Micro-fiction | Economic Reversion and Human Brain Mining Machine in 2049

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Economic ancestor

In 2049, the world slowly accepted bitcoin, and bitcoin's status began to resemble gold before the collapse of the Bretton Woods system. Bitcoin continues to develop. At this time, Bitcoin's market value has occupied more than 5% of the world's GDP and has become a reserve currency for various countries.

Human beliefs have never been so strong, the price of Bitcoin has stabilized, there is no longer a large fluctuation, but only a slow rise, and the title of digital gold has also penetrated into the hearts of most people.

Bitcoin's algorithm code has been changing slowly, and the transaction speed has increased exponentially. The only constant is the total amount of bitcoin. The added value under a deflationary economy is not in line with the economic development of countries around the world. However, as long as a country ’s currency is decoupled from bitcoin, the country ’s currency system will be disordered, just like ancient times. During the period, countries must use gold, silver and copper as their currencies, and the people did not recognize the value of paper money. The so-called fiat currency has become a bitcoin bond, and holding the fiat currency can go to the central bank system to directly exchange bitcoin-this is already a consensus.

Governments around the world feel that fiat currencies have all been linked to bitcoin. It is better to unify and issue a universal digital currency and let this digital currency be directly exchanged for bitcoin through smart contracts. The preparation of this smart contract is not difficult. Every year, the United Nations Unified Conference reviews and improves the implementation of open source code, so that humanity has officially entered the era of the world's unified digital currency.

For governments of various countries, although they have much less power to control the economy, the majority of digital block transactions can be traced, so that the control of society has been strengthened. The setting of the world's currency was initially prepared for the heads of major powers to discuss the annual inflation rate together. Later, people in various countries did not support inflation, and therefore did not support leaders who adopted inflation.

The growth of populist forces has led the world ’s currencies to dare to make any inflation claims and policies. The world's unified digital currency exists in name only. Bitcoin and the world currency can be used in daily life, and more and more people believe in the digital gold of bitcoin. All large transactions are also settled in bitcoin, as if humanity has returned to use The era of gold as a currency transaction, but the security and convenience of digital gold and other indicators are much superior to physical gold. Instead, the world government ’s vision for a unified currency has greatly boosted Bitcoin ’s consensus.

This phenomenon was named "economic ancestor" by anthropologists.

Human Brain Mining Machine

The research on the brain-computer interface is changing rapidly. In 2049, everyone's inner ear will be implanted with a chip, the body will not have any discomfort, and all thinking can get bitcoin reward through this process. The computing power of mental mining is divided into three, six, and nine by human intelligence activity.

This type of small device is slowly spreading among the people of Kochi. This part of people believe in this concept and are inspired by digital currency, and their brains become more active.

If you are only drinking and chatting with friends for one night, there will be no gains the next day, but if you stay up a few nights to solve the historically unresolved mathematical and physical problems, the brain is highly active, and you can always use the brain computer chip If you connect to a wireless network and enter the global computing power, there will be benefits. If the problem is solved, the real society will naturally give back, and even if the problem is not solved, this thinking process can still be rewarded.

The intellectual activity of these gangs of intellectuals determines that they no longer have to worry too much about their livelihoods.

To a certain extent, there is no genius in the world anymore.

The price of this micro device is not high, it can be purchased by paying for Bitcoin. It's just that some people, after buying it, found that they didn't make any money, because under the computing power of the entire network, ordinary mind thinking is extremely inactive compared to that, that is, the computing power is too low.

Ordinary people ca n’t afford this equipment, or it ’s of little use, but intellectuals who insist on thinking and practicing constantly get positive feedback in the process of thinking and mining, making them smarter. This is a weak "evolution" .

The influence of this technology is getting bigger and bigger, and wealth is slowly gathering towards people with active thinking. This part of people seems to have been influenced by brain mining chips, and they have become more intelligent. Slowly this part of the people began to feel that they no longer It is an ordinary human being, but a human being in the future. It is what the philosopher Nietzsche called "superman". Businessmen, mathematicians, artists, physicists, etc. in the world are slowly matched with such a small thing. Politicians are the elite group who finally realized this thing.

In this process, the consensus of Bitcoin has been further expanded and strengthened-the support of the intellectual community, the world's money supply, began to be more deeply tied to Bitcoin. Because of the overall support of intellectuals, the underlying algorithm of Bitcoin has been modified. The brain computing power of a top scientist can achieve the creation of several dozens of mining machines.

The stability of the Bitcoin consensus, the development of brain-computer interfaces, and the emergence of human brain mining have produced tremendous changes in human production relations and greatly improved productivity. The fourth industrial revolution thus truly entered the stage of mature development. The Renaissance, which belongs to all mankind, is coming quietly. This time all wise men will participate in unique creations, and all humans will share such a feast. Looking at 2020 from 2049 is as distant as looking at 1920 from 2020, just as the human who first observed the black hole is as distant as the human who first knew that the moon has a crater.

Time, this eternal variable, makes this world "unrecognizable." What was once thought impossible became reality, what was once thought to be unbreakable disappeared in an instant, and what was once Bitcoin was not the Bitcoin of 2049 anymore.

Bitcoin has become the cornerstone of civilization. A beautiful new world is slowly unfolding before human eyes.

Remarks: This excerpt is adapted from the science fiction novel "Memories of Computing Power"

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