Industrial innovation is an important breakthrough direction of blockchain

On October 25th, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and gave a reassurance to the blockchain practitioners who suffered bitterly in the cold winter. General Secretary Xi stressed: "Taking the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, speeding up the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation." General Secretary Xi pointed out that the integration of blockchain technology is applied in new technological innovations and industrial transformations. It plays an important role. It should take the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction, increase investment, focus on a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

In essence, blockchain is distributed through the whole network of information, de-centering information storage and de-intermediation of information transmission, and realizing information on the basis of difficult to be tampered with economic and social governance. High quality and efficient sharing, which optimizes the organization management structure and business processes to improve production and life efficiency. The development of the blockchain for more than 10 years has always been entangled in the development direction of the currency and chain, while the speech of General Secretary Xi pointed out the direction of the development of the blockchain.

So how do you achieve the integration and development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation?

First, the application of blockchain technology must be combined with industry

Since the birth of the concept of blockchain, industry insiders and most experts agree that the blockchain is the next technological revolution. In addition to the trust enhancement and value transfer realized by the blockchain itself, the blockchain is now There are a lot of expectations for organizational process reengineering with systems and business. However, in the 10 years since the birth of the blockchain, the blockchain technology has only developed in two directions: one is to simply follow the direction specified by Bitcoin and Ethereum, and to strengthen the underlying technical level of the public chain; Integrate with the contents of the general public economy and social organizations to build the ecology. Many people have neglected the combination of blockchain technology and specific industries, and have not used blockchain technology to reorganize industrial systems and business processes.

In fact, the underlying technology of the blockchain does have a real need to break through, such as efficiency issues and security issues. The efficiency problem is endogenous to the economic model and technical architecture adopted by the earliest blockchain. It may require major changes and reconstruction of the original blockchain underlying architecture, or a major technological breakthrough to resolve. The security issue is an inherent problem of any information system, but the security of the blockchain is not strictly the security of the data on the blockchain, but rather the expansion of the content carried by the blockchain. The introduction of smart contracts resulted from the failure to implement strict formal verification at the code level.

The blockchain technology combined with the contents of the economics of the economy and the organization of the community for ecological construction can indeed expand the circulation and turnover efficiency of goods and services. However, in addition to issuing certificates and recording transactions, blockchain technology in the ecology It has not played a bigger role at present. This is not so much the construction of a new ecology, but rather the further deepening of the Internet economy and Internet finance.

Second, the industry Internet has become a new space for the development of blockchain

The industrial Internet is a concept derived from the consumer Internet. It refers to the traditional industry leveraging big data, cloud computing, intelligent terminals and network advantages to enhance internal efficiency and external service capabilities. It is an important factor for traditional industries to achieve transformation and upgrading through "Internet +". One of the paths. The industry Internet relies on big data to realize the deep integration of traditional industries and the Internet, boosting the economy from the virtual reality and realizing the transformation and upgrading. The rise of the industrial Internet means that many traditional fields such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy, logistics, transportation, education, etc. will be changed and reconstructed by the Internet, and the efficiency of cross-industry collaboration will be improved through the Internet to achieve leap-forward development.

The Internet of Things and smart terminals are indispensable components of the industrial Internet. With the universal application of the Internet of Things and intelligent terminals, massive amounts of data will be produced. Traditional centralized processing methods will also face a series of complex technical challenges such as bandwidth, processing speed and transmission security, and multi-objective collaborative optimization in management. problem. Therefore, early layout, implementation of data security transmission, distributed storage, localization processing, is the only way for the development of industrial Internet.

Through a variety of underlying technology tools, the blockchain can effectively realize distributed and consistent storage and security transmission of data. In the future, it is also possible to transparently trace the stored data through IPFS, and realize data through technologies such as fragmentation and state channel. Distributed processing. Therefore, the blockchain technology will gain greater application value through the transformation of the industrial Internet. Of course, the industrial Internet is also very likely to achieve greater and lasting vitality through the introduction of blockchain technology.

