What are we afraid of when the cryptocurrency market falls?

After a lot of observation, the great philosopher of Scotland, Hume, thought that "intellect can't beat emotions" because reason is always a slave to emotion.

Pascal, the most admired Western philosopher of Caesar, did a thought experiment. The lab put a piece of wood wide enough to face. You ran from this head to the other side, and the foot would not touch the ground, but if This piece of wood is placed between two cliffs. Almost no one dares to go. Even if he does not dare to move forward, he will feel that he may fall into the abyss at any time.

Pascal uses this example to illustrate that human reason is very powerless in the face of emotions – reason has clearly told you that "there is no danger at all, it is impossible to run down on it," but why don't we even move slowly? What?

Probably the power of fear dominates our body, and the power of fear has always been omnipresent.

As a negative energy in human emotions, fear always dominates our behavior: when you are depressed because of your fear, when you are jealous, there is space behind it, and of course there is fear behind greed, precisely because of fear, You need to greedily extract resources that are not yours in case you need them.

Why do humans have fear?

But if you have learned a little about evolution, it’s true that evolutionary theory knows that all human things, whether organ or emotion, or cognitive ability, are a means of survival. The simple point is to live and to live. Personal gene delivery goes on. Fear is like a kind of protective equipment, in order to face dangerous winds, otherwise human beings cannot survive from the harsh environment of ancient times.

In a sense, fear is a kind of detector that dares to eat outside dangers. Fear will let you not know the way to force and induce you to stop trying dangerous things, especially unknown things, of course, survive in the wild, this skill is very Effective and able to allow humans to quickly evacuate from dangerous places.

Then, for instinct tools that are sometimes over-extended and abused, we have too many emotions that are inappropriately used in any scenario, and sometimes it is countered.

The financial market is a magnifying glass of fear. It shows the group fear and greed on the price trend. You think that the bitcoin price trend is a rational trend. Actually, it is not. It is more a kind of catharsis and reflection of the mood of group investors. . The price hikes that have skyrocketed and plunged have not yet entered the waiter's emotional resonance.

For example, the plustoken that collapsed today, someone told me very early that many people around them are pulling them to do it, buying coins and going in, and countless people moths into the field, no matter how much Caesar's bitter persuasion is basically indifferent. Later, I wanted to understand. Later, the latecomers saw that the predecessors had made money. It was inevitable that the heart was itching. There was a feeling of luck in the heart. Anyway, it was not the last one. It was all terrible, and all of them were thrown in, and finally they went bankrupt. Someone just left a message saying: "I have tried my best. For this reason, I have been arguing with my mom for more than a month. However, she still carried me and my dad to secretly transfer the bitcoin and Ethereum that I just bought, and I can’t pull it back." . What a sad word.

Participating in knowing is a scam project. The biggest source is fear. I am afraid to miss a chance to get rich. Once the fear of his twin greed comes, it is not surprising that he is eager to give hunters who are already trapped. Give the head.

So, how do we optimize our fears, because in the real life, once fear occurs, any other reason of others can no longer be established, worthless.

In the past, Caesar has always believed that raising cognition is the only way to fight fear. In reality, it does not work. Especially in the trading market, cognition often disappears in the transaction process.

Thus, under the panic of falling, being in the moment, the fear of shrinking assets has already overcome rationality. Han Han wrote a sentence in the film to reflect the meaning: understand so many reasons, still not good for this life, although there are components of shaking spirit, it is not unreasonable.

Increasing cognition sometimes has no substantial meaning for trading.

I still remember that in high school, I liked to watch the NBA. At that time, East Messi was circulated in the rivers and lakes. The popularity of Tracy McGrady and Kobe was called Gemini. Their shooting skills are superb, McGrady has 35 seconds and 13 points to kill the Spurs. Kobe has a single-scoring myth of 81 points. It is reasonable to say that he can stand in the NBA. There are so many talents, why Gemini can stand out from the crowd. . Of course, the difference in talent is very small. Later, I realized that it is a kind of self-confidence. I am confident that I can do what others can't do. If there are doubtful ingredients in my heart, I must immediately succumb to it and invest in it. It is probably fearless. in this way.

In the transaction, it is inevitable to be coerced by fear. When buying, hesitating, when selling, indecisive. There is really a lack of confidence in the judgment of market trends. The decision to kill is more important in financial transactions. It is higher than the so-called cognitive level. The level of cognition is only the foundation. There is no foundation to support it, and even entering the trading market is unqualified, let alone the affirmation of self.

As Zweig said:

The most ruthless executioners in history are usually cowards, and the most ruthless people are often the weakest, because they will do extremely cruel things when they are afraid.

Those who are afraid of losing their wealth, like the executioner, are totally irresponsible for their wealth, and they are "murdered" and finally know nothing about it.

The more you are afraid of losing something, the more you will lose, it is not unreasonable.

Author: Bitcoin Caesar

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