In 2019, will you also suggest that novices come to buy Bitcoin?

It’s getting harder and harder to find out the trend of Bitcoin. Bitcoin fell sharply in the past few days. Many analysts have seen 8,000 dollars, 6,000 dollars or even lower, and it is expected to rise back to 11,000 dollars in two days. .
Even if the market is so volatile, many people still have confidence in the price of Bitcoin in the next few months and one or two years. Some people predict that this round of market can reach 20,000, 30,000 or even 100,000 US dollars. In this context, would you suggest that novices now come to buy Bitcoin?
In the Bitcoin forum, there are posts that raise this question and attract more than 500 responses. Below we have selected three different perspectives to share with you.

If you want to lose a friend, I recommend him to buy Bitcoin.
In the first half of 2017, Bitcoin was only one or two thousand dollars. I kept giving a friend Anli Bitcoin, but he was unmoved. He believed that Bitcoin was worthless and advised me to sell it.
Who knows that in December 2017, my friend called me: "Do you know? I just started with 2 bitcoins for $19,000!"
At the time I heard this, it didn't feel very good. Although it was the bitcoin that Amway bought, but I asked him to buy it for $2,000 instead of $20,000. I had to call him back on the phone: "Good luck."
Later, what happened to Bitcoin was very clear. He only contacted me once in 2018. He told me: "I lost a lot of money on the bitcoin dog coin…"
After I finished the embarrassing and suffocating call, I realized that for those who don't believe in Bitcoin, you don't know how to say it, but as long as the price of Bitcoin comes up, they will believe everything.
Now, no matter what the market is, I will not convince anyone to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, especially newcomers who do not have cryptographic common sense. If you just want to buy a few coins and profit from it in the near future, then this is a kind of gambling rather than an investment behavior. How can I encourage people around me to play gambling?
If someone asks me if I want to buy Bitcoin, I will only answer: "Read and learn about Bitcoin and make your own decisions."

No one knows when it is the best buying period
I recognized Bitcoin when I was browsing the Darknet in 2013, when almost no one had heard of it. But in the period when Bitcoin rose the most, it seemed that everyone was an old friend of Bitcoin.
“Should I buy Bitcoin?” became a hot topic at the 2017 Thanksgiving dinner table. My relatives, under the bragging of my brother-in-law, bought $1 million in bitcoin on the spot. As a result, he lost $450 in less than a month.
Last year's Thanksgiving dinner, our family members did not talk about Bitcoin.
In the past few months, Bitcoin has been gaining momentum. Every day, people send me a message on Facebook to get investment advice. I usually answer: "No one knows when it is the best buying period. I can't guarantee it. You buy Bitcoin now and it won't be 20% cheaper next month."
If a new person asks me where to buy bitcoin or how to buy bitcoin, I will usually answer them patiently.
But I will still give them a vaccination, telling them that bitcoin may fall 80% to 90% at any time, and maybe even can't get back within a few years. If you can't stand this price collapse, then you still buy bonds, Stocks and gold are more secure.

In addition, I will also propose a series of "disclaimers":
Figure out what you are investing in. Invest in the money you can lose. Don't be eager to be successful, be patient. Save the currency in your wallet and save your private key. Don't let social media control your investment sentiment.
In my opinion, not everyone can become a qualified bitcoin investor. When the price plunges, some people will blame you for the wrong recommendation. When the price soars, they will blame you for not saying it earlier. Instead of wasting time on being a free investment consultant, it's better to study other ways to make money.

Everyone deserves to have 1 bitcoin. "Is it late now?" Absolutely not. Although the price is now 10,000 US dollars, I believe that when Bitcoin is only 5,000 US dollars, 7,000 US dollars, you will ask the same question.
I also missed some things in the early years and asked others to buy Bitcoin in the wrong time, but now I still think everyone deserves to have 1 bitcoin. Of course, if you don’t have much money, you can get it from 0.1 or 0.001 pieces were picked up. The recommended reasons are as follows:
1. Bitcoin is independent of any central agency and there is no ZF or central bank to regulate it;
2. Bitcoin costs are lower than other traditional online payments, especially cross-border transfers;
3. There are many cryptocurrencies in the world, but Bitcoin is the currency with the largest collection of users and the largest market value.
4, Bitcoin is digital gold, has a safe haven role, Venezuela, Argentina, Iran and other countries regard it as a treasure;
5. More and more enterprises and capitalists are perfecting the ecosystem of Bitcoin, such as wallet and payment services;
6, bitcoin is different from ordinary currency, it has deflation, the total amount is limited to 21 million (due to the loss, in fact this data is less);
7. The blockchain behind Bitcoin has been considered as a technology that can change the world. In fact, many countries and industry giants are using this technology.
8. The market value of gold is 7.8 trillion US dollars, the market value of Apple is 1 trillion US dollars, the market value of Amazon is 970 billion US dollars, and the market value of Bitcoin is only 200 billion US dollars. There is still much room for improvement.
But I have to say that Bitcoin is still a highly volatile investment. Under no circumstances should you invest in bitcoin with money you can't afford, especially if you borrow money.

The conclusion is that "it is wrong to buy a coin without pyramid schemes," but it is obviously irresponsible if someone else does not know about it.
There is unfairness behind any investment, the winners will only be a minority, and even more in the currency circle.
For $5,000 or $10,000, you can feel that it has a 100% upside potential when you enter Bitcoin, but you should be prepared to fall 90% in the future. (block wave)

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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