Market Analysis: Wind direction is abrupt, bitcoin is likely to fall in the short term as the main theme

People always like to find reasons when they fail, and they know the lessons and lessons, but is this really the case? The currency market has experienced countless rounds of rising and falling. I don’t know if you have any useful experience in it. Does a wallet really have such a big lethality? I don't deny that a wallet will have a certain impact on the market, and it may enlarge the space of falling. If it is really a panic-stricken decline, I think the market will not kill C waves, and 94 is not fast. Pull back, 12 years of plasticizer incident, Maotai fell to 65 yuan, and now Maotai is around 1000, during the period, there are a lot of dividends every year. I don't think that the decline is caused by a wallet, but by some recent larger events. As we mentioned in the previous analysis, the risk appetite of the mainstream capital market of A. The capital under the logic will be suppressed, the direct regulation of gold will open lower, and Bitcoin will naturally not be able to stay out of the way. I am afraid that the decline will be the main theme in the short term.


In recent days, we have been reminding of the risks associated with Bitcoin. Although there are some rhythms in the middle, we are not completely correct, but the overall direction is still running as we predicted. After the BTC continues to fluctuate sideways, it once again chooses to break down. I personally think that the rebound of the B wave is over, and the C wave will be turned off. The C wave generally has the main drop support. According to the minimum drop of C wave and A wave, the BTC also needs to fall to around 9,000 USD. This point may stop falling, or the $12,800 in the target's direct volume station will once again challenge the rebound high of $13,968, but the possibility is getting smaller.


Even if ETH is good for support, it can't stop the strong selling. Before we also expect the important pressure point of 320 US dollars will not be effectively broken, or maintain the trend of ABC's downswing, it will further explore the support, due to BTC's C wave. We are in accordance with the support level of 1:1 equal to A wave calculation, then the trend of ETH is obviously weaker than BTC. If we calculate according to 1.318 times, it is just around 225 US dollars, and some support can be formed near this point.


The day before yesterday, I participated in the rebound. Yesterday, I was all smothered. It is still the same sentence. These goods are not reasonable. They are all fighting each other. It’s like a loose sand. Yesterday we mentioned in the analysis that although LTC has already reversed the package, The roots of the Yangyang line, but the volume is slightly lacking, is currently facing the pressure of 140 US dollars, this point can be a new high, but must be heavy, it is difficult to form an effective breakthrough without heavy volume, then the target will continue to open the bottom The road, observe the support strength around 100 US dollars, if you do a double bottom here, it will block the space of 5 waves falling, 5 waves are not innovative low, it will fail, but the target is immediately favorable to cash the suspect .


BNB fell sharply yesterday. It is currently in the vicinity of the lower track of the flag-shaped finishing channel. There is a risk of breaking the position. Now there are two kinds of trends in the target. One is the kind I painted yesterday, and I continue to run back into orbit. One is the one I painted today. The big Yinxian of the target directly fell below the support of $32.5. The lower limit of the $30 mark is very close. I think the target is likely to test this support. If you once again stabilize the position and return to the track line, continue to operate according to the first situation. If you can't reverse the station and return to the track line after the completion of the test, the real down mode will be turned on, so you can leave the market after falling below 30 dollars. Wait and see.

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