Bitcoin skyrocketed 20% in the night and approached $14,000!

Bitcoin night madness Panic up 20% to approach $14,000!

Bitcoin has begun to stimulate people's nerves.

In the early morning of June 27, Bitcoin broke through the $13,000 mark under the storm of funds, and the price stood at $13,930. The performance of the big blue chip also stimulated the collective skyrocketing of the cryptocurrencies that night, and the meaning of the market capitalization, activity and other weather vane. The variety of Bitcoin brokers has become the target of more money and more money. The half-year increase far exceeds Bitcoin!

Bitcoin feast stimulates investor sentiment

In the dead of night, Bitcoin was once again insane. At 2 am on June 27, bitcoin prices broke through $13,000 in one fell swoop, and the price reached $13,930, an intraday increase of more than 20%.

The strong performance of Bitcoin in the early hours of the morning changed the polarization of the cryptocurrency market yesterday. The cryptocurrency and pseudo-cryptocurrency of various names skyrocketed across the board. Take the Thai payment variety OMG (also known as the tender model currency) as an example. The currency is also a type that domestic currency investors often buy. The growth rate of the tender currency is more than 26%. It has already reached 1 US dollar from the beginning of the year.

The strong rebound of the cryptocurrency market represented by Bitcoin directly stimulated the sentiment of domestic investors, especially the rebound of low-priced currency, especially supporting investor sentiment, similar to the A-share market investors prefer low-priced themes. Yes, retail investors in the cryptocurrency market do not like the so-called “blue-chip coins” of high prices. Only when blue-chip coins such as Bitcoin drive the low-cost concept currency to strengthen, investors' emotions are easily triggered.

It is precisely because Bitcoin has been so strong recently that the low-priced subject matter has begun to follow this trend. The various currency exchange groups that had been stalled for six months have recently revived.

The carnival of retail investors is still the carnival of “bitcoin brokers”?

However, it is not the retail investors in the cryptocurrency market that can really get a rich cash return from the cryptocurrency market. A Zhejiang investor escaped the adjustment of the A-share market in 2017 and sold all of its stock market funds from the A-share GEM. In the same year, the account of the “Bitcoin brokerage” was opened. Buy cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, after millions of profits, the investor’s funds were almost completely lost in Bitcoin’s spot and futures trading. "My principal and the money earned on Bitcoin are basically given to brokers." He said that "brokers" are not brokers in the A-share market, but brokers in the Bitcoin market.

In the cryptocurrency market represented by Bitcoin, there are hundreds of “brokers”, including the three major companies, namely, the currency security, OKEX, and the fire currency. These “brokers” bear the functions and positioning of securities companies, and at the same time. It is an exchange and conducts external business with a certain exchange, but in fact, A-share brokers can do business, these companies are doing, spot business, financing business, commission income is the main source of income of these companies.

In the case of Bitcoin, ordinary spot transactions are different from contract transactions. Contract transactions are charged when opening and closing positions. For example, a perpetual contract provided by a mainstream “bitcoin broker” is used to invest 100,000 RMB. A contract to buy Bitcoin, if it is delivered twice a day, will cost about 200 yuan a day.

And understand all this, I understand, "Bitcoin brokers" are more crazy than Bitcoin in recent market performance, OKEX prices rose by 15% in the early hours of the morning! If you consider the crazy price increase of Bitcoin brokers this year, far more than the three times increase of Bitcoin this year, it is easier to understand the bull market, whether it is A-share or cryptocurrency market, the best performance and the most flexible "The brokerage stocks", and the logic in the currency circle is even stronger, because in addition to the support of the size, financial and performance indicators of Bitcoin brokers, most of the varieties including Bitcoin actually rely on imagination.

"Bitcoin brokerage" has far more profitability than A-share brokers

Just as the meaning of the brokerage stocks on the stock market is because the brokers connect with market participants and funds. Once Bitcoin activated the market, investor confidence increased, new account opening, sleeping account activation and new funds entering the market, the major improvement in these indicators, the first stimulus is the performance of Bitcoin brokerage companies.

Institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market have long understood the business model of the securities industry, which is the strong charm of brokerage firms, so that cryptocurrency exchanges become the main target of institutional investors in this field. Li Lin, the founder of the domestic mainstream Bitcoin brokerage exchange, the company of the fire coin company, issued a full letter from the beginning of this year: 2018, the trading volume of the fire currency exchange exceeded 200 billion US dollars, commission income exceeded 500 million US dollars (about 34 In the year of 2017, the growth rate exceeded 100%. Among them, the leveraged business launched by the Firecoin Company was launched in December 2018, and the transaction volume in the first month exceeded 20 billion US dollars.

Performance is a real hard indicator in any field, and even if Bitcoin encounters Bitcoin's brokerage variety, it has to bow. The chart below shows the price trend of China's largest bitcoin brokerage firm, BNB, which has reached a two-year high of 5.2 times in half a year, far exceeding the 2.7 times of Bitcoin's same period.

Be aware that the background of the above data is almost the worst year for the Bitcoin market in 2018. Compared with the commission income of 3.4 billion fire coins, the total commission income of the traditional brokerage industry in mainland China in 2018 was only 59.3 billion yuan. If the average brokerage company has an average size of more than 2,000, the size of the staff is small. The currency brokers are no doubt more lively and moist.

More directly, according to the data of the largest Bitcoin brokerage exchange in China, the currency was created in 2017, and the net profit in the first half of 2018 was as high as 350 million US dollars (2.4 billion yuan). This means that the current net profit of the currency security can be ranked fifth in the country in the 2018 TOP50 of the securities company, second only to CITIC Securities (3.9 billion), Guotai Junan (3.5 billion), Huatai Securities (3.2 billion), Haitong Securities (30). Billion), more than the profitability of a group of companies such as Ping An Securities, China Merchants Securities, and Guoxin Securities.

The three major bitcoin brokerages in China, the price increase of BNB in ​​the first six months of this year is 5.2 times, the increase in the last three months is 1.2 times, and the increase in the last 7 days is 4%. The first six months of this year, the increase in the number of coins (HT) was 2.47 times, the increase in the last three months was 55%, and the increase in the last seven days was 3%. And OKEX is precisely the smallest variety of the three major varieties in the middle of the year, the price increase in the first six months of this year is only 1.78 times, seriously lagging behind the currency security, fire coins, which may also be part of the funds to raise OKEX (OKB), resulting in A major factor in its nightly skyrocketing. (broker China)

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