Market Analysis: Bitcoin is accelerating, can it break through the historical highs?

In the morning, I still said that bitcoin is only 12,000 US dollars (up to 11998 point short-term callback), only a short trip, the result is as fierce as a tiger, a big Yangxian, heavy volume rushed to 12000 points, even more in the afternoon Under the superposition, the impact of 13,000 points, the strength of the disk is daunting.

From the hourly line, we can see that when the pressure is near the big pressure, such as 10000 points in the previous few days, and this time 12000 points, the main force is violently rising , which is also the consistent play of the BTC main force this year. Only violence can be lifted up to deter the possible pressure of the bears, and only a strong breakthrough in pressure can attract more investors to chase. But what we need to pay attention to is that the amount of these two positions can be sharply amplified, which means that there is a lot of change in buying and selling. In the end, whether the organization is sweeping the goods in a crazy way, or the retail investors are chasing in the crazy, we don’t know. Need to be verified step by step according to the subsequent market conditions.

The pies rose separately, but the mainstream currency, except ETH, did not follow, let alone the many altcoins that did not follow up. Instead, the pies were slightly adjusted, and they faced waterfall-style selling. The problem is obvious:

1. The main layout of the organization is Bitcoin : The current main battlefield of the currency circle is still on the BTC. For the organization, the BTC is an investment product like gold, which is sought after and recognized. Both the previously approved BTC futures contract, the bitcoin futures contract that just approved LedgerX to provide physical settlement, and the Bakkt futures to be tested next month are all subject to BTC. In the case of the main battlefield, the battlefields of various currencies do not dare to take the lead. This time is when the guns are shot.

2, the hesitation of market funds : in the BTC crazy peak, because of fear of callbacks do not dare to chase, keep the state of the soldiers. This state of wait-and-see is actually very dangerous. The pies continue to fluctuate at a high level. Once the callback occurs, the funds may form a huge selling pressure, which will have a huge impact on the market.

3. The collapse of the altcoin currency consensus : The previous article said that if this year's market continues, it may lead to a disastrous consequence, that is , the consensus of the abundance of the altcoin currency collapsed . Once the faith collapses, the altcoin may face a state of being half-dead for quite a long time. The market has come to the present, almost verifiable. In addition to still struggling to hold the altcoin, many people have turned to the mainstream currency, each time the pie is a new high, is a collective action of selling the altcoin .

Today's panic & greed index (FGI) has reached a record high, 95, market sentiment into a state of super greed. However, the market actually went to two extremes. The BTC at one end rose and rose again. The one riding the red dust and the other at the other end were collectively declining. This is hardly called the bull market, and it can only be said to be a unilateral crazy market . In the financial market, when the market is completely crazy, it is a period of accumulation of potential risks. There is no market that only rises and falls, and small partners still need to maintain rationality.

Operational recommendations:

BTC : Refusing to callback, all the way up, the pressure of 12,000 US dollars said that the breakthrough will break through. Today, BTC rose by as much as 15%. The increase of several days has accumulated, and there are signs of accelerating the sprint to catch up. If this trend continues, 2017 High points are also likely to break through in a short time. But this kind of move is very similar to the end of a round of rising prices . What short-term operators need to pay attention to is the potential risks accumulated behind the rising trend. The upper pressure is in the range of 1.3-1.5 million US dollars, supported at 1.2/10,000 US dollars, and the adjustment is not broken. After the adjustment is completed, it is possible to start a new round of rising prices.

From the data of each platform, the BTC price and quantity of the three major exchanges in China can far exceed the foreign mainstream exchanges. The BTC spot price of the fire currency and the currency security is somewhat different (12999.99, 13000), which is like a deliberate For this reason , the side also reflects the obvious signs of the dealer's manipulation , need to pay attention.

ETH : The trend is strong. After standing up to the support of 300 US dollars, it will open up the rising space. The upper pressure is in the 360-400 range. Under the circumstances of stable market stability, it is expected to continue to rise.

LTC : The weakest currency in the mainstream currency, the disk is not satisfactory, the short-term pressure of 140 US dollars has always existed, and it will continue to wait until it breaks through.

EOS : The trend is also very weak. If it fails to break through 7.4 dollars, it will continue to sort out the trend in the 7-7.4 US dollar range.

BCH : A slight increase, the hourly line closed above the MA60 moving average, but the amount was weak and failed to break the pressure level of 500 US dollars above.

XRP : Continue to play the role of soy sauce, before the breakthrough of $0.50, or wait and see.

The domestic public currency continued to exert its strength. After the first round of gains in the past few days, it did not fall back but continued to rise. Since the funds dare to enter the market to push up the price at this time, in the case of BTC stability, there is still room for increase in the follow-up. , can be properly laid out.

Investment is risky and requires caution when entering the market.

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