Industrial Cannabis + Blockchain: Seven Questions Tianyi Xinma

Recently, along with the birth of cannabis "penny" in the A-share market, the stock price has soared like High, and the concept of "industrial marijuana" has been rapidly heated up and well known to the public. For a time, the blockchain of the “industrial cannabis” was the birthplace, and it quickly opened up the exchange group, the investment group and other WeChat groups to promote the cannabis pass “WEED”.

However, in the various propaganda of WEED, there are various problems in which the concepts are unclear, confusing before and after, and there is no source of information after verification. In this regard, the Pomegranate Finance team went to Tianyi Xinma Company to conduct an interview on the seven suspected points in the project.


01 What is approved in the SEC?

In the WEED promotional materials, the official said: "The project entity will issue 20% of the preferred shares Security Token under the US SEC's Regulation S and RegulationD specifications, raise 20 million US dollars, and can be converted into a listed company's outstanding shares as an exit path.

Through the application of blockchain technology, the planting data of all industrial cannabis of Xinma Bio and the operation process of future CBD production line will realize data uplink based on BAIC IoT public chain, achieve open and transparent operation management objectives, and effectively protect investment. Equity, increase customer trust.

In the interview, BAIC public chain CEO, Xinma Bio's core partner, Tan Yi began to tell reporters: "Our project is not STO." However, in the following interview, Tan Yi said: "We are also trying now. , take out about 20% of the preferred stock into a pass, we are also consulting the legal team, such as the fire money. After all, I am also a blockchain, I also want to activate the blockchain pass this market."

Xiru Xinma Project PR head Shi Rui has repeatedly ridiculed "our project is not STO": "The project party is currently working with Huolu Lulin, in the US compliant digital asset exchange sharepost, openfinance, etc. to start business cooperation Under the supervision of the SEC, we will conduct digital asset financing and trading. For details, please wait for the announcement of the SEC and the listed company. There have been rumors that the business of STO in China has been carried out. It is a serious rumor that it will not raise funds in STO in China before and in the future. "

The company denied that the card that relies on the conversion of preferred stocks is STO, but according to the SEC regulations, the certificate of equity ownership is a securities-type certificate, that is, STO. On the SEC's official website, Pomegranate Finance did not find all the documents related to the project financing license.


This is an example of tZERO's official approval document showing the date of application approval for the STO project.

In this regard, Tan Yi said, "You don't understand the rules for US stock information disclosure. You can make an announcement before financing, or you can make an announcement after financing." Meanwhile, Tan Yi said that Tianyi Xinma team is using blockchain. The information on industrial marijuana is on the chain. "We work with the traceability chain because we have the technology of the Internet of Things, and we can achieve true information on the chain. Unlike many traceability projects, it is actually started on the server side."

However, after the first STO project was approved in November 2018, the SEC announced that all approved STO projects are available on its official website. STO approval is different from financing, but it gives the company the qualification to issue a securities pass, and this is not an announcement, but an approval record.

In addition, the blockchain does not need to issue a pass for information source tracing. In this regard, Tan Yi explained: "For listed companies, the first important announcement is 8K. This is the right of listed companies to issue stock financing." When it comes to WEED, Tan Yi said, "Some have our shares. Organizations, how do they take this share, we don't know."

In the interview, Tan Yi said that the issuance of Tianyi Xinma or Tianyi Jiahua is still within the scope of the stock market. The issuance of the certificate is still in preparation, and the release of WEED is in line with Tianyi Xinma. No relationship.

What exactly is 02?

Tianyi Xinma’s propaganda “C Position” is a new variety “Xinma No.1” M11. As a star product, Xinma No.1 has various superior performances. In addition, in the WEED community promotion, we can see that the company “has obtained the Heilongjiang 10,000 mu industrial cannabis planting license”, and the Hegang Municipal Government welcomes Tianyi Xinma to settle in and report on industrial cannabis cultivation.

However, in the Heilongjiang government documents, the industrial cannabis species approved for planting are concentrated in two varieties, hemp and longan, and there is also a part of Qingma, which has no shadow of new hemp. In this regard, in the interview, Tan Yi has always said: "Our Xinma No. 1 has some trials in Heilongjiang, and the number of acres tested is in full compliance with the regulations of Heilongjiang Province."

