Suspected of misappropriation of lock funds? Let DEX make transactions more transparent

Interpretation today

Yesterday, many people were forwarding a screenshot of the address of the Fire Capital Investor Protection Fund. The figure shows that there are only more than 1.8 million HTs left in the lock register address disclosed before the fire coin, which is far from the 51.579 million that should be locked. According to this, some people spread the idea of ​​"fire coins deceiving investors" and "fire coins stealing lock funds" in the investor community. But what is the truth? Where did the transferred HT go?

First of all, let's talk about the topic of distribution on the chain. There are a lot of apps that offer a ranking of the number of currencies in a pass. If it is an ERC standard token issued on ETH, you can also view the details of each address in the Ethereum blockchain browser. This data can help us. Determine whether the issuing party of the certificate is locked in accordance with the promise. Some analysts believe that the distribution of the amount of money held by the address reflects the concentration of chips, and it can be judged whether there is a large household to carry out the fundraising or selling behavior.

When we trade on the exchange, we first need to recharge the USDT or other pass to the recharge address provided by the exchange, and then the transfer of the funds by the smart contract inside the exchange, so we usually see In addition to the project-side locks and foundation holdings, most of the coins are the addresses of the exchanges. As for the personal funds of each user, there is no separate address stored in the chain. The balance displayed in the user's account is the debt of the exchange to the user. When the transaction is conducted, the transaction is completed by the order matching engine inside the exchange, so the user can complete the operation of buying and selling without waiting for the block confirmation. The exchange has such a huge amount of digital currency assets, so regular sorting is also necessary, so we can often see some large transfer operations in the chain, some of which are the exchange address behavior of the exchange, rather than the so-called "big family ". It is also impossible to understand the balance of each account in the exchange by simply holding the position on the chain. Therefore, it is unreasonable to guess the movement of the dealer based solely on this point.

Firecoin also announced last night that the transfer was a regular security upgrade and announced a new lockout address. We can see through the blockchain browser that 51.579 million HTs are still lying in the new address. in. After this upgrade, Firecoin has a new "black hole address" to destroy the repurchased HT, its address is 0x0000…..0, holding more than 6 million HTs destroyed in the first quarter. We know that it is almost impossible to reverse the private key from the public key. It is very unlikely that a private key corresponding to the address is 0, so it becomes a "black hole" where no one can propose the currency. This time, investors can finally stop worrying about the authenticity of HT destruction.

But can we make the transaction more transparent? At present, the effective information that can be provided in the chain is only limited by the change of the lock position and the inflow and outflow of the exchange address. Can the emergence of DEX (decentralized exchanges) improve the internal transparency of exchanges and protect the interests of small and medium investors? Although we still face a series of limitations on the performance, throughput, and confirmation time of the base chain, we still expect DEX to produce a satisfactory answer.

Market research

Overall view

Today's large-cap flats can continue to shrink, the market activity is poor, most of the main circulation certificates such as LTC, ETH, etc. failed to hold the key support level, and fell for two consecutive days, XRP has even fallen below the BTC pull on April 2 The platform when it rises. This also shows that the current market is still a game of stock funds, the increase is not enough to support a large-scale, holistic bull market, but short-term local opportunities still exist. The trend of BTC will still be repeated shocks, but the trend may turn sideways or slow down. At this time, the trend of BTC can affect the overall market sentiment. We said in the 18th December issue that when BTC continues to innovate low When other main circulation certificates are no longer low and fall, it is likely to be the stage bottom. At present, BTC continues to be at a new high, and other varieties are falling all the way. It is also a signal that funds are beginning to flow out. Investors should pay attention to risks.

The resistance above the BTC is relatively large, and the 4-hour MACD has already had a more obvious top divergence, so be careful to adjust. BTC pressure is 5360USDT and support is 5180USDT.

ETH is already in the downtrend channel and may fall back below the support of $150. It is recommended to avoid it.

EOS is a relatively strong breed before, but the EOS has not been spared since the market went to the final BTC. The second-line varieties basically have to be adjusted back to the starting point of this round of the Mavericks, and the support below is quite powerful. Support is $4.35 and resistance is $4.90.

risk warning

The price of digital pass is fluctuating violently. Investment digital pass is a high-risk investment behavior. Investors should reasonably assess their investment ability and risk tolerance, use leverage carefully, strictly control risks, and invest carefully. Investors are advised to keep in mind that investments are risky and require caution when entering the market.


Personal opinions are for reference only. The analysis in the text does not constitute a recommendation for trading, and the profit and loss is self-sufficient. Welcome to reprint, but need to indicate the source.

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