The Ministry of Public Security named the fake project "BRIC Digital Currency" and carefully covered the pyramidal chain MLM project!

On May 20, the Ministry of Public Security announced on the 20th the second batch of 61 national assets defrosting fraud projects and organizations.

In the list, the 42nd item “BRIC Digital Currency Project” looks like “the currency circle”. This name is indeed easy to cause confusion among ordinary people. PANews found that many netizens have also raised questions on Baidu’s knowledge. “Is this project a national act? Is the BRICS digital currency true? The BRICS asset currency project is MLM?"

MLM fraud in the coat of "digital currency"

Generally speaking, the so-called "national assets thawing" false projects have the same common features: criminals falsify national ministries and seals, documents, official documents, "national great cause", "precise poverty alleviation", "charity and enriching the people", etc. Set up false projects by the head, and find agents, with low investment and high returns as bait, through the WeChat group and other communication tools and some financial tools to develop "downline." It is essentially a fraudulent pyramid scheme.

This "brick digital currency" project naturally cannot withstand these routines. This two-year project, the full name is "BRIC Reserve Asset Currency (GRDC Financial Entrepreneurship and SDR Plan)", also known as "China Financial Construction Phase I Virtual Assets Project", which belongs to Internet Marketing.

The MLM organization was established in Beijing on April 1, 2017, and the background of the project created by the scammers is that the RMB officially joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket on October 1, 2016. The state issued China's first virtual asset reserve digital currency. Some netizens pointed out that the website used by this pyramid scheme has been used by a lottery company when PANews investigated.

Similar to other Internet marketing projects, the “BRIC Reserve Asset Currency” also manages and organizes participants through WeChat groups. In the process of fraud, they use WeChat to develop members nationwide, and send video, audio and other materials to the WeChat group for publicity, inducing participants to pay membership fees to obtain membership. Membership membership fees are subject to a membership fee of a multiple of 600 yuan, and the membership fee is paid after receiving the membership fee. They distribute virtual GRDC coins and equity to investment members in the network system, and through the “four major benefits, three major rewards” reward system, induce participants to pull the head and develop the offline, so as to obtain the head fee and the so-called “membership fee”. . These money are generally collected through third-party payment platforms such as Alipay and WeChat.

Identify the funds disk, look at the money bag

In fact, for the friends who are used to the currency circle, these pyramid schemes are easy to be dismantled. They often have these characteristics:

First, they need an entry fee or membership fee. If you can only get a certain qualification by purchasing a certain product or paying a certain fee, then you have to be vigilant. When did you hear about the entry fee for Bitcoin/Ethernet/EOS?

Second, on the basis of satisfying the first point, they develop multi-level offline, and calculate the reward based on the sales performance of the following lines. They often fill in the "online" profits by the entry fee of the comingcomers, which eventually leads to the break of the capital chain. Under normal circumstances, the project that meets the above two points, the big probability is the fund-based MLM fraud project.

The Plus tokens of the previous period, as well as the earlier BHB, the Wanyuan chain, etc., are all scams of this kind of pyramid scheme.

Don't forget the risk control while dreaming of financial freedom, otherwise "you remember the so-called profit, the liar remembers your principal."

Previously, the country has published a list of judicially confirmed pyramid scheme currencies (a total of 37 monitors in the second half of 2018)

GRDC, Asian Shield Coin, DGC Virtual Coin, EGD-Super, Tianhe Coin, U Baocoin, Huangzun Coin, “π”, Asian Dollar, Prize Coin, Wenmou (Virtual Currency), Holy Coin, WorldCom Dollar , central currency, karat currency, cloud communication (reporter currency, double vowel, five-line coin), purchase of coins, treasure currency (TRC), loccoin (RKC coin), E coin, ADC, BTMbat coin, LCC Coin, Vicat, Cloud, Cloud, CNB, Air Bitcoin Club (ABC), Code Chain, Touch Gold, Environmental Agriculture Chain (NYC, CTOP), IAC, Liang Bisi, Asia Euro, (Jianye Coin, gold inlaid jade), Walker wealth management, Wanfu coins.

Overseas "digital currency" scam

Of course, such scammers who use the concept of "digital currency" and "cryptocurrency" to package are not only domestically, but also appear abroad.

For example, in July 2018, South Korean company Shinil claimed that there could be as much as $134 billion in gold on the wreckage of the Russian naval vessel Dmitrii Donskoi, and ICO was used as it. The entire ICO involves more than 2,600 investors, and the amount involved is equivalent to approximately $8 million. In September, the incident was classified as a fraud by the South Korean police. In the same month, Liu Zhi, the principal of the Shenil Group’s “Shipwrecked Money” fraud case, made the domestic accomplice establish the SL Block Chain Group, and in February 2019, in the name of the new group, the cryptocurrency fraud was again conducted. This time, the fraud was worth 1 billion won. The cryptocurrency affects more than 380 victims.

For example, Wind Wide Coin, an encrypted digital currency investment project in Houston, USA, misleads investors by the celebrity of Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, Prince Charles and former Prime Minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen. The Texas Financial Commission's Texas Securities Commission (TSSB) called it "illegally and fraudulently providing investment," and in May 2018 was issued a ban on emergency termination.

With the improvement of relevant laws and regulations in various countries or regions, such scams will be more and more open and punishable in a timely manner. For investors, we must try our best to abide by the principle of “do not know how to vote” in order to identify scams and avoid unnecessary risks.

Text | Niu Niu Editor | Tong Source | PANews

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