In June, a total of 15 security incidents occurred in the cryptocurrency wallet.

There were 15 security incidents in June. Encrypted currency wealth management wallets burst into thunder.

According to PeckShield Situational Awareness Platform data, in the past month, there have been 15 typical security incidents in the entire blockchain ecology, involving suspected runaways in financial wallets, stolen exchanges, wallet service API hijacking, and DeFi asset management platform. Oracle exceptions, DApp private key leaks and other aspects, in the scope of statistics, the total loss of more than 210 million yuan.

In general:

1. There are 6 safety incidents in the EOS and TRON DApp ecosystems. The EOS Ecology 3 is mainly a random number problem, with 1,409 EOS losses. The TRON Ecology 3 is mainly a transaction rollback attack, with 247,973 TRX losses.

2, DeFi project Synthetix offline Oracle data source error caused the exchange rate is abnormal, the arbitrage robot exchanged a large number of sETH at low prices;

3, the stolen stolen 7,074 BTC appeared multiple times, the hackers began to intensively cut the BTC of the 7 core addresses into a large number of small assets to implement money laundering;

4. The cryptocurrency wallet represented by PlusToken began to burst into thunder. Among them, TokenStore has confirmed that some of the encrypted assets such as ETH, EOS and USDT have been tracked to over 100 million yuan, and many funds have been successfully laundered through the exchange. PeckShield believes that the smashing of the cryptocurrency wallet will bring great instability to the overall market. Users are reminded to participate in such fund projects cautiously. Security partners such as security companies, media and exchanges should be active. Participate in the tracking and blocking of such running funds, and help victims to reduce asset losses as much as possible.

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