The currency wants to roll back Bitcoin, which is essentially a hegemonic thinking.

The biggest news yesterday was not the loss of 7,000 bitcoins in the currency (the exchange was really not news). Instead, Zhao Changpeng of the currency security considers to roll back bitcoin, and even has a good deal with a group of big men to discuss the rollback. If you lose money, you want to tamper with the books. Is Bitcoin your home? Unreasonable! This wind can't be long!

1. The most important feature of Bitcoin is decentralization, non-tampering, and unforgeability.

On this basis, all people come together to keep accounts, ensuring the uniqueness of the books, thus determining the legitimacy of the books and laying the safety of Bitcoin. All the trust and consensus of Bitcoin are based on this. Decentralized, non-tamperable, and unforgeable is the foundation of Bitcoin's tall building. The foundation is broken and the building will collapse.

2. Bitcoin is not a centralized bank, and the book should be changed.

For banks, changing the books is just a matter of changing numbers. How do you want to play? Bitcoin accounting is performed by everyone, arbitrarily falsifying the books, not proving the legitimacy of the books, and finally becoming a centralized stand-alone game.

3. If Bitcoin can be rolled back and can be forked, it will inevitably result in multiple books, and the books are not unique. How to confirm the legality of the books?

You said that you are legal, he said that he is legal, how is the legality of the books to be identified? The final result is that everyone is arguing, you say that you are bitcoin, he said that he is bitcoin. The final consensus will split and the community will split. The fork is split, and the damage is the consensus. Without consensus, Bitcoin has no value.

4. Bitcoin is destined to have only one book, which is to go black.

Rollback is equivalent to patching Bitcoin, and the patch is much more, just like the clothes on the body, and can't bear to look straight. The fork is equal to opening a new account, getting a new road and digging a pit. Just like urban planning, today I am digging here, tomorrow is digging there, municipal management, no planning, doing whatever I want, and the last road has become a "zipper."

5. If Bitcoin is rolled back this time, will there be more rollbacks in the future?

If this rollback, it means that Bitcoin can be rolled back and can be forked. According to this logic, if other exchanges lose money, do not continue to roll back, fire coins roll once, OK roll once. The big exchange is over, and the small exchanges are not rolling. Why Changpeng can roll back, others can't, if the power is equal, everyone treats everyone equally, then it should roll. Ordinary users lose money, do you want to continue rolling? The thing that is considered every day is not how Bitcoin develops, but instead of rolling Bitcoin today. Do you want to set up a rollback bitcoin committee? I just want to say that bitcoin is not for you to roll sheets, how do you want to roll.

6. If Bitcoin is rolled back, what qualifications will be used to ridicule the second child in the future? Everyone is a pseudo-centralized, half-pounded, and what qualifications do you have to take the lead in the future?

The black swan that was thrown by the Ethereum was still in sight, and now I want to roll back Bitcoin. I really don’t know what it is. Losing money is not a black swan of bitcoin, and tampering with the books is definitely the biggest black swan in the history of bitcoin.

7. Bitcoin decentralized design, which we have always been proud of, no longer subject to human control, no longer controlled by power, not used by interest groups, which is also beyond the legal currency.

If Bitcoin arbitrarily modifies the books because of some people, some organizations, and some interest groups, feel free to roll back and arbitrarily fork, and how these centralized behaviors can face the question of the pseudo-decentralization of special currency. What is the difference between this and traditional legal currency? How to achieve the ambition of subverting the traditional monetary system?

8. Bitcoin is a high-rise building built without any credit endorsement, built entirely by faith and consensus.

Faith is built on the basis of immutability. Bifurcation, rollback and other acts are undoubtedly the ruthless trampling of faith. Bifurcation will inevitably change people's perception of bitcoin. More and more people go to bitcoin. If the centralization loses confidence, then the faith will gradually be lost, and the mass base that supports Bitcoin will collapse.

9. Losing faith, the building must be overturned. Under the nest, there is an egg.

The fork is like a locust. Today, you take a sip. Tomorrow, he takes a sip, and the embankment of a thousand miles collapses at the ant. How should this situation be controlled and what can be used to save you, my bitcoin. In the long run, Bitcoin will be killed. I don't worry about Bitcoin going all the way to black. I am worried that Bitcoin will be killed by interest groups.

10. Bitcoin is not a time machine, something went wrong, we shuttle back and change history. Bitcoin is not a game anymore, and where to start from where to start again. The law is cold and the algorithm is cold. As long as the transaction takes place, it is recorded on everyone's books, and no one can tamper with it. If you are stolen, you can only think that you are unlucky, think about your own problems, and upgrade your system security.

11. Chang Peng proposed to roll back Bitcoin in Twitter, which is essentially a hegemonic thinking.

I am a big exchange, I have influence, I have power, I want to play how to play, play BSV ass today, send a message tomorrow to make an empty, and roll back a bitcoin the day after tomorrow. I want to do it and do whatever I want. This is a typical hegemonism that hurts everyone's interests, including the currency itself.

12. Bitcoin is the bitcoin of everyone. It is not opened by the currency. You want to fork the BNB. You want to get rid of the BSV. Whoever makes the coin is your home.

But you want to fork bitcoin, the door is not. Chang Peng’s move shows that Bitcoin will still be affected by relevant interest groups, and they will always challenge the decentralized attributes of Bitcoin that cannot be tampered with. In the future, Bitcoin will also encounter the intervention and obstruction of the government and Guo Jia. Can Bitcoin still hold its position? If we shrink back now, we will surrender in the future.

13. Zhao Changpeng’s behavior once again shows how important a truly decentralized network is to fight against hegemonism and get rid of power intervention. To fight centralization, we need bitcoin; if money wants to be free, and people want to protect their own interests, we need to centralize the currency.

14. Any power organization, any amnesty, will protect its own interests when it comes to its immediate interests, and will not hesitate to sacrifice the collective interests. The choices made during the action are blind, utilitarian, and even unscrupulous.

15. Power breeds corruption. Any power needs to be checked and balanced. Too much power is not good for Bitcoin. For bitcoin, which is the power of power, power is concentrated, and the emergence of mines is really a disaster.

The biggest value of Bitcoin is decentralization, not tampering, and not changing for anyone or anything. Nobody! No way!

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