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Either reading, or traveling, body and soul, there is always one to be on the road.

May 1st Golden Week, let the body travel. After the May Day, let the soul go out. After all, the blockchain world in the 007 mode, if you don't let the soul charge the electricity, the body will come to travel! This is not a dream!

On May Day holiday, Babbitt also gave everyone a price. From now until the May 1st Golden Week, on May 17th, the Hangzhou Blockchain Weekly Package will be reduced by 200 yuan (original price 588 yuan). An extra gift from Wu Xiaobo, including Changchun and Wu Jihan, and 12 people who wrote the book "Chain Chain Decade".

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This Hangzhou blockchain week is the first blockchain week in Hangzhou, the blockchain city. There are three main processes, namely, ChainNode Technology Open Day (AM AM) and Blockchain Friends (Morning Field) on May 16. Both are small-scale high-end parties, with a maximum attendance of 300. On May 17th, the whole day is the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum. It is expected that the number of visitors will reach 1,500, which is the focus of the blockchain week.

Today, the schedule for the three events has been hot. Babbitt made a simple interpretation of these hot topics and attendees. After reading it, you may understand that what happened in the blockchain industry in 2019, what is the future trend. For the exposed guests, you can also do your homework in advance, and you will have a chat on the spot.

The most comprehensive industry gathering: 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum

The 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum has been held for three times. It is one of the highest-profile, largest-scale and most influential blockchain industry events in Hangzhou.

On the morning of the 17th, the 7th session shared the big coffee from the academic circle, the industrial circle and the investment circle. What do they want to share? The topic is temporarily confidential, waiting for the day to be announced, it can be confirmed that every share will become the hot spot of the day.

The roundtable forum focuses on global regulation. Because the biggest variable in blockchain entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency investment and financing still comes from regulation, any turmoil may break the current market and pattern. Those who do not know how to read the People’s Daily do not understand politics, and those who do not understand supervision must also play blockchain.


On the afternoon of the 17th, Field A will definitely open your eyes. You think that Huawei is still doing mobile phones, Baidu is still doing search, Didi will only engage in taxis, Haier is still making refrigerators? In fact, these giants have embraced the blockchain in 2019. How do you play with the giants? Who is the "future overlord" of the blockchain industry, the round table "giant layout blockchain" should not be missed.

Will the IEO push the cryptocurrency to the bull market? Or is it going to be cold? The exchange pattern is still a chance. The "IEO Big Debate" shows you the nature of the phenomenon, restores the battle of the exchange and the back and future of the IEO mystery.

In 2019, Facebook and JP Morgan Chase made a high-profile entry blockchain. Is the institutional capital of entrepreneurs and investors really coming? "Institutional Admission", the Pa blockchain investment fund will be against traditional capital, will large amounts of funds enter? When is the admission? How to enter? This cross-border dialogue will reveal the answer.


"Go to the demon together" Have you played? Will Tencent's first blockchain game bring millions of users to the blockchain? What happened to DAPP and blockchain games? On the afternoon of the 17th, the big coffee in the field B gathered, revealing the secret for you.

Staking economy is on fire, will POS replace POW? Where will this big confrontation go in this century? Waiting to be revealed.


The hardest nuclear geek party: ChainNode Technology Open Day

For the tech geek who is determined to use the blockchain to change the world, the morning sun will make him excited.

The ChainNode Technology Open Day is a gathering of such a group of technical geeks. On the morning of the 16th, dozens of technology geeks will discuss the four hottest and most controversial issues of today, namely cryptography, lightning network, blockchain security and privacy, as well as sidechains and cross-chains.


The most "senior" players gather together: blockchain friends

Nothing has been able to blow up the early "hardcore" players of this group of bitcoins. Many of them have rarely appeared, retiring to become "senior" who is only behind the scenes.

Therefore, listening to them sharing is a memory of killing, but also a glimpse into the vision of the future. It is a secret big coffee that has undergone a number theory on the conversion of bulls and bears. Listen to it and start your two-channel advanced dual-channel, faithful recharge and investment skills.

Meet in May, I don't know when it will be next time.


The above agenda and guests confirmed that the attendance version, more guests continue to join.

The final interpretation of the conference is owned by Babbitt.

During the May 1st Golden Week, the mind is not on holiday. Now buy a ticket to reduce 200 yuan. In May, Hangzhou, along with the strongest brain in the blockchain world, feel the taste of Hangzhou's blockchain. Click to buy tickets: http :

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