Third, the application of industrial Internet requires the transformation of blockchain technology

Applying blockchain technology to the industrial Internet will definitely require major adjustments and transformations to the underlying technical architecture of the blockchain. For example, in the context of the industrial Internet, do we still need the consistent distribution of data across the entire network, even if it is not a consistent distribution of physical nodes across the network like Bitcoin, but only logically distributed across the network? Do you need a pass and the existence of a community? Moreover, the current blockchain system can only record transactions, and does not have data processing functions. Does it need to realize the effective integration of blockchain + big data through the reconstruction of technical architecture? That is, it stores both transactional lightweight data and structured and unstructured heavyweight data, while ensuring consistency of transaction data, and enabling data deep analysis and data mining based on big data. Under the premise that the blockchain performance problem has not been fundamentally solved, what data is stored in the chain, which data is stored under the chain, and how the data on the chain and the data under the chain are traded need to be significant in the architecture and system. Adjustments and changes.

Fourth, the industry Internet is an organic integration of multiple technologies

Industrial Internet must be an organic fusion of multiple technologies, including traditional structured relational database systems and unstructured big data systems, as well as a large number of IoT intelligent terminal data acquisition systems and data control. Equipment, there will also be a large number of data storage and data mining systems, and certainly the secure transmission of transaction data in the blockchain and consistent data storage and consistent data within a certain range defined by the business system and implemented by algorithms. Localized processing.

In general, the blockchain not only introduces new tools and thinking to the development of the industrial Internet, but also brings huge opportunities to the blockchain technology through the transformation and reconstruction of the underlying technical architecture of the blockchain. . Just as blockchain technology itself is not just a new technology, but an organic combination of multiple technologies to bring new value, we do not believe that the combination of blockchain and industrial internet is the traditional blockchain technology. The return, but the deepening and development of the block system technology in accordance with the needs of business development. These technologies not only have the underlying blockchain technology that is widely used at present, but also combine deep technology with big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and Internet of Things. At the same time, they have extensive experience in building various information systems such as Adhoc and C4ISR. And lessons, not only to ensure the completeness and processing of information and data, but also to prevent unnecessary overload of information and data in storage and processing, to achieve deep integration of technology and efficient development of the industry.

5. The industrialization of the blockchain itself is an inevitable development direction.

In addition to other technologies, combined with specific industries, building a more efficient industrial Internet, serving the real economy, and its own industrialization will also be the inevitable development direction of the blockchain.

With the breakthrough of multiple underlying technologies in the blockchain and the optimization of the blockchain's own architecture, as well as other related technologies, including cloud computing, edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things, the blockchain is gradually matured. The core industrialization trend is gradually emerging. From the upstream personnel training and discipline construction, to the lower level of technological breakthroughs and industrial application; from the combination with other industries and drive the structural optimization and connotation growth of the relevant industries and industries, to the formation of their own complete industrial chain, and Take the new economic high point and form a new engine of economic development. The faster and more perfect the industrialization of the blockchain itself, the higher the degree of blockchain optimization and reconstruction of the entire economic system, and the more obvious the blockchain's leading role in economic development.

When the Central Political Bureau collectively studied, General Secretary Xi Jinping also pointed out that it is necessary to promote the deep integration of blockchain and real economy ; to explore the innovation of digital economy model by using blockchain technology; to explore the application of "blockchain+" in the field of people's livelihood It is necessary to promote the combination of the underlying technical services of blockchain and the construction of new smart cities; it is necessary to use blockchain technology to promote greater interoperability between cities in terms of information, capital, talents, and credit information; to explore the use of blockchains The data sharing mode enables the government data to be maintained and utilized across departments and regions to promote business collaboration. The implementation of the requirements of the General Secretary does not only depend on the individual breakthrough of blockchain technology, but also requires the rapid improvement and coordinated development of the entire blockchain industry to promote greater innovation in the industry!

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