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Text | Mutual chain pulse · Yuan Shang

After the “1024 Conference”, the global information demand for China's blockchain development hit a new high in the single market.

According to Google Trends data, the search volume of “blockchain china” climbed from October 27th to November 2nd, surpassing the blockchain + “USA”, “Europe”, “Japan” The sum of the search volumes of the four major economies. From the curve, the peak height is hard to surpass.

(Source: Google Trends)

There is information demand, there is information production. Overseas media began to carry a large amount of the contents of the Chinese blockchain – this was the opposite direction in the past, and the inter-chain pulse observation, China has more than a dozen blockchain industry media is the porter of overseas blockchain content. After the “1024 conference”, several mainstream overseas blockchain media such as “coindesk” and “coinspeaker” have the trend of China blockchain development every day.

The US technology media "Connect" even issued a message "Opinion: China is moving towards the dominant position of the global blockchain."

(Screenshot: Connected official website)

Few technologies can do this in the dominant field of opinion in the West, and blockchains are being realized.

China: Blockchain growth fertile soil

Still more than two months ago, the interlinkage pulse invited Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf to communicate deeply. Brian Behlendorf said in an interview with the interchain pulse: "China's soil is very suitable for the development of blockchain." He believes that China is rich in Blockchain application scenarios and technology research and development capabilities.

Mutual Chain Pulse will monitor the global blockchain application project. Since 2019, the number of applications in China has been ranked first in the world every month.

According to the Inter-Chain Pulse Research Institute, in the first half of this year, the number of blockchain projects disclosed by China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, Switzerland, France, and Germany were 184, 52, 27, and 17 respectively. Items, 11 items, 9 items, 8 items, 8 items, 8 items, and 7 items rank among the top in the world. In terms of quantity, they are applied to the world's top ten blockchain countries. China, the United States, and South Korea have the largest number of blockchain projects, accounting for 45%, 13%, and 6% respectively.

Number and field statistics of blockchain application projects in the first half of 2019

Mapping: Mutual Chain Pulse Research Institute

Blockchain in China has such a rich scene, because the trust cost of production and life in China is too high, the blockchain can just be solved. For example, in the first half of this year, more than 100 listed financial institutions accounted for 54% of the profits of more than 3,600 listed companies, which was significantly higher than the developed countries (24% in the US). The reason is that financial institutions are the largest credit intermediaries, and many economic activities must rely on these financial institutions. Social issues such as food safety, vaccine safety, and blackouts in bidding have all contributed to the increase in the cost of trust. Externally, Chinese companies have gone out because of differences in systems and culture, and the control of the right to speak in Western countries. . The blockchain helps China's economic development, social stability and breakthroughs in the untrusted fence by reducing internal and external trust costs.

In terms of technology investment, Chinese companies are also the most investment in the blockchain.

(Source: Xintongyuan 2019 Blockchain White Paper)

According to the 2019 blockchain white paper of the Institute, the number of patent applications in China accounted for more than half of the total number of patent applications in 2018, accounting for more than 80% in 2019.

The intellectual property industry media IPRdaily and the incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the "2019 Global Blockchain Enterprise Invention Patent Ranking (TOP100)". From the perspective of enterprises, the top 100 companies in the list are mainly from 10 countries and regions, with China accounting for 63%, the United States accounting for 19%, and Japan accounting for 7%. Among them, Alibaba ranked first with 1005 patents, Ping An ranked second with 464 patents, and Nchain ranked third with 314 patents.

Blockchain patent companies ranked as of October 25

(Source: IPRdaily and incoPat)


Blockchain of Chinese roads

In March of this year, the inter-chain pulse "The blockchain has just begun to split: China to the left, the United States to the right" pointed out that the Chinese blockchain has moved toward a completely different path from the Western countries represented by the United States.

China pays attention to the application of the floor, and then develops the technical route, supervision route and application route with the application technology as the core. Specifically, technology focuses on high performance, and supervision focuses on protecting civic assets and applying a chain of alliance systems that focus on landing. The driving force comes from government departments, state-owned enterprises, and Internet technology companies.

The United States pays attention to the decentralization of the blockchain and its adaptation to the original system. Furthermore, it has developed a focus on basic technology research and development, supervision and maintenance of the original system, and the promotion of power from the original blockchain companies and some Internet technology companies. The information related to the public chain still occupies a large part in the United States and Western countries.

March comparison

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

After the "1024 conference", the development of the Chinese blockchain and the blockchain in the United States became more apparent.

The Chinese promotion agency is the highest authority of the state, and the US promotion agency is the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

The difference in driving institutions directly affects the development of blockchain. China pays more attention to the role of blockchain in the overall construction of the country, while the United States focuses on functions in some areas. The details are as follows:

(tabulation: interchain pulse)

As can be seen from the above table, China's planning for blockchain development is comprehensive and systematic, while the US's highest bill for blockchain is still partial and fragmented.

This is also why the United States and other Western countries have increased the demand for information on China's blockchain, building a peak in the global public opinion field.

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