Baidu senior R & D engineers reveal the super chain of 6 core technologies | Babbit College Open Course Live Record

Babbitt College officially launched its open class. We invited technical, operational and investment experts from Baidu, Weizhong Bank, Microsoft and other technology companies to give a detailed account of their latest developments and new achievements in the industry.

In May, the first issue of the "Front Lines of Famous Enterprises Blockchain Series" was conducted by Baidu "Super Chain" senior research and development engineer Sun Junyi, who revealed to us that Baidu "Super Chain" is currently in core technology advantages , commercial solutions , The cutting-edge results achieved in the ecological layout of blockchains.

In 2018, Baidu's "XuperChain" officially unveiled.

This technology product with the domestic self-developed blockchain as the core underlying structure has produced industry solutions covering judicial, intellectual property, commodity traceability, big data and other fields in a short period of time, and with the Beijing Internet Court, Guangzhou Internet courts, Hainan government, iQiyi and many other government agencies and enterprises have reached a cooperation to build a trustworthy ecological alliance of blockchain.

It is expected that at the end of May, Baidu will open source the underlying technology XuperChain of domestic self-developed research. With China's blockchain technology with independent intellectual property rights, it will better serve local blockchain developers and boost national self-confidence.

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The following is a representative of the college class, for the refining of the course dry goods for everyone!

The reading time is about 10 minutes.

Hello everyone, I am Sun Junyi, a senior R&D engineer at Baidu's “Super Chain”. I am very happy to be here today to share the “Baidu “Super Chain” Exploration and Practice” .

First of all, I want to share, after all these years, how do we know the blockchain?

We can now give a simple definition of the blockchain : the blockchain is a trusted connector.

Blockchain has many good technical properties, such as distributed, tamper-proof, traceable, etc., which makes it a natural trusted connector.

Then with a trusted connector, you can do a lot of things that you couldn't do before.

For example, with the help of the blockchain, Party A and Party B, and even A, B, C, and D , can automatically reach a trustworthy environment and realize the value transfer process without any centralized authority. The safety is controllable.

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This time, we mainly talk about Baidu's "super chain." Baidu "super chain" code is called Xuper, it is the rewriting of the English word super, then we will unveil the mystery of our Baidu "super chain".

Six core technology advantages

As we all know, the country introduced the blockchain information service management regulations in January 2019, which means that the network deployment and operation activities of the blockchain in China are required to conduct record and compliance management audits.

And some open source blockchain solutions that are open on the market are difficult to create a fully compliant blockchain system.

From this perspective, the "super chain" has a big advantage.

Because it is a sovereign blockchain network and has a high level of independent intellectual property rights, it has as many as 120 patents.

Although the blockchain has many advantages, it also has a lot of technical barriers that need to be broken . Baidu's core R&D team is currently making an important breakthrough in the blockchain technology, which is the six core technology advantages of the “Super Chain”.

Picture 4


Existing blockchains, whether stored or computed, are performed on a single computer. Multiple computers are only synchronized, and it is difficult to extend.

The super node means: a node supported by our technology, which is ostensibly a node of the entire blockchain network. Behind it is a powerful distributed computing network and a distributed file storage system . The requirements are relatively high.

It requires us to do the separation of storage and computation at the smart contract level, based on our unique in-chain parallel technology.

twenty two

With the in-chain parallel technology , we can implement multiple parallel transactions and modify the state of the blockchain .

The multi-version data structure of MPT in Ethereum can only support the transaction serial to modify the data state; however, the intra-chain parallel technology can truly support the complete parallelism of transactions, even distributed.


In addition to optimization on the single-chain, the “super-chain” has also tried a number of multi-chain and cross-chain solutions, including reversible side chains, which has made the performance of the entire system a qualitative leap.


From the perspective of engineering architecture design, the "superchain" is a pluggable component design.

Because our code is open source, developers may flexibly customize some functions according to their own needs, and our architecture is very convenient for secondary development. Many modules define standard interfaces: including consensus algorithms.


We also have a lightweight node technology. What is the use of this technology?

Now in the implementation of many blockchains, we need to collect and collect some data. How to ensure that the data collected on these links is itself source-independent? At this time, we need to implant our lightweight nodes into these IOT devices, such as a camera or a charging post, to ensure that the information we have on the chain is difficult to tamper from the source.


An integrated smart contract refers to the implementation of a multi-architecture through in-chain parallel technology. Virtual machine technology can be developed independently due to the separation of smart contracts and core architectures implemented by integrated smart contracts.

Currently we have open source virtual machines, users can use smart development languages ​​such as C++ and Go to develop smart contracts.

We also provide complete contract lifecycle management and permissions. This more complex permission model supports multi-private key co-management and each private key has a different weight.

Picture 5

At present, the technology of the super chain has also been recognized by many domestic partners.

Ecological layout

At present, Baidu's "superchain" has been deployed in many fields, such as content copyright, traceability of commodity information, smart city, big data circulation, judicial government application, and energy management.

Below I will pick some key areas for everyone to talk about.

Picture 6


First, let's introduce XuperData.

XuperData is an innovation that we have combined in the two areas of blockchain and big data.

In the context of big data, many companies or organizations are concerned with data security and their own interests. Internal data is not open to the outside world, forming a data island, and the value of the data itself cannot be reflected.

XuperData solves the problem that corporate data is maliciously modified and data is stolen during the circulation process.

It has realized the safe circulation and data sharing of data between enterprises, and has overcome many industry pain points.

Picture 7

Picture 8

Ecology 2

XuperData has already achieved its e-government scene in a prefecture-level city in Shandong.

At the bottom of it, there is a coalition chain such as the government private network. These alliance chains have various government bureaus, which form the nodes of the alliance chain.

There are also devices for collecting information, such as camera charging piles.

At the upper level is the XuperData platform, which is user-oriented and provides a user-oriented interface, while built-in powerful capabilities such as data management, multi-party computing, joint modeling, and machine learning.

Picture 9

Ecology 3

This picture is the application of XuperData in the field of financial risk control. The problem solved is that when the borrower initiates an application, the financial institution must judge the risk of lending by judging its historical credit record.

At this time, financial institutions need a large amount of data. Since the owners of various types of data are different institutions and organizations, financial institutions cannot fully obtain them. At this time, with the help of XuperData, the data can be formed into a logical view that can be shared.

Picture 15

Ecology 4

The Smart City project is also the solution for XuperData's fusion blockchain and big data.

By using all kinds of agency offices as a node and joining the government alliance chain, the coordination and circulation of the entire data becomes very controllable and secure.

For example, practitioners engaged in e-commerce, finance or medical companies can make full use of this data. At the same time, the data they produce can be fed back to the government to form a loopback.

Picture 10

Ecology 5

Next, let's talk about the application of "superchain" in the copyright field.

China's current copyright market has a scale of 600 billion, and the proportion of users paying is as high as 50%, so it is more important to ensure the copyright rights of high-quality content creators.

But at present, the entire content field is facing the difficulty of defending rights and safeguarding rights. Picture 11

Moreover, the biggest difficulty in copyright protection is the difficulty in confirming rights. XuperIPR is a platform for