Social Messaging App Telegram Introducing Toncoin-based Advertising Platform

The Telegram Advertising Platform to Officially Launch in March, Offering 50% Revenue to Users in Nearly 100 Countries

Telegram is launching an ad platform with TON Blockchain.

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Sujha SundararajanSujha Sundararajan

Social messaging app Telegram is set to revolutionize the advertising industry with its upcoming advertising platform that rewards channel owners in Toncoin. The Telegram Ad Platform, announced by CEO Pavel Durov on Wednesday, will officially launch in March and will be available to advertisers in nearly 100 countries.

According to Durov, “Channel owners in these countries will start receiving 50% of any revenue that Telegram makes from displaying ads in their channels.” This move aims to monetize the platform’s extensive audience reach, as Telegram’s broadcast channels generate a staggering 1 trillion views monthly.

Monetizing Content Effectively

With the introduction of the Telegram Ad Platform, channel owners now have the opportunity to effectively monetize their content. This puts Telegram in the league of social media giants like YouTube and X (formerly Twitter), both of which already offer ad revenue sharing with their users.

Content creators on YouTube currently receive 55% of the ad revenue through the YouTube Partner Program. X, on the other hand, launched its ad revenue sharing program with global creators in July 2023, leading to substantial payouts for many creators.

TON Blockchain for Fast and Secure Transactions

Telegram founder Durov emphasized that the platform will exclusively use the TON blockchain to ensure fast and secure ad payments and withdrawals. TON blockchain gained recognition in October 2023 as the world’s fastest network, accredited by blockchain security firm Certik. With an impressive 104,715 transactions per second, TON has surpassed renowned payment systems like Solana, Polygon, Visa, and MasterCard.

The choice to utilize the TON blockchain is also due to its commendable track record of reliability. Unlike other major networks, TON hasn’t faced any documented major disruptions, showcasing its robustness and scalability.

Furthermore, Telegram will sell ads and share revenue with channel owners in Toncoin. Durov envisions a virtuous circle where content creators can either cash out their Toncoins or reinvest them in promoting and upgrading their channels.

🙋‍♂️Q&A – Your Burning Questions Answered!

Q: What is Toncoin, and can I use it outside of Telegram? Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency of the Telegram ecosystem. While it primarily functions within the Telegram Ad Platform, there is potential for its use in other areas as well. Keep an eye out for future developments!

Q: Will channel owners be able to control the type of ads displayed in their channels? Telegram hasn’t provided specific details regarding ad control, but it is likely that channel owners will have some level of control over the content displayed in their channels. As Telegram continues to develop its advertising platform, we can expect more information on this matter.

Q: How can I start monetizing my content on Telegram? To start monetizing your content on Telegram, you will need to become a channel owner and join the Telegram Ad Platform. Stay tuned for updates on the platform’s launch in March, and seize the opportunity to turn your content into a source of revenue.

Future Outlook and Investment Recommendation

With the introduction of the Telegram Ad Platform, Telegram aims to disrupt the advertising industry by offering channel owners a fair revenue-sharing model. This move positions them alongside industry giants like YouTube and X, signaling their commitment to supporting content creators.

Moreover, the utilization of the TON blockchain ensures fast and secure transactions, enhancing the overall user experience. As the TON blockchain continues to gain recognition and demonstrate its reliability, it may attract more users and investors.

Therefore, for those interested in the blockchain industry and seeking investment opportunities, keeping an eye on Telegram and the TON blockchain could prove worthwhile.

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