Troubled by the keyboard man, the founder of the dog coin suspected of withdrawing from the social network

Surprisingly, Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer seems to have decided to disappear from the social network and no longer interact with the community.

The well-known cryptocurrency developer not only set his Twitter account to be visible only to himself, but also deleted a large number of YouTube videos, both of which are the main channels for communication with the outside world.


Palmer did not give any explanation or advance notice. However, in the official reddit section of Dogecoin, a user speculated that he disappeared from Twitter, probably because of some negative comments he recently received, because he expressed his opinion on some controversial topics:

He is skeptical and analytical about Twitter's cryptocurrency and blockchain. Many people, including me, are happy to listen to him. He has also gained some supporters and successfully launched a series of high quality. Dialogue. But recently he began to pay more attention to other issues, such as identity politics, and as one expected, he got a lot of negative responses. This and the popular tribal mentality in many cryptocurrency communities may be the main reason for his removal of Twitter.

Another user said that perhaps Palmer felt that these social networks were "saturated", after all, he had done this before:

Over the years, Palmer has cleaned up its social media platforms many times, often when discussions on a platform become too extreme or too aggressive. He closed the reddit account a few months before closing the Twitter account. Before that, he closed his Facebook account and he closed the Twitter account three times.

He is very good, he just wants some time to take a break and stay away from the cryptocurrency community. On Youtube, Palmer himself said on Twitter that he made this decision to prevent ongoing user comments asking him to take action against the scammer who pretends to be. He also commented that his public video will be technology-oriented to avoid negative comments.

Since someone asked, I am replying here: Yes, I have set all the videos related to the cryptocurrency on my YouTube channel to be visible only to myself. why……

Every few days, someone will contact me and say that someone pretends to be cheating on Telegram, WhatsApp or by email, providing 'promotion' videos to make money. In some cases, I feel that these people are hostile to me and they say, 'What should you do! '

My job and responsibilities are not to spend time reporting false accounts on communication services that I don't use at all. I don't have the extra energy to deal with people who often ask me about these things. This makes my hobbies boring, tired and boring.

In addition, there are a lot of comments in my video that are similar to 'This guy is funny and stupid. This coin is really amazing, because I have a lot of it myself, so it must be great'. I turned off notifications, but I still receive some feedback.

So from now on, my YouTube channel will be about general technology, and I will post it whenever I like it. After all, this is my hobby. In addition, if my channel's comments are only from a mechanical keyboard, the liar is unlikely to pretend to be me. Thank you for your understanding. As of press time, Palmer did not comment on this. But it can be seen that he chose to temporarily withdraw from the social network for two reasons. First, he is worried about using his information and opinions to pretend to be the source of his deception. He himself has no energy to stop all the scammers, and does not want to lose a good impression on the cryptocurrency.

Second, his views on social media received a lot of negative comments, and it seems that dealing with these negative emotions makes Palmer feel more difficult.

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