Bystack's first launch will be the best development opportunity for the Belt and Road than the original chain.

Familiar with the original chain, it is derived from its founder, Chang Yu, as a science fiction writer, but committed to the tide of entrepreneurship. Many authors are sitting and talking about it. There are few people who can walk and walk, and the actions of Changchun have made many people who can't be cared for, and they have several approvals and concerns. Invisible in Changchun, it has become a model for literati to go to sea. It also affects countless expectations than the original chain, and becomes a project with specimen meaning.

The positioning of the original chain is very simple, that is, the asset is on the chain, let the atomic world enter the bit world, create diversified assets and programmable economy. According to the common terminology of the Internet, this is a small and beautiful project, and the small refers only to the vertical of the industry. An illusory novelist, the entrepreneurial project he is engaged in is so close to reality that he is committed to solving the pain points of the digital economy in the future. There is no romantic atmosphere for the literati. Feng Qingping is studying the relevant materials, and the rich dimensions of his personality are even difficult to understand.


First, the advantage of the original chain

At the beginning of the establishment of the original chain, it strengthened the choice of the POW consensus mechanism, and reformed it to become friendly to the AI ​​ASIC chip. This change has far-reaching effects and can be called the Matthew of the POW Consensus Miner.

We know that in the investment of POW miners, the mining machine is the main investment cost, and the grim situation of the arms race makes the upgrading of the mining machine very fast. Once upgraded, the old mining machine that has been invested means scrapping, than the original chain. This kind of friendliness offers another possibility for scrapped mining machines, which can be used for AI calculations during or after decommissioning. This greatly reduces the investment risk of the miners, and also lowers the threshold than the original chain nodes, and the computing power of the nodes is the basic security barrier of the network.

On May 15th, the Bestack Blockchain Open Platform, the world's first major multi-sided architecture BUTXO model, was launched in the world at the Babel's Global Summit in Babbitt.

This is an epic moment for the original chain. Because this means that the engineering innovation work than the original chain is basically ready, everything is only owed to the east wind, and this east wind is the openness of supervision. Although the technology is very boring, this time, Feng Qingping insists that it is necessary to first understand the uniqueness of the open platform of the Bystack blockchain, which is the biggest strategy in the 2019 and the foundation of the future 20 years. At the office.

In the original words of the white paper, Bystack is a business solution for Bytom. Bytom is equivalent to a bare engine, Bystack is a car, and Bystack is not a side chain. It is a Baas platform that includes the main side chain and is a component of Bytom+Vapor+.

This text tells us that Bystack is the execution path of Bytom's great ideal, and the creation of Bystack can make Bytom's dream come into reality. In other words, whether Bytom can land depends on Bystack. The difficult task is tied to one.

This requires Bystack to be strong enough and excellent to stand out in the many underlying public chains. So, where is its technology reflected?

All along, the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain industry is the first-principle problem that plagues the development of the industry. Around the cracking of this problem, many projects represented by numerous solutions have also been born. Under the premise that the security corner cannot be sacrificed, Chang Yu believes that it is impossible to simplify the triangle into a binary paradox of decentralization and performance problems.

Among all kinds of consensus mechanisms, Feng Qingping firmly believes that the law of conservation of energy applies to any field, and the cost lost here will certainly be transformed into the income of another field. Although the POW consensus mechanism faces a lot of blame, it still cannot shake the strong advantage that fairness and trust are based on machines that are far from human nature.

Therefore, for the POS consensus mechanism of simple variants, Feng Qingping still maintains skepticism, because history has repeatedly proved that trust is based on a system that relies on human nature. Without perfection, there will always be shortcomings or loopholes that allow interested parties to Take advantage of it and eventually destroy the entire building like a termite.

What we need is a more complex and reliable consensus mechanism. The POW+POS consensus mechanism, Feng Qingping believes that it is an ideal and compromise option.

Using the POW consensus mechanism to create a non-licensed consensus environment, responsible for issuing and destroying assets, and guaranteeing decentralization, is the basis for the security of transactions and the irreparable modification of data. Use POS and its various consensus mechanisms to solve performance problems, thus achieving large-scale commercial applications. As for the various BFT consensus mechanisms, as the POS mutation, it is nothing more than incorporating randomness into it. Under the POS consensus mechanism that is easy to form a fixed force, it is extremely important to increase randomness and generate liquidity. Combining different needs, different BFT consensus mechanisms will be generated. Bystack chooses the derived consensus BBFT based on PBFT. The main purpose is to solve the expansion problem caused by the communication complexity that PBFT can't solve.

Between the side chain and the side chain, between the side chain and the main chain, not only the flow of transactions, but also the flow of information, it is necessary to solve the bottleneck of communication.

In terms of consensus mechanism, Bystack chose Layer1, which is the PW-based consensus mechanism of the chain, and the Layer 2 model selected by other types of consensus mechanisms in the side chain. The division of labor between the main chain and the side chain is clear, but the characteristics and advantages are also obvious. The advantage is that the side chain with superior execution capability operates independently, and failure of any one side chain does not affect the main chain or other side chains.

This combination of ideas is not the first of the original chain. Everything that happens in the Bitcoin ecosystem, such as the LN network, is also the representative of this choice. Decred is also the same type of attempt at the consensus level. Layering the blockchain network is also an ongoing practice for many projects, such as Cardano, Nervos, etc.

The first innovation of the original chain lies in the fact that this combination of ideas takes the lead and becomes a practical operation. In Feng Qingping's view, this combination of ideas is similar to China's philosophy of the circle, that is, the inner circle of the outer circle, using the POW consensus mechanism to adhere to the principle, maintaining security, using the POS extremely derivative mechanism to expand the application and accelerate the landing.

In Bystack, a side chain Vapor is also introduced than the original chain foundation, which can be regarded as an experimental area of ​​its own. The main chain and the side chain provide a transmission channel through the Federation interaction protocol. Between the main chain and other self-defined side chains, the Blockcenter mid-station consisting of access components including Bycoin, Byone, and Bystore provides relay.

As the core system of the entire blockchain enterprise service platform, Blockcenter expands the underlying main sidechain capabilities on the one hand, and abstracts the underlying blockchain technology on the other hand to provide a typical application development framework, while also providing maintenance, monitoring and upgrades. Necessary ability.

The relay node provides the function of cross-chain. At present, the relay is still characterized by centralization. In the future, it will face centralized trust dependency and high performance bottleneck caused by high concurrency, but according to the original chain CTO Lang Yu The explanation, the team is not limited to this, is still studying the main side chain interaction mechanism of trust, such as through bulletproof or lightning network, we will wait and see.

After the launch of Bystack than the original chain, from the engineering point of view, the basic engineering project is basically completed, from the technical point of view, all kinds of landing applications can be settled, convenient and quick selection of modules, custom release of their own bit assets and The main chain and other side chains are free to circulate. Since then, the original chain has been upgraded to a platform that not only sends money, but also can be chained. The atomic world opens to the door of the bit world.


Second, the investment perspective of the original chain

In talking about the advantages of Bystack, Chang Yu emphasized four points: self-controllable, national secret standards, open architecture and dual consideration.

Self-controllable mainly highlights the risk of export control in the context of trade wars, and there is no risk that Huawei phones are not required to use Google Android.

The national secret standard is mainly to comply with code compatibility and compliance under the Chinese market.

The open architecture has been discussed above, and the main connotation is a combination mode of one main and multiple sides.

The dual considerations mainly refer to the innovative actions at the level of consensus, which have also been discussed.

Through these, we can see that the future layout direction and strategic location of the original chain are summarized in one sentence. The Chinese market is the main battlefield than the original chain, and it is committed to becoming the famous decent of the blockchain industry. The most compliant asset-winding project in the country.

This is its advantage, as well as its ceiling, which needs to be viewed dialectically.

We know that under the current international situation, the rise of China has caused anxiety in the United States. The confrontation between China and the United States is not a diplomatic event that is easily brokered. It will be reflected in the chip, the Internet, the operating system, 5G, and the future includes the bottom of the blockchain. The science and technology of infrastructure is comprehensively confronted and in the game. According to Thucydides, this is an insurmountable struggle between old and new forces. Even the trigger of various third-party forces may be accidentally dragged into the war.

Then in the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain, the public chain is one of the most important areas. As the world's top two economies, the Sino-US market will inevitably produce the world's largest blockchain entrepreneurship project. With the support of this development contradiction, there will be a blockchain underlying public chain project supported by the national forces. The global opening of the cracked soil, the determination of the male and female, the block chain of the glade field, just kicked off.

Feng Qingping believes that the choice of the blockchain from the original chain includes the following meanings.

First of all, the Chinese market is preferred over the original chain, rather than prioritizing internationalization, choosing the US or European market or the Southeast Asian market. This choice, combined with the advantage of Zhejiang in the original chain, will inevitably take the lead in covering the Chinese market in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, which is leading the economy, and then infiltrate into other parts of the country.

Compared with the original chain, it is characterized by high compliance and easy to establish close relationship with the government. It means that it will obtain higher policy resources and support in the future. Just like ONT and NEO, it will be highly probable to obtain development in the Chinese market. machine.

However, this also means that because of this kind of cooperation with the government, it will lead to being brought to China, unpopular overseas, and become the centralized underlying public chain that is criticized. The expansion of its overseas market is quite difficult.

The combination of two points means that the original chain may become the bottom chain of the blockchain of the national brand, the bitcoin without the ball size and the grand global market of Ethereum. However, due to the convenience of its light car, it may reduce the landing. The risk is the first to win the development opportunities, but also to avoid the danger of survival.

Secondly, in the context that domestic supervision has not yet opened, the advantages over the original chain are still not able to be used on a large scale. At present, the areas that can only engage in internal circulation than the original chain, such as points, games, contracts, etc., originally flowed in the virtual world. It does not involve offline, it is easier to avoid policy risks.

This status quo means that a large-scale outbreak than the original chain needs to take time to see that many investors in the chain node community can't wait to see each other. It is also due to the lack of awareness, the current state, lack of support, It is impossible to get out of the independent market than the original chain.

For an investment than the original chain, it is patience.

Finally, combined with the positioning and development strategy design of the original chain, we can see that once the policy is launched, the energy explosion that is thicker than the original chain will be amazing. China's huge market volume will certainly give birth to some blockchain industry. Ba, there is a big chance than the original chain.

However, if you want to expand the international market than the original chain, if you combine China's strategic national policy, the road to the sea, the two lines of the Belt and Road, the depth of the layout, become the air force part of the road and all the way, may accelerate its The dominant strategy of internationalization is conducive to improving the economic volume of its network.

In this sense, the starting point of the original chain lies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The development is in the domestic market. The opportunity to take off is whether it can grasp the international advantages brought by the Belt and Road .

The Belt and Road Initiative requires the integration of the digital economy, and the involvement and deforestation of the underlying public chain, such as the highly compliant chain, will create a promising market space for such underlying public chains.

Bystack's launch, announced that the original chain entered the grounding phase of the grounding gas, embraced the new era than the original chain, and also eagerly cheered and waited for the arrival of a new era. The beginning of the lotus flower, the heart-throbing, the viewers like the cloud, behind the smashing of the fragrant Fanghua, is the long-term loneliness waiting and the deep efforts of rooting. The current ratio of the original chain, only the book, choose to be the water lily floating in the eyes of Professor Wang Mingfu.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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