Ma Qianli, Vice President of Wuzhen Babbitt: The "Product" Thought of Industrial Blockchain

On November 8th, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt was officially opened. The conference gathered more than 100 global blockchains, digital assets, AI, 5G experts and scholars, and technical geeks. Opinion leaders and founders of popular projects, with the theme of “application unbounded”, explored the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues, and promoted blockchain technology and industrial innovation. (Conference live broadcast link: )

Mr. Ma Qianli, Vice President of Babbitt, delivered a keynote speech on "Industry Blockchain "Products" Thoughts.

Ma Qianli believes that the product idea of ​​the industrial blockchain is simply how to cooperate with traditional enterprises or governments to do blockchain projects. In the practice of blockchain product ideas, it is necessary to explain the blockchain in a way that the industrial blockchain can understand. In other words, the blockchain is actually a governance model. Analogy to the industry, the company dispatches workers and machines to produce goods through the governance model, and the government uses the governance model to dispatch people to realize production, life and people's livelihood. For the governance scenario of blockchain, Ma Qianli takes waste sorting as an example and elaborates from the macro, meso and micro perspectives. At the same time, Babbitt recently released the industrial blockchain section, through the open training system, open incubator and open ByStack platform, in-depth layout of the industrial blockchain.

The following is the full text of the speech, Babbitt finishing:

The topic I shared with you today is "The "Product" Thought of the Industrial Blockchain". This topic has been thought for a long time. In fact, it is very simple, that is, how to cooperate with traditional enterprises or governments to do blockchain. Because I know a lot of people from traditional companies, they are blind when they encounter the blockchain, so we have to give them a new perspective to understand the blockchain.

Why is it for us? Very simple, because we are involved in too many blockchain projects, and we are now involved in the provincial standards of the blockchain, for example, we are involved in the "Government Data Blockchain Application Standards", "Based on Blockchain Technology" The Identity Certification Service Standard, the former together with China Mobile, the latter and the Zhejiang Digital Economy Association, these standards are specific standards for very high specific application areas. At the same time, we have also done some underlying systems of blockchains in some cities in Zhejiang Province. These underlying systems are currently in operation and have already ran 600 blocks. This should also be the most run block in the urban blockchain. . At the same time, we also did some work on blockchain number certificate, CA deposit certificate system, etc. Finally, we would like to share with you the case we did in Wuzhen.

Product Idea: Interpret the blockchain in an understandable way

The product idea is very simple, that is, we have to explain the blockchain in a way that the industrial blockchain can understand. In fact, the blockchain is actually a governance model for the industrial blockchain. What is the governance model? For example, the current government, in fact, it is to guide people's production and life through the governance model. For example, the company actually uses the governance model to mobilize employees, mobilize machines to produce goods, and create profits. They all use the governance model to do things. Blockchain is essentially a model. Let's take the Bitcoin blockchain as an example. In fact, the Bitcoin blockchain dispatches global computing power and then implements the process of value transfer. I looked at the energy of the current dispatching power of the Bitcoin blockchain yesterday, which is 91EH/s. This computing power may seem to have little feeling for the blockchain practitioners, which is a bit numb. But in fact, human history has never had such a large-scale computing mobilization behavior, and this mobilization behavior is to accomplish one thing. EH, its unit level is above two orders of magnitude for T, so it is a very large order of magnitude behavior. In contrast, Ethereum also implements smart contracts through scheduling power. Although its computing power is still two orders of magnitude worse than Bitcoin, it is also a more forward-looking shift of bitcoin to value. The item that is characteristic is turned into a project that is utilized as a project by smart contract.

If we don't understand the blockchain as a governance model, we can understand the blockchain in another way, and there may be many problems. Because many of the blockchain project practitioners told me that they talked to the industry, they understood the blockchain as a technology. If you understand the technology, he sees the project side and tells him if there is any need for distributed storage in your scene. If you don't need distributed storage, you only have one database, you don't seem to need a blockchain; if you have distributed storage, you don't need multi-party data to write? If you only need a single body to write data, then the blockchain does not seem to be suitable for you; if you need both storage and multi-party data writing, then the data you store is not so valuable, is not to be tampering. He cut down the funnel layer by layer, and we found that there is no field to use the blockchain project. Even digital currency projects like banks can do it without the blockchain. In fact, this method, which we call the funnel-style subtraction, is a traditional product idea of ​​a product manager. The path of this method will become narrower and narrower, although it seems to be very smart.

Based on the blockchain-based product manager, his thinking is very different. He is thinking about whether greater synergy can be established in our scenario. Originally, the synergy only has you and me, and then I can combine more institutions, which forms a greater scope of synergy. For example, many supply chain financial systems, in fact, are involved in the core enterprises and banks, various upstream and downstream participants, then I have established greater synergy.

Can I use the machine to trust? Just talked about the Ethereum smart contract. In fact, it is a kind of communication between machine and machine, and then use code instead of artificial execution to achieve a more thorough and safer execution.

Still others are considering whether they can retain more credit? My current data, is the stored credit insufficient? If I use the accumulated credit in the blockchain, can I use it for more purposes for a long time? This is a way to do addition, and then our product ideas will become wider and wider, and your blockchain application will be more and more rich. This is another way of thinking for us. It is the idea of ​​doing addition.

There are also some centralized organizations, companies and banks. They all ask me, "We are a core enterprise. We are a central organization. Why do we have a blockchain to subvert ourselves? It seems that we have decentralized ourselves." In fact, decentralization or distribution in our eyes is only a means. Let's take a simple example. If Libra is made, let's think about the degree of centralization of Facebook will be reduced? Obviously not. If Facebook can make Libra, its centralization will be greatly enhanced. In fact, centralized and decentralized governance models can be adopted. Centralized organizations can strengthen their centralization in a decentralized way. Centralized organizations can strengthen their centers in a decentralized way. And vice versa. You can appreciate this.

Product Practice: How Blockchains Are Used in Urban Governance

If we understand the blockchain as a governance model, we must understand why it can dispatch so many groups to do such things together.

Next, I want to share the practice for you. This practice is the real application of our current landing in Wuzhen.

The touchstone for testing urban governance is the ability to deal with dirt, such as the ability to treat wastewater. We often read the news that some places have blocked the sewers and even drowned some vehicles. There is also a waste. In fact, waste is more difficult to treat than wastewater. Because of the waste water, if you build the infrastructure, it will be discharged automatically, but the waste can only be considered transported. This is a very serious matter. You can see the picture on the right. This is a screenshot of the “garbage siege” in the previous two years. At present, we can search for “garbage run”. We found that each city has basically been surrounded by garbage.

Searching for news, you will find that there are a lot of problems and problems in this scene. Some of the behavior of dumping garbage across regions. For example, I am a transport vehicle. I transport garbage from Wuzhen and transport it out. I transport it to Wenzhou. If I transport to Wenzhou, the cost of a car may be one thousand yuan. If I am dumped in the middle of the road, it is not that the cost has become five hundred or even two hundred. There is also the behavior of my garbage disposal involving different places. For example, I am now in Wuzhen, but the garbage I transported is precisely in a small place in Wenzhou. The government systems in these two places simply cannot work. There will be problems with regulation, and these things are actually caused by imperfect governance models.

We are currently doing this kind of thing, that is, the environmental protection department of Wuzhen, and the environmental protection departments of other places, as well as the various links in the middle, the garbage generation, the processing institutions, and the transporters are all placed on the chain. . Garbage is transported from me, I can sign it on it, use the blockchain to record my credit, and all the nodes can see it. What will happen to this? If my garbage is not transported to the destination, but our transporter has confirmed it, the regulator can find that there is a problem. There is always a phenomenon that cannot be confirmed during transportation here. If there is a problem, I can immediately trace the responsibility of the relevant department, which is a matter of dealing with the coordination.

Picture 1

This is an interface, you can easily see the block data structure of the entire blockchain, you can see the normal operation of each node. Further, we can see the situation of each batch of garbage in mine. I can open each batch of garbage in one point. After clicking it, I can go through the corresponding operation and processing, and then realize such a Governance situation.

But these are not enough, because we just said that the blockchain is a governance model, it is not only in the dispatcher, but in fact it is better at scheduling a machine. The traditional account system is inherently human-based. For example, if you go to the bank to open a household, you must also have a real-name certification for a card. All systems are based on people. But the blockchain system is based on public and private keys, it is object-based, so it is more suitable for scheduling a device, is an IoT device.

Picture 2

You can see this picture. There is one person on this picture. It is me who draws a red circle. I put a chip in the garbage heap. This chip is actually a GPS-modified hardware system. Then I mix it in, I can dye this batch of garbage, you can know what the humidity of the garbage is, what the position is, and then whether the purpose of its arrival has arrived.

Picture 3

We will further open this interface, we will find that we can see real-time, just like our home express, we can see where it is, this is an Internet of Things way to strengthen the entire garbage management system.

Through the people and things, a guarantee system can work normally. This is a small practice that we are currently landing in Wuzhen. It is expected that this thing will be released at the end of this month. I can only show you a simple demo now.

In fact, this is only a small step in the scene. The use of blockchains for garbage collection is actually a function of the function of the blockchain after castration. First of all, its chain is a partial chain. It has only a few nodes, and its processing is very simple. In fact, what makes the future a better thing is to combine the blockchain with the citizen's credit.

Some time ago, Qingdao released the public chain. The idea is very good. That is, we put every citizen's information on the chain. If the citizen is a person who likes to do garbage sorting and recycling, he is a keen on As a public welfare person, he can accumulate points on the blockchain, so that the government can actively provide various services to the public based on this point. Originally, I ran to the government for a variety of services. Now, because of the establishment of a blockchain credit system, the government can take the initiative to run the door and go to the needs of the citizens to target Doing a variety of services, this is a more macro scene.

In fact, from a meso perspective, waste separation and recycling is a low value-added thing. Its main body is definitely the government. The government must strengthen supervision to do such a thing. The more interesting part is the traceable financial asset trading. We are currently doing this with some local financial assets. In fact, it is a higher value-added thing. Everyone sees the current P2P running event, essentially because of buying. What is the corresponding asset behind P2P, but in the blockchain system, we can split the assets into very fine granularity, so that you can buy which asset you buy, you can know what the corresponding target is. In this case, even if P2P runs, your node data, your information data is still there, we can also trace the source to find the evil person. This is the middle level. In fact, there are still many applications at the micro level. This is a total of 16 specific applications put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping in his speech:

(1) Three items of the real economy: Difficulties in financing loans for SMEs, difficulties in controlling banks, and difficulties in departmental supervision. (2) 9 items of people's livelihood: education, employment, pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare, social assistance. (3) 4 smart cities: information infrastructure, smart transportation, energy and electricity; inter-city connectivity, including government data sharing and running at most.

In fact, every link is a big scene, we can all expand and use the blockchain governance model to transform it.

With an open system, the layout of industrial blockchain

Finally, we will release the industrial blockchain section for everyone. We already have the layout of the industrial blockchain on our website. In fact, we have established an open training system. Our training system is not only our own teachers here, but also all kinds of people in the society. The people of insight combine and share one with you. At present, the total number of trainees has exceeded 10,000. This is a very large training system, and there are a lot of government-oriented and biased B-side training systems. At the same time, we also have an open incubator, which is about 300 square meters. There is a building next to Wuzhen Scenic Area. The second floor of the whole building is used for hatching. If you want to stay in Wuzhen, you can find us.

Finally, there is one more important thing. We are the release of the open ByStack platform. ByStack is a multi-sided architecture. We know that there is a classic theory called "impossible triangle" theory, which says that it is difficult to achieve efficiency, safety, decentralization, etc. in the blockchain system. But through a multi-sided architecture, we can take care of these things, ensure its decentralization and security in the main chain, and realize various applications in the side chain, including the application of Wuzhen is also a side chain application. The combination of many side chains will make the blockchain more scalable and richer.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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