Perspective | Zhao Wei, Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute: Construction of a New Blockchain Commercial Organization under the Impact of the Epidemic

Editor's Note: The original title was "Zhao Wei: Construction of a New Blockchain Commercial Organization under the Impact of the Epidemic". This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention.

On the evening of February 12, Zhao Wei, Director of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Intellectual Property Development Alliance and Blockchain Special Committee of the Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute, the following is a record of the interview.


Zhao Wei, Director of Blockchain Special Committee of China Intellectual Property Development Alliance and Blockchain Special Committee of Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute:

· This outbreak has carried out an anti-counterfeiting and true-to-true evaluation of the blockchain industry, and eliminated the advantages and disadvantages.

· Blockchain is a technology. It is a technology that has a deep impact on the technical level, industry application level, economic and social structure. He will not make a sudden breakthrough because of the epidemic, nor will he hinder its development for too long because of the epidemic.

· Time and space can be considered as two important elements of our business model, considering how the blockchain can change their state, or use their state to build a new business model.

Decentralization of the blockchain, on a large level, decentralization of the large Internet platform, not other centralization.

· The implementation of blockchain technology still needs to find some landing scenes to do, the behavior is better than words, work hard, and constantly explore and iterate.


Interview Record

Moderator Zhao Yidan, editor-in-chief of Huoxun Finance: Good evening, everyone! Thank you for watching the special section of the blockchain industry talent think tank of Huoxun TALK! The theme of this special column is "How does blockchain help business and organizational innovation under the epidemic?" 》

Tonight's guests are: Zhao Wei, Director of the China Intellectual Property Development Alliance Blockchain Special Committee and Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute Blockchain Special Committee Zhao Wei. The theme he shared was "New Blockchain Business Organization Construction under the Impact of the Epidemic ". Mr. Zhao is welcome to share.

Zhao Wei: Let me share with you, my thinking on blockchain and business models.


Blockchain is a technology, and it will not be suddenly broken or hindered by the epidemic situation.

First, let me talk about a starting point of my thinking, which is the first-principle principle, the promotion of technology to business models.

Technology is the underlying driving force. Technology sometimes advances alone, but large-scale applications need to wait for the cooperation of other technologies before the experience will be good. And this process is gradual.

Social events will only speed up the process, which is user education. 03 SARS and this outbreak are the same, but it will speed up and will not change anything in essence. What the epidemic changed is a false proposition, but the epidemic will trigger thinking and speed things up. There is no epidemic situation, some technologies have reached a critical point, and the cooperation of various technologies has reached a certain threshold, and they will also make rapid progress. For example, WeChat red envelopes, because of the good customer experience, everyone accepted it during the Spring Festival. That Spring Festival, there was no SARS and no new crown.

Blockchain is already an old technology, because he has been out for ten years. This time the new crown comes out, some people say that the blockchain is not very powerful? Why hasn't anyone used the blockchain to fight the epidemic? I replied at the time that the people who did the blockchain were still not working because of the grid management.

The day before yesterday, I saw someone wrote an article saying that the blockchain is late. What are the scenarios in the epidemic situation: blockchain + charity, blockchain + epidemic warning, blockchain + trip monitoring, blockchain + Public safety monitoring, Blockchain + Medical supplies traceability, Blockchain + Public epidemic data open, Blockchain + Public opinion supervision, Blockchain + Medical data sharing, Blockchain + Insurance, Blockchain + Distributed collaboration . This article is available online, you can go to search and see, the coverage of the technical landing scene is quite comprehensive.

What I want to say here is that many of the issues covered here are credible information. The issue of the credibility and transparency of social governance data is a complex issue.

From the e-government that was promoted around 2000, as well as letting the data run more and letting the mass run less last year, both are talking about this issue. Last year, I received a consultation from a large state-owned enterprise. I wo n’t talk about who it is. The other day, they took the lead in working on a national level blockchain + medical data connection, and a publicity draft was also issued.

