Ling listening | Xi Jinping said blockchain within 24 hours, I saw the calm and crazy

24 hours ago, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, delivered an important speech on the blockchain. He emphasized that we should use the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

This is the first time that the top leaders of the country have elaborated on the blockchain. The headline of the People’s Daily published a news headline, and the news broadcast broadcasted nearly six minutes of special reports. China’s high-level attention to this emerging technology has never been seen before. The news came like a blockbuster bombing, and the industry that was originally calm and underpowered suddenly boiled up.

As soon as the news came out, the market sentiment soared immediately. In the past 24 hours, the price of Bitcoin has soared from about 7,200 US dollars to about 10,300 US dollars, and the highest single-day increase of over 40% has created the highest single-day increase in recent years, and other currencies have also risen sharply. The latest data provided by the security company to the Ling listening blockchain (Public ID: lingtingqkl) shows that in the past 24 hours, the number of trading addresses on the Bitcoin chain has increased by 27% from the previous day.

As soon as the news came out, senior practitioners commented on it; some teams organized the leadership speech at the first time; some made Mr. Xi’s speech into a mind map, and dismantled one by one, and learned from each other; The work will read the full text of President Xi’s speech aloud; a larger part is thinking about how to catch up with this megatrend and let him be with the cycle and the wind.

In the past 24 hours, we have sent news, group topics, seminars, and exchanges in various communities. As a chief editor of blockchain media, various voices have come together. The following three real stories are my personal experiences of the past 24 hours. I saw excitement and fanaticism and saw calmness and ridicule. Some things are dying and some are growing.

Investors: "This is a potent agent, the opportunity to make money comes"

Mr. A is a core fan of Babbitt. He often spends his own digital currency trading bills in the Babbitt fan base, occasionally predicts buying and selling points, and he is also trying to learn about blockchain and digital currency.

Last month, he sent in the group: "A person watching the K line in the seaside house is a bit boring." The following quoted a neat message: Big beggars to fly.

Today I asked him: Xi Da delivered a speech yesterday, what do you feel?

"This is a potent agent, and the opportunity to make money comes."

He further said that as an investor who is not very knowledgeable about blockchain technology, the leadership speech covers a wide range, not only involves practical applications, but also involves the huge push of blockchain technology in the field of digital finance. A dose of cardiotonic agent.

Today, he recovered all the previous losses and had a slight surplus. However, due to imperfect exchange system, multiple occurrences of chucks, slippage, and even the fact that prices have not been updated in real time, missed high selling opportunities.

"If you are in the market, you are bullish on the market. But after all, you have just experienced a wave of baptism in the bear market. The enthusiasm has not been fully activated. At the same time, it will reflect on the lessons of the lost foot and thus include a rationality in the enthusiasm."

In the Babbit forum, a larger number of digital currency investors have ran their own transcripts, and there are many people who have 10 times and 20 times the futures. Of course, there are also those who are short-selling.

Dachang practitioners: "The cooperation that was previously unmovable has taken the initiative to find us."

Mr. B is a good friend of mine. He works in the blockchain department of a large company, helping blockchain products to be applied in various industries. He usually contacts many partners, especially he prefers to deal with traditional enterprises. “Because traditional enterprises have many places with fragmented value, it is urgent to transform the blockchain technology.”

At half past two in the afternoon, he sent me a message: "I care about the editor-in-chief of the soup. I am very busy to let you fly. Don't be too aggressive. "

Then he secretly told me that from last night to the present, many of the previous unsuccessful cooperations have taken the initiative to find them, and have accelerated the progress of cooperation.

“Before I went to talk about blockchains for people in traditional enterprises, I had to start with the most basic concepts. After I finished speaking, many people’s reactions were: Oh, it seems to be very powerful, but we still have to wait and see. And today, obviously It’s a very good signal that they pushed us away. We are doing our basic work and waiting for the industrial blockchain to shine.”

Academia: "A lot of people look for me in the morning."

Early this morning, Mr. C was woken up by many calls. The government, scientific research institutions, universities and other people called him: "Brother, the opportunity is finally here!"

He is a technical background of Dr. Haigui, following the mentor to do some Chinese and foreign technical and academic resources docking and government projects.

Early in the morning, a government official from an inland city called him:

"Last year, we called everywhere, and others were questioning. It was also questioned when I was doing roadshows yesterday. Today, the situation is different. Let's do some reporting materials quickly, I will report to the government and get government funding. Support. Because the next year, the capital market and investment and financing circle must be the world of blockchain. We need you very much, you will give me a plan."

My friend, Mr. C, is working on a plan all day.

He finally told me: "Maybe, this time, some changes are happening quietly."

The above three small clips are my real experiences in the past 24 hours. They represent the voices of different subjects. Just as my article was about to end, a friend who had made an equity investment sent a message asking me how to open an account.

After answering his questions, I looked through several high-quality technical groups represented by "Babbit columnist group", "Beijing Digital Economy Corporation" and "blockchain service entity discussion group". The following questions: How much is Xi Da’s relationship with Libra this time? How to play centralization and decentralization? Is Bitcoin a huge threat to existing financial power? Is Bitcoin the value storage standard or the means of payment? And how China is leading this wave.

At this moment, some of my media colleagues are keeping a close eye on the market, some are preparing feature articles, and some are preparing some blockchain courses to prepare for the upcoming future.

In the big trend, everyone is looking for their own position. Whether it is a gust of wind or a valuable future, time will give an answer.

"Lingying Blockchain" is the first blockchain business observation column of the whole network. It is edited by Babbitt. Chinese journalism winner Tang Xialing and the team have built a heavy team to talk about industry figures, focus on key topics, and keep a copy of the blockchain. Historical draft. Pay attention to the public number: Ling listening blockchain (ID: lingtingqkl) to view all the articles.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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