Heavy news! The first "Industrial Blockchain Summit Forum" hosted by the central media came.

In 2019, the blockchain industry, which has developed over the past decade, has ushered in new development opportunities.

On October 24th, the Central Political Bureau collectively studied the blockchain technology, and the blockchain became an important breakthrough for China's core technology independent innovation.

Since then, the central media has collectively popularized the blockchain.

The People’s Daily’s “I heard that the blockchain is very hot” popularizes the popular social network. People's Daily Online "The blockchain will usher in five major benefits such as industrial upgrading and industrial chain reshaping" will let more people see the value of the industrial blockchain. Xinhua News Agency further published: "The blockchain technology is leading a new round of technological changes and industrial changes around the world, and promotes the 'information Internet' to the 'value Internet'."

As a result, a wave of entrepreneurial blockchain entrepreneurship started.

When we are in the midst of the tide, how will blockchain technology be integrated with the industry? Where will the government regulatory policy go? Where is the real value entry?

Industrial Blockchain Forum

From November 26th to 27th, Xinhua News Agency and Jinan Municipal People's Government jointly hosted the 7th China New Media Industry Integration Development Conference co-organized by China Electronics Society and China Information and Communication Research Institute, which will be held in Jinan, Shandong .

At the same time, hosted by Xinhua News Agency's New Media Center, Babbitt's Parallel Forum “Industrial Blockchain Summit Forum” will also be held.

This is the first time that the media has hosted the blockchain industry summit forum since October 24, and it will undoubtedly become a major drama in China to focus on the development of industrial blockchain.

The theme of the forum is "How to grasp the new enthusiasm of the industrial blockchain: innovation, integration and development." The organizers will invite the head enterprises of the domestic industrial blockchain to confirm that the guests attending the forum are from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Weizhong Bank, Zhongxiangbit, Inspur Group and so on. Among them, Li Wei, CEO of Hangzhou Fun Chain Technology, has also been invited to participate. The chairman of Fun Chain Technology is a professor at Zhejiang University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Chun. It is the blockchain technology that he is responsible for explaining to the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.

At that time, the invited guests will focus on how the blockchain industry and the cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence will be integrated, how the regulation will come, how the industry and the blockchain will be combined, and how the investment will be carried out.

The organizer Xinhua News Agency's new media center, the host of the conference, Babbitt, the two sides will conduct in-depth and intensive coverage of the forum from the perspective of the national media and vertical industry head media, so as to widely disseminate the wonderful views of the conference, and welcome and promote the industrial blockchain. develop rapidly.

The "blockchain industry summit forum" will be held on the afternoon of November 26 (Tuesday) as a parallel forum for the 7th China Emerging Media Industry Integration Development Conference. Participants can participate in the conference entitled “5G Era, Everything is the Media”. The conference has one main agenda and three theme forums. Including 5G and industry changes, webcasting and short video development are all exciting topics for the conference. In addition, the conference will also release a series of heavy news such as China's Emerging Media Convergence Development Report (2019).

The future has come, directly hit the "Industrial Blockchain Summit Forum" can log in to the ChainNode chain node registration: https://www.chainnode.com/event/393010

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