At the same time, Tan Yi mentioned: "This year is still a year away. I will get the certificate after the trial is completed this year. We can plant it in batches next year."

This is also confirmed by Xirui: "According to national regulations, industrial cannabis cultivation needs to be planted for two years to be planted in large quantities. Xinma No. 1 has been completed for one year, and the trial of 2019 is also recently. Officially started, it is expected to obtain a seed identification certificate in 2020 and be named after Xinma No. 1. The cooperation with the Heilongjiang government is also partly due to the government’s optimism that Xinma Bio has the exclusive planting rights of Xinma No.1, which will be in the future. Achieving higher returns in the year. The growth of crops does take time, which just proves that Xinma is not a short-term speculative concept."

Therefore, in fact, considering the growth cycle of cannabis, even if Xinma No. 1 can successfully obtain a certificate, successful mass production, and realize the magical effect in publicity, it will take two years. Not to mention that there are still many variables in this, and whether it is possible to plant the "Xin Ma No. 1" as scheduled is not expected. Obviously, it is unrealistic to calculate the return on investment according to the yield of “Xin Ma Yi”.

03 What is the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences?

In the propaganda of “Xin Ma No.1”, Tianyi Xinma cooperated with the Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to develop the “Xinma No.1”. However, on the official website of the Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the cooperation information of Tianyi Xinma or Tianyi Jiahua and the information about Xinma No. 1 or M11 cannot be found.

In this regard, Tan Yi explained: "The information of this cooperation, we are asking for confidentiality. Variety and breeding are the same as scientific patents. It is confidential. I can show you this contract, which will be more accurate."

Tan Yi showed the first page of the contract, showing that the signing date was “March 20, 2019”. However, for the specific cooperation of the variety, Tan Yi did not show to the pomegranate financial.

In this regard, Xirui explained: "Xin Ma No.1 is a cooperation seed between Xinma Biology and the Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It has a breeding patent and both parties have a contract as a legal basis. The article points out that the Academy of Agricultural Sciences has not publicized it with new hemp. The cooperation is a little far-fetched. After all, the Maize Research Institute is a national research unit, and its main responsibility is not to promote cooperation with enterprises. (If the cooperation is true, it should be based on the contract signed in writing)

For the issue of confidentiality, Pomegranate Finance sent a letter to the official WeChat of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences said: "In order to effectively protect the interests of the broad masses of the people, in addition to the projects in the "Regulations on the Secrecy of Agricultural Science and Technology", other cooperation projects with enterprises are strictly in accordance with the "Intensive Implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture" 〉 Several Rules stipulate that publicity is provided.”

The pomegranate financial reporter found that such projects should publicize the name of the scientific and technological achievements and the proposed transaction price in this unit, and the publicity time should be no less than 15 days, and clearly disclose the procedures and methods for handling the objection. The cannabis project of Tianyi Xinma and Tianyi Jiahua does not belong to the crops that have a major impact on the political and military economy in the Regulations on Secrecy of Agricultural Science and Technology. Why has it been kept "confidential"?

In the reply of Tianyi Xinma, the "publicity" that must be carried out by the cooperation between the public institution and the enterprise unit is stolen into an optional "propaganda", and its intention is also elusive.

What's more, even if there is commercial secrecy considerations, in the case that Tianyi Xinma himself began to publicize, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences has been kept secret, and logically it seems difficult to justify itself.

04 Is “Xin Ma No.1” really amazing?

Even if we ignore all the above interferences that are “human factors”, we will have to ask a question mark if we return to “Xin Ma No.1” itself and whether the performance of this variety is as good as it is mentioned in the propaganda.

The selling point of “Xin Ma No.1” is that the content of cannabisphenol phenol available for medicinal use is extremely high and the drug component THD complies with the state regulations on “industrial marijuana”. The analysis of pure CBD is expensive, which is also one of the commercial value of industrial cannabis.

In the propaganda, “Xin Ma No.1” showed its test results, and in the propaganda it was called “the content of mosaic CBD was 1.82%-2.97%”. However, reading the report, we found that this is actually only the content of the CBD CBD of the samples tested is 1.82% and 2.97%. The test report clearly stated that “the entrusted inspection is only responsible for the sample, this test is only for the test result”. The batch of test samples is randomly selected, or the plant with higher CBD content is deliberately selected for inspection. I can't see it on the top.