Regarding the credibility and transparency of social governance data, I believe it is not a technical issue at present. Data from communication operators, data from transportation companies, data from the hotel and lodging industry held by police, and business consumption data, etc. If effective integration can be achieved, I think many problems can be solved.

However, why is it difficult to solve? The problems are more complicated. Data management rights, use rights, data-led fusion parties, security issues, and personal privacy issues are intertwined and difficult to solve.

If these problems can break the ice in the management system, I believe that 99% of them can be solved by using the current technology of the Internet, and it can be solved without using the blockchain.

What role can the blockchain play? In fact, the blockchain can help existing social governance related systems and Internet technologies to solve these problems in terms of data ownership, management rights, use rights, and protection of user privacy. .

However, in this outbreak, the blockchain industry has again carried out anti-counterfeiting, and eliminated the advantages and disadvantages. Those who rely on playing currency and engaging in illegal pyramid schemes have ceased.

Does this epidemic greatly promote blockchain technology, or is it negatively affected? I think it is still more affected than promotion. Because of the business relationship, socio-economic life, and changes in consumption scenarios brought about by the epidemic, the existing Internet technology must be used to transform and solve them. Blockchain can play an active role in some places.

However, the negative impact is not so great. Under the normal operation of the society, through the promotion of social governance, economic development, industrial integration, and consumption upgrade through technology, many advanced technologies will receive more attention. This is also a prerequisite for the 1024 meeting last year. At the national decision-making level, macroeconomic supply and demand reforms, debt cycle deleveraging, and supply-side reforms have been greatly influenced by Keynes and Dalio's theory. This can be seen from the research and concerns of Vice Premier Liu in previous years. . But at the same time, the country attaches great importance to technology, and many measures can see a lot of its thoughts from Schumpeter's cycle theory of technological innovation. If there is no current epidemic in the society, I believe that the country will still devote energy to the impact of new technologies on the economic and social aspects, but now it seems that after the epidemic, the focus of attention has been on public health Unemployment caused by the large-scale collapse of small and medium-sized enterprises has brought about three aspects: social stability and how the economy can restart. As before, it is more difficult to specifically advance a new technology. From this perspective, I think the negative impact is greater than the opportunities it brings.

However, the overall promotion of society, the first principle, is still technological innovation and promotion. Blockchain technology is a technology that has a profound impact on the technical level, industry application level, economic and social structure. He will not make a sudden breakthrough because of the epidemic, nor will he hinder its development for too long because of the epidemic. Therefore, we still have to continue to be down-to-earth and apply the technology to the ground.


Blockchain can change the state of time and space or use their state to build new business models

I divided the development of the blockchain into three stages, and this division is also the first one I proposed.

The first stage, from 2008 to October 24, 2019, is a large-scale experimental stage of socialization. Many good theories, good ideas, good technologies, and good business attempts emerged during the experimental phase, but many of the theoretical, idea, technical, and business attempts in the experimental phase were mostly technical utopianism. Not allowed by social institutions and regulations. However, a lot of valuable experience and wealth are left for us to learn from. Many social advancements are three steps forward, two steps backward, and the next step.

The second stage, 2019.10.24, will be the stage of social application in the next five to ten years. Blockchain technology is still returning to the technical level, and combined with existing technologies for landing applications. But in these applications, there will be a lot of valuable things, even things that change at the bottom. In the development track of the traditional Internet, you can see some development laws.

The third stage is the stage of socialization. It is estimated that this will wait five years and ten years later. After five years, there will be some large-scale connections and small-scale value connections of the underlying technology. After ten years, there will be some large-scale connections on the value level.

At the level of re-value, there will be large-scale applications and connections, then the blockchain will be like the current Internet and will not list a single technology for promotion, because it has become like the hydropower highway high-speed rail and the Internet, Basic things of social construction. Just like today's companies, many are using Internet technology, but they will not be called Internet companies. Technology is just one element of the composition, but this element is relatively important.

Now that we are in the second stage, the stage of large-scale social application, we need to analyze how blockchain is applied in the business economy and from which aspects, I will share some of my thoughts with you.

Time and space are two key elements to be considered in business model change. All business constructions are conducted around time and space. In the agricultural society stage, the business environment is relatively simple and the business model is relatively simple. No matter it is a business or a business, time and space are combined. Therefore, the transaction model of the business model is to pay money with one hand and deliver with one hand.

In the age of industrialization, time and space are fragmented. Sometimes the time efficiency is high and the space operation efficiency is low, and this interaction will also change some business models. Not much to say here.

In the information age, time and space are severely split, and even a lot of confusion appears, so some technical means and new business models are needed to make up for it. For example, third-party payments such as Alipay, Taobao and internal reviews and the credit rating system of the public comment system. But these are still relatively shallow application levels considering the elements of time and space.

There are more thinking angles for the blockchain to control space and time. For example, the control of payment time can be achieved through a smart contract. A third state appears. The previous state was either paid or not paid. Now there is a state where payment is being executed. The result of the execution is determined by the final state of the smart contract. This is in business, there are many application scenarios. Then the determination of space can be effectively monitored, and it can be effectively described and tracked. The monitoring, description and tracking of these space occasions can be combined with the emergence of some new business models in business. As a simple example, there was a commercial credit fraud case last year. Using commercial orders to swindle credit, eventually even the People's Bank's publicity system failed. Then if the blockchain tracks the time and space of the ordered goods, then The loss of a financial institution will not happen.

Therefore, time and space can be considered as two important elements of our business model, considering how the blockchain can change their state, or use their state to build a new business model.


To use the technical underlying principles of the blockchain to think and rebuild the business ecosystem

Then I will talk about the third part of my thinking and sharing.

Information flow, capital flow, and logistics are the three main elements of a business model. Once again, the information flow, capital flow and logistics in the agricultural era are in space and time, so the business model transaction model is relatively simple.

In the industrial era, there have been some changes in information flow, capital flow, and logistics. Information flow runs fast, while capital flow and logistics run relatively slowly. However, it is generally conducted in the traditional form of trade, but most of them are destined for a certain field, and most of this field is united in time and space.

In the information age, information flow, capital flow, and logistics are completely separated, so a credit system needs to be created to make up for and support it, and there are relatively many problems, so the business changes brought about by technology are also subverted and the perception is stronger.

The development stage of the traditional Internet has a lot to do with the development of technology and the way information is transmitted. In the first stage, the SSN portal stage, because the information is more downstream, more one-way transmission, basically running information, involving less capital flow and information flow, so the three major portals are not too large. The second phase, the BAT phase, has a stronger information interactivity. In particular, Ali has involved information, logistics, and capital flows, and has built a new credit system. Therefore, Ali has become today's business empire, and innovation and innovation are everywhere. Subversion, this is the huge platform effect produced by making full use of the three-stream split and its integration with the credit system. In the third stage of TMD, the mobile terminal has become a necessary production tool because of the addition of the information mobile terminal. Information and capital flows can interact with each other in multiple ways, making the business environment more colorful. In addition to considering the third-rate and credit system, the organization of the business has also changed, and some prototypes of DAO have appeared. TMD's business model is more similar from the core, integrating information flow, capital flow and logistics on one platform, allowing multiple parties to participate in depth.

After the blockchain came out, it developed into a later stage, and there was a value breakthrough. This mainly needs to wait for the introduction of the DCEP of the central bank. Then the information flow and capital flow are unified. If logistics is also integrated into the business model through RFID + blockchain, and the three flows are integrated, then the credit system has undergone huge changes, and BAT's credit system has collapsed. That is what Teacher Ma said, if there is no blockchain, he will die. Searches change, societies change, transactions change, because all three streams have changed fundamentally. Blockchain integrates three streams into one, and the credit system comes with it.

Therefore, the companies generated by the blockchain should stop thinking about what platforms to build with the Internet, but try to become part of the ecology and become the most indispensable part. If you are still trying to build a platform, it may be ignored before it is formed. Therefore, the decentralization of the blockchain is, on a large level, the decentralization of the large Internet platform, not other centralizations.

So use the technical underlying principles of the blockchain to think, take the change of time and space as the starting point, use the changes in the three streams as the business model to build the content as the object, rebuild the business ecology, become a part of the ecology, and then build the business model .



The implementation of blockchain technology needs to find some landing scenarios to do

So next, I use a project we made to talk about how we think and practice. Confirming rights, organizing, coordinating, and allocating are the four main aspects of business construction.

This project is an attempt for us to think about the commercial environment of blockchain. I thought that I would divide the commercial innovation of blockchain applications into three aspects. One is technological innovation; the second is organizational innovation; the third is financial innovation . I have proposed this division since I gave a lecture in Tsinghua in 2018. Then I used this idea to conceive this project and implement it. At present, the project has generated millions of flows and has thousands of users. Of course, it is not many. The main thing is that our project has been implemented. Didn't go. Then I cut in from four aspects, combining blockchain technology innovation, blockchain organization innovation and blockchain financial innovation, to talk about our project.

First of all, from the perspective of right confirmation, we have made dynamic confirmation of our goods. We monitor the logistics information through the supply chain and warehousing, and then upload it to the chain to determine the ownership of property rights through pickup coupons.

Secondly, we handed over production to Maotai, logistics and warehousing to Jingdong, and sales to the circle. In this way, a multi-party organization relationship is achieved. The wine body we selected is a high-quality soft sauce-flavored body of Maotai Group. It is personally prepared by the chief quality officer, and is of top quality in terms of production and guarantee of product quality. Logistics We have in-depth cooperation with JD Logistics. More than 30 people in their technical team worked with our technical team for half a year to seamlessly connect the warehousing and logistics links. Before and after the Spring Festival, we have multiple customers and services, which is very convenient, but the system is coordinated with Maotai, Jingdong, Zhenjiuku, and circle marketing super nodes. Changed the previous wine marketing model. After this model came out, many wineries found us and wanted to cooperate with us. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many of our cooperation has been promoted online. We have started remote work from home on the seventh day, and the efficiency is still good.

We handed marketing to the circle. Our circle is all classmates of high-end business schools such as Tsinghua, Wudaokou and Beizhong Changqing. Everyone has higher requirements for wine and higher service requirements. Once they meet Their pursuit of wine quality and business service, the mutual recommendation will be very effective. In this circle layer, we find some key super nodes and nodes to make them part of this model. The influence and promotion are left to their word of mouth. As for the operations, they are extremely simplified operations on the line. Realize the online implementation of drinks, gifts, deposits, and redemptions. Many users store and give away dozens of boxes and dozens of boxes here, so that the goods do not move, and they can be collected at any time in the country. Running a leg has formed a new model for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

This company has been running till now. As the production is the top wine manufacturer Moutai Group, the logistics and warehousing is the top domestic JD logistics, the technical support is our Fuchain Technology, and the sales is the high-end social circle layer. Extremely light, this project company can run without full-time staff. But just like Amazon's initial sales of books, our ecology is not limited to alcohol in the end, there will be other categories of expansion.

Because of the good organization and coordination, everyone has their own duties and runs according to the system settings. Finally, we will make distribution based on your contributions. Because production, logistics storage, marketing promotion, and technical services all set contributions based on operational data, the final contributions can be allocated according to the settings, and distribution is relatively simple.

Of course, the previous part is about the technical innovation and the organizational innovation. The later stage of financial innovation is currently determined according to the national supervision and the DCEP time introduced by the central bank to do the following compliant financial innovation. This needs to be more Many financial institutions are involved, and the regulatory, risk control, and product systems they have formed will suffice. In time, there will be more participants in this project.

The implementation of the blockchain technology still needs to find some landing scenes to do it. Actions are better than words, work hard, and continue to explore and iterate. It is believed that after the epidemic, spring blossoms and the application of the blockchain will grow like spring bamboo shoots, forming a harmonious ecology. Let's borrow a sentence from The Land of Bees as the ending. "Will there be spring? After all, too much winter has passed!"

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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