July 18th madman market analysis: the currency circle is still in the state of survival, brave people eat big meat industry

Analysis of the madman market on July 18: The currency circle is still in a state of survival. The brave person eats the meat industry.

Market analysis

Libra’s business has come to an end, and the market’s sentiment has been released a lot. It’s good to be bad. From the daily line of Bitcoin yesterday, we can see that we have received a heavy volume. Today, although the overall rebound is weak. However, the short-term shorts are beginning to be weak. The 9700 line has played a supporting role. Therefore, the short-term currency price will fluctuate within the gap of 9700-10200. After a period of shock, Bitcoin has the opportunity to re-attack 11000. Pressure position, so before the nesting, this position does not need to cut the meat, wait patiently.

Even if the position of Bitcoin falls below 9000 again, the probability of heavy volume is not very large, so it is a good rebound opportunity in the short term.

In the big trend, the trend is still adjusted, but the decline will not happen overnight, but after repeated long-term bargain-hunting, it will gradually fall back.


V God has developed a relay registration burning mechanism to solve the privacy problem in the Ethereum chain. The problem of the ether is mainly that the annual circulation is relatively large, unlike Bitcoin, which is in a state of deflation, so there are more in the Ethereum chain. The way of destruction can solve the fundamental pain point. Today, the ether has rebounded with Bitcoin, and the market is expected to return to the 5-day line.


The fall is also boring, the bomb is also boring, Facebook has not passed, he did not rise, or is too weak, the market outlook is still weak linkage.


The bulls have made a strong force yesterday, and today they have fallen back. It is obvious that the two consecutive Yangxian lines have been sharply heavy, indicating that the fund-raising funds are very fierce. This round is expected to become a rebound pioneer.


A plate of scattered sand, when the fall, panic rushed out, there is no strength when rebounding, the typical retailer sitting in the village, because most retail investors are still in fear, how dare to pick up the knife. So EOS can only run behind the big brother's ass.


Weak, the chassis is insufficient, and the linkage rebounds.


Not much movement, there is no independent market in the short term, and the linkage is the main one.

The platform currency only BNB rebounded strongly, and the others did not keep up, indicating that the market is not very optimistic about the overall trend of the market outlook.

During the shock period, we will throw high and low sucks. After all, the short-term decline is huge, and the market as a whole still has rebound demand. After the rebound, we will reduce the position.

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