In April, the market was high and the market was worth looking forward to in May.

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The April market can be said to be very positive. The fragile digital currency market has passed bad news and pessimism about the plunge forecast. The market can stick to the high level of the whole month, and now try to break the 5800 along the 5-day moving average. Dollar. Summarizing the past April's market is: the first half of the month is in a steady rise, the mid-term is driven by some favorable currencies to steadily rise, and later affected by bad news, the profit-making effect begins to slow down.

So is the May market worth looking forward to?

1) The distance is greatly improved: such as BCH upgrade, EOS major measures to be shared and LTC halved, the adjustment cycle is gradually shortened, and the time to convert to the price increase is getting closer and closer, so the market will not be in May. Unremarkable.

2) The major event of the USDT trust crisis at the end of April was a key step in the short position, but the market was stable, and there was no serious injury and a quick correction, showing the determination of the bulls.

3) The pies kept the high sideways market in May, and the market did not appear in the predicted callbacks, and gradually tried to rush along the 5-day moving average, indicating that the main force is in the support.

4) Most of the mainstream currencies, including BCH and LTC, are stepping back and supporting the rebound in the interrupted position, and the bottom of the wide shock starts to rise again.

Most of the market in May will enter the adjustment phase, and the high probability will continue to continue the high sideways market. It is not so easy to fall to 4,000 or 3,000 dollars. Usually, after the mainstream currency and the broader market stabilize, other currencies will take advantage of the market advantage. It is recommended that you pay more attention to the news fundamentals, the fact that the market has not been substantially upgraded, and the team has the money to do the real thing, from the platform currency to the mainstream currency. In small currencies, the main funds began to consider other currencies after the market and the mainstream currency were profitable. I hope that everyone will grasp the short-term market in the bear market, have meat and meat, and have soup and soup.


Market analysis


From the perspective of funds, the inflow is stronger than last week. In view of the fact that the hedging of the USDT incident continues, the market continues to break through to $5,800, and the daily trend is healthy along the 5-day moving average. Other mainstream currencies began to follow the breakthrough, but the medium and long-term bearish suppression power cannot be ignored. If the market funds are insufficient, the market will not last for too long, and there will be a risk correction in the short-term.

Support level: $5,500, pressure $5,900


ETH follows the market and takes the resistance level of MA30 in one fell swoop. From the face of the disk, the trend is healthy. The waiting volume can keep up with the match and continue to rise. It is recommended to wait for the currency.

Support level: $160, pressure level: $170


EOS follows the broader market. From the daily line, the moving average and the MACD line are beginning to tighten their heads. The downward trend has been broken, and the EOS will continue to break through.

Support level: $4.7, pressure: $5.2


After breaking the trend of the market, BCH quickly broke through the short-term resistance and hit the $300 mark by breaking the short-term trend. The momentum of this wave is too strong. BCH may adjust back to the resistance and continue to pay attention to it without breaking the support.

Support level: $270, pressure level: $300


XRP is really too calm, and the pie is on the rise. It is still in a weak position. The upper shadow line released by the 4-hour line indicates that the bullish willingness to attack is not strong, and continue to pay attention to the key position of 0.3 US dollars.


LTC is also following the breakthrough, but the amount can be released not comprehensive enough. In the case of MA30, the daily average resistance may be adjusted back. The overall disk is considered strong and continues to hold the currency.

Support level: $73, pressure level: $80

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