Interesting in the blockchain chain nominal fraud, micro-business assistance, when will collapse?

Originally thought that the low-level scam of the fun step will disappear in a short time, but the humanity is profitable, but let it go to false prosperity. Especially in the main health campaign, under the circumstances of the blockchain empowerment and the micro-business model, some people with cognitive bias are deeply immersed in it, and when the crash occurs, there may be no return. The author is fair and objective. The attitude is officially a more detailed interpretation of the fun step, please also pay attention!

In the name of a blockchain

According to relevant documents, the interest of the main blockchain + sports big data, the use of technical means to advocate the national movement, to solve the current public movement without stimulation, no power point and other issues, different users in different time and place to produce different and unique Motion information, the unique information generated by the block, using the workload consensus mechanism, through the calculation of node movement (step) to reward the fun of candy, the total amount of 1 billion.

In fact, this career for the public health "thinking", even the official website of the right and the eight classics, can find the relevant links to induce registration, to say blockchain technology, there is no relevant introduction, perhaps like The "advocacy of the national movement" is stuck in the slogan.

If the fun step is exactly what it says, the only piece of sports information is generated by the block, then the most important thing is not these, but the distribution of the fun candy should also be on the chain, in the blockchain "open, transparent The principle of anti-cheating should also publicize the number of interesting teas. At the very least, the relevant Token should be issued at Ethereum to solve the trust problem. (Some people say that there is on the app, the numbers there are changed casually)

Without the deposit of blockchain technology, it means that candy can be released indefinitely, or it is not issued according to the rules. Everything is in the hands of the project party, and the project party can completely control the rhythm of the crash.

Micro-business assistance

In fact, there is not much difference between the fun step and other sports step counts. The only difference is that the fun step is integrated into the play of the fund.

In the fun step app, there are three ways to get a fun candy. 1, selling coolies, really going to exercise, can get a small amount of candy, but in the earliest income is good; 2, simple violence to buy candy in a recharge manner, then use candy to exchange different levels of reels, enjoy the whole Dividends for online transactions (high transaction fees); 3, invite those who are willing to recharge, enjoy the membership level, and lower the handling fee.

Of course, the most vigilant thing about the average person is that if you only trade, you will have a lot of doubts. The most real thing is that candy can really buy things, so Weishang has played a role in this, they promote this high-yield to merchants. The software allows the merchant to participate in the play of the fund, add "value" to the candy, and then use this information to publicize to the public.

All of these need only one step, you can let the fun step fund officially play, that is, there is a channel for candy exchange currency, namely RMB, this channel can be directly provided by the fun step app, or it can be realized in a small exchange. Outside the transaction, the fun step chose the two, at this point, the fun step will play again in the similar routine of the Fire Bull app last year.

When did it collapse?

Such a fund that is full of huge profits in the early stage is destined to collapse, so when will there be a collapse? According to the past practice, the collapse is divided into two types, one is mandatory collapse, and the other is spontaneous abortion.

The mandatory collapse is mainly due to regulatory pressure. We can clearly feel that this year, the country's financial scam is zero-tolerance and resolutely banned, then this level of CX-style funding disk may have been targeted, as long as the relevant interest-transfer groups are locked, they will immediately take the net. People will spit out illegal gains, and those who cannot spit out will face pressure from imprisonment.

Natural abortion, mainly the fund plate naturally collapsed. What we can see is that the real sports and the benefits of the invitation are the proceeds from the top-up distribution of the entire interest network (that is, the distribution of fees formed by the purchase of the recharge). When the price of the candy is too high, the entire network is recharged. When the kinetic energy of candy is insufficient, there will be no source of income for the whole network. The income of all people will fall. This will cause the recharge to make ends meet, forming a vicious circle, selling at a low price, and the funds will collapse, and then the rechargers will not return. And the platform collects fees through the handling of fees.

To sum up, the fun step belongs to the fund-playing game. Whether it is from the policy or the pressure of the fund disk itself, it is unsustainable. The crash is imminent. I hope that you will be alert to the risks and not fall into the trap of recharge, resulting in no loss!

Author 丨莱道君

Source 丨莱道 blockchain (laidaoblockchain)

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