is the difference between the two? By playing the "Find Different" game, you will find: the color is wrong, the text does not match, and a wallet is added!

If you look at "Detective Conan" enough, you will also find that the extra "elements" mentioned above come from here:


This is the homepage of Libra's official wallet Calibra. Is the fraudster too lazy? Or is the fraudster feeling that Libra's official website is not beautiful? In short, as long as you are careful enough, you will not be deceived.

But no matter how simple the trick, there are always some people who will be deceived.

Next, let's take a look at the specific deceptive methods of this type of "Libra fake website" and tell you how to deal with such scams in your daily life.

mash up! scam!

The latest Libra scam is a website called (, a mashup between and that not only claims to offer the opportunity to purchase Libra coins in advance. It also gives you the opportunity to use the Calibra wallet in advance.

To figure out how this "Libra scam" works, the battalion commander created a test account. In fact, the registration process is very simple and fast, and no other personal information is required except for the name, email address and password.

Once you log in, you “seems” the super power to buy Libra coins. In addition, the site will pop up a shareable recommendation link to teach you how to bring more people into this scam .

Come and do it.

Click on the Get Libra button on the dashboard and you will be taken to a page where you can "exchange" Bitcoin and Ethereum with Libra tokens. They also have a credit card option listed, but it is listed as disabled.


We also found these:

1. No KYC certification

really? A project being monitored and reviewed by governments around the world does not need a little bit of identification information? Libra Reserve not only did not verify user information (the battalion commander used fake information when registering), and there was no place on the website to view or edit user account information.

2. Conflicting payment terms

On the user's purchase of Libra's page, the website states: “When the system receives the payment and processes it, you will receive the Libra currency immediately.” When you raise the coin, a prompt pops up, “You will be on sale. Libra coins are obtained after completion, but the Libra team does not currently do this.

3, no national restrictions

Libra Reserve is committed to providing Libra coins to everyone and the right to use the Calibra wallet in advance, but in fact a spokesperson for the Calibra organization has stated that “it will not be issued in countries that have been sanctioned by the United States or countries that have banned cryptocurrencies”.

4, no contact information

There is no contact on the Libra Reserve website, no email address, no social media links, no terms of service… Nothing, you can't reach the team behind it.

5, like the ICO

Countdown, 50% bonus, like ICO mode. Xiaozha has made it clear that Libra was originally only available through Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger, and both apps have a built-in Calibra wallet.

When Calibra became Calìbra

If you are a cryptocurrency exchange and an online encrypted wallet user, you will usually be reminded to check the domain name before logging in to ensure that you are accessing the correct website, not a high-profile fraudulent website, but even then There will be an error.

In general, when you register a domain name, only English letters (az), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-) are allowed, but since ICANN's IDN conference 10 years ago, other language characters can also be used. Used in domain name naming. The original intention of the IDN program was to make it easier for users around the world to name their domain names in their native language. But unfortunately, the problem has come, and fraudsters have used this to deceive too many users.

On June 27th, a Reddit user posted a post about Calibra's fake website in the /r/eos section. The scammer wrote a sentence in the post, " Sorry Xiaozha, all funds will be refunded ", fraudster Changed my mind and closed the site, except for an apology, nothing left.

However, the most interesting part about this scam is not what the fraudster did, but how they did it. Although the post link has been deleted, it has been included in the news aggregator CryptoDigest.


If you click on the URL in the screenshot above and don't jump to the actual Calibra website, it will bring you here:


The translation is as follows: Your account has been locked, you need to unfreeze an account, you only have 14 days…

Why? Take a closer look at this URL


To distinguish between "Calìbra" and "Calibra", you can't really see it!

How to protect your wallet?

In the scam case, the best way is to read more news and stay informed. If you take a few more minutes to do the survey, you will find that the Libra currency will not be released until 2020. If you know this fact, then any report about the availability of Libra coins before 2020 is false information . The purpose of false information is very simple, is to lie to your hard-earned money.

For scams like "Calìbra", it's not easy to recognize because there are many identical letters in different languages. Despite this, there are still some effective preventive measures, and I hope that the old irons must keep in mind, as follows:

1, to develop the habit of making bookmarks , the classification of commonly used websites into bookmarks, you can avoid making mistakes in the process of entering the URL, it is also convenient to call at any time;

2, multiple browser attempts , Microsoft Edge and earlier versions of Internet Explorer browser can not convert the encoding characters, so you can paste the url URL into Edge or IE for inspection;

3, source code check , before clicking the link, be sure to check the source code to check the link;

4, check the SSL certificate , if the website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), for example, the website uses https instead of http, you can check its SSL certificate;

5. Paste into the text document and paste the URL of the suspicious website into the text document to see if it matches.

For example, paste "https://calì" into a text document, but it will display "".

Of course, the trick of the fraudster doesn't stop there. But what about the most discussed topics in the blockchain industry in the past month or a long time? Absolutely Libra is no doubt.

Whether you are optimistic about Libra's grand vision, don't be deceived by the false information in the blast news. "You need to be cautious in investing money, and your loved ones have two tears."

Author | George

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