In addition, the report only shows the CBD content and does not show the THD content of the same batch of samples. There is a positive correlation between THD and CBD. Simply put, it is not difficult to find the CBD high. It is difficult for the CBD to be high while the THD is within the legal range. This point is also mentioned: "The problem with the introduction of marijuana is that it has grown well in the United States. After coming to China, it is not convinced. There is also a high CBD, but the THD is also high. This is not allowed in China. "But the samples did not detect whether the THD was compliant, and even whether it was the so-called "Xin Ma No. 1" could not be seen. There is no answer to this talk.

"1. Xinma No. 1 test confirmed that its THC content is 0.03, which is far lower than the national requirements. There is a formal inspection report, and no external release does not mean no. 2. The test of Xinma No. 1 is random sampling, of course, if anyone questions The test results can be applied to the Institute for a self-funded test. As for the high-definition identification of which CBD content is high, and to take the test, this is not very realistic," said Shire.

However, is the batch of THC content in compliance with the standard? Shirley did not answer, saying that the word "one plant" was exposed to a small number of samples and did not satisfy the repeatability of the general experiment. In addition, Shirley also did not respond positively to whether the batch of samples was “Xin Ma No.1”.

Finally, even if all the data in this report are true and credible, “Xin Ma No.1” has no advantages at all: a large number of reports have reported that the content of CBD in many Hemp kernels is already around 2%. For the reporter's quotation from the professional literature, Tan Yi confidently replied: "You don't understand this. Hemp kernel is mainly high in hemp kernel oil, the content of CBD is almost trace, and the cannabis leaf contains a lot of CBD."

However, in fact, it is clear from the foundation of high school organic chemistry that CBD is a lipophilic substance that is slightly soluble or insoluble in water. The water content of the cannabis leaves is higher. Tan Yi’s answer seems to be contrary to scientific common sense.

In this regard, Shirley said: "First of all, hemp is a kind of hemp, but the CBD will not be extracted from Hemp seed. Hemp seed is similar to hemp seed, its main value lies in a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, Protein, etc. According to the paper published by Ningbo Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute in Physical and Chemical Testing (Chemical Volume) (Chinese core ISSN: 1001-4020), the CBD content in hemp seeds is 1.85 μg/g, which is 100 Very high level. So please give the source of the literature."

Here, Shirley confuses the concept of “hemp seed” and “hemp seed” (hemp seeds are not shelled, just as we can't take rice granules as the denominator of a nutrient content in rice). In fact, as long as the search is based on hemp or CANNABISSEMEN, the actual CBD content in hemp can be obtained.

05 “Xin Ma No.1” without the authority certificate

In addition to the doubts about the test report, “Xin Ma No.1” itself is quite problematic: as a crop with such a good benefit, there is no literature report, and no project application for research on it can be searched. . In this regard, Tan Yi said: "There are different fields. For example, from the theory, the theory is first published in "Nature", the theory is different, the theory is open source. But the formula of the new drug, right, kill him. This is a trade secret that cannot be said."

But in fact, only for the "new drug", the formula can not be disclosed, but the active ingredients such as CBD have not only been reported, but there are still many reports, distributed in cells, animals, human body and so on.


It is more common to report the traits of an excellent variety without involving its scientific research process.


In fact, we use the most familiar Mr. Yuan Longping to give examples. Many of the new types of rice developed by the team he led in research and development are among the state secrets in the Agricultural Science and Technology Secrecy Regulations, but they do not prevent people from publishing papers. It is proved that sea rice can be watered by seawater, and the yield of indica hybrid rice is broken. In fact, the verification of traits does not belong to the category of confidentiality.

If Yuan Longping’s rice production is high, but there is no relevant scientific journal published with relevant verification information, will he have the status now?

06 Excerpted from the "natural product intelligence system" of university textbooks

For the CBD, different purity means different prices. If the CBD can only be extracted crudely and cannot be used for drug production, etc., it is of little significance. In this regard, Tianyi Xin Ma said that its cannabis leaf CBD extraction system can reach more than 90% extraction rate.




However, if you have a little understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, you will know that the "natural product intelligent system" extraction schematic is completely copied from the principle of "separation and purification of the column" in the pharmaceutical engineering textbook, and no new technology has been added. In this regard, Tan Yi said: "All the principles of chemical purification are similar, one is the organic solvent purification method, and the other is carbon dioxide supercritical."

And Shire is directly questioning the reporter: "* Natural product extraction intelligent device map * White paper technology introduction part of the technical flow chart, schematic diagram and production execution diagram of the natural product extraction intelligent device. The technical flow chart shows the ultrasonic – plasma The tunnel-type countercurrent separation process is equipped with multi-channel two-dimensional chromatographic separation and purification technology. The production execution map shows that the whole system is highly intelligent, and the chromatographic schematics mentioned in the two parts are not present. The remaining equipment principle The figure part has extraction, chromatography, etc., so the principle part does not put the principle, what should I put?"

However, just as Xinma Bio's “driving powder system” (actually freeze-dried) exposes technicians' lack of understanding of pharmaceutical engineering, Tan Yi and Shirley confuse the concepts of “principle” and “technology”. Chromatography is a technical application rather than a principle, and chromatographic extraction has evolved to a very mature stage and it is difficult to continue to improve.

For the word "freeze-dried", Shirley explained the following: "The writing of the project proposal has a low-level typo error, and it is impossible to find a technical team to confirm the writing of professional terms. As for the process of freeze-drying into powder, vacuum is used. The freeze-drying method freezes the moisture in the liquid beforehand, and then sublimates the frozen water in the liquid in a vacuum-sterilized environment, thereby making the product active and drying, and retaining its original drug action. Confirmed by our professional technical team."

Why is it involved in the writing of key technical parts, not by the technical team, or even by the technical team, so that such a low-level error occurs?

At present, methods for extracting CBD include membrane ultrafiltration, enzyme-assisted solvent, subcritical and supercritical. Even with chromatography, according to the literature, as early as 2002, the average recovery rate reached 94.6%.

Therefore, even if all the data is true, the system has no advantage in extraction.

07 CBD application of Nanbei Beibei

In the propaganda, Tianyi Xinma also repeatedly mentioned the application of CBD. It is true that the CBD has proven to have good anti-epileptic effects, but the company's planned application route has been biased.

When talking about the application of CBD, Tan Yi said: "The main source of CBD is cannabis leaf. In 2015, Chinese cosmetics allowed the use of cannabis leaf extract, which contains CBD. Many CBDs, such as mental protective agents, then It has many benefits for the skin and can be absorbed by the skin. It has many magical effects on the skin. This has been proven in the United States and Canada. For example, Sephora, L'Oreal has a lot of CBD ingredients and is also very popular."

Shirley explained: "The main reason is based on the anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects of the CBD. The latest CBD Skin Care Market industry research report shows that the CBD skin care market will grow rapidly with a compound growth rate of 33%, and the global CBD skin care in 2017. The market size of the product is nearly 370 million US dollars, and the market size will reach 645 million US dollars in 2019. The global CBD skin care product market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 33% between 2019 and 2027. It is to see its market prospects, so We are planning to develop CBD-related cosmetics."

However, in fact, due to the presence of a thick cuticle on the surface of the skin, there are few pharmaceutical ingredients that can be absorbed through the skin. Pomegranate financial reporters have found that many anti-epileptic drugs containing CBD components have failed to find that the CBD can be "absorbed by the skin." As for the efficacy of the CBD on the skin, the medicinal value of the CBD lies in the protection of the nerve (a concept different from the spirit), which is often used to treat epilepsy, which is incompatible with skin care.

As for the anti-inflammatory effect that Shirley talked about, although it can't completely deny its existence, but the "drug gold" in the treatment of epilepsy does not go, but it must be done with half the effort to make cosmetics with its secondary role, it can be described as a commercial ghost.

The so-called "has been verified in the United States and Canada" and there is no relevant evidence. The famous cosmetics companies such as L'Oreal Sephora have always been very popular, and even these companies do not have strict double-blind controlled experiments to prove the effect of CBD. CBD skin care products sell gimmicks, but how long can this gimmick still sell?

In-depth investigations have made the loopholes behind the “industrial cannabis + blockchain” project surfaced. "Industrial marijuana" does not seem to be the actual application, but more like a well-planned marketing bureau.

How far can such a project go?

Author: Wang Danyang

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