The currency will be added to the legal currency transaction pair. The first supported legal currency is the Russian ruble. will soon add a pair of French currency transactions, the first to support the French ruble.


Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Coin Ann, announced the news at the Open Innovation Conference in Moscow, Russia on Monday. He said:

“In about two weeks, we will directly support the transaction of the Russian ruble trade. This way, you can use the ruble to buy cryptocurrency on”

Just last week, Coiner quietly added a pair of euros (EUR) and pounds (GBP) in its application programming interface (API).

In fact, the currency plan originally planned to open direct transactions between French and cryptocurrencies in Russia and other countries at the beginning of this year. So far, the exchange has launched four exchanges that support legal and cryptocurrency transactions in Uganda, Jersey, Singapore and the United States.

Coin has been expanding its currency channel to provide users with more options for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Last month, the exchange partnered with London-based payment processor Koinal to establish a legal currency purchase channel that allows users to use Visa, MasterCard's debit and credit cards, and to purchase cryptocurrencies via wire transfer. At the same time, Coin Security has established similar partnerships with Simplex, Paxos and TrustToken.

Zhao Changpeng said at the time that the currency security "will continue to build a channel between the legal currency and the cryptocurrency in an effort to increase the availability and adoption rate of cryptocurrency."

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