The mainstream currency has been fully adjusted, and Ethereum has fallen by more than 10%.

The mainstream currency has been fully adjusted, and Ethereum has fallen by more than 10%.

The latest market data shows that the digital asset market has been fully adjusted, and the price of Ethereum has plummeted.

Ethereum prices once fell below $240, the lowest reached $235, and then the price rebounded, so far has returned to above $240.

From May 14th to 15th, Ethereum achieved a 10% increase for two consecutive days, and the long-term downturn of Ethereum also swept away and rose. Ethereum broke through $270 on May 17, with the highest price of $279, the highest since October 2018. Compared with the lowest price of 81.93 US dollars on December 15, 2018, it has risen nearly 240%. Judging from the market volume and rising momentum, Ethereum almost completely recovered to the level of October 2018.

The ETH fell below $250, which means that ETH will return to last year and the market may be in a downturn. Prices in other major currencies have also been lowered.

As of this writing, ETH quoted $244.64, a 24-hour drop of 6.62%; 24-hour net inflow of funds was -562.36 million; Among the top ten mainstream currencies, XRP quoted $0.39, a 24-hour drop of 14.93; BCH quoted $366.50, a 24-hour drop of 11.97%; LTC quoted at 90.10, a 24-hour drop of 10.07%; EOS quoted $6.04, a 24-hour drop of 8.85%. (Mars Finance)

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