May 9 madman market analysis: BTC alone rose the mainstream of small coins lying in the grass is actually this

Analysis of the madman market on May 9: BTC alone rose the mainstream The reason for the small currency lying grass is actually this

Market analysis

Continue to rise along the 5th line. Under the trend, we only have to take advantage of the trend. Today, after the Bitcoin station is 6000, there is money to start buying crazy, because 6000 is a more important psychological threshold. Once the breakthrough, there will be some investors. I believe that the bull market has come, but the madman believes that the bull market logic does not exist, and has been getting closer and closer to the end of the rebound, the market making effect is still very poor, the market investors should continue to wait and see, the pie continues to rise for us. There is no point. Bitcoin is a long-term asset. In the end, 80% of the coins will not win Bitcoin. This is the same as the stock market. Only 20% of US stocks can outperform the index. Only 20% of A-shares can outperform the index. The remaining 80% of the junk stocks (coins) are waiting for the delisting. Bitcoin is actually the weather vane of the currency circle. We can also think that he is the index of the currency circle. The 28th rule applies everywhere, so for the currency circle, asset allocation is very important!

Short-term positions can continue to partially lighten positions, breaking the 5-day line to clear short-term positions.


The shock continues, if the position can live for 3 days, the market will have a chance to turn back, short-term support 160, pressure 174


The bottom is turbulent, there is no short-term hot money participation, so it is difficult to have a short-term market.


If you don't follow up, don't participate until you get back on the 5th line.


Bitcoin continues upwards, and the princes continue to oscillate and fall back. They are still in a weak position. If you want to operate, you can wait for the 300 on the weight.


The quantity can continue to shrink. Everyone in June expects it, but no one is speculating. In the trading market, there is a saying that if the profit does not rise, the probability will fall.


Continue to fall back, the second time hit the 0.062 support level, but still no signs of stabilization, temporarily do not operate, today if you can turn green and then consider bargain-hunting.

Capital is profit-seeking. Some small exchanges, in order to grab traffic, go crazy at all costs, and the currencies involved in the funds are used to attract investors to recharge, but everyone must remember that these coins eventually How can you go up and down? If you are already in a high position when you see it, it means that you will be stuck in the long-term, just watching you run fast enough. If it is such an essence, then we are really better. We waited for the market to drop the big opportunity. At that time, we had a bottom in the operation and we were able to hold it in a very practical manner. It is the last word to continue making money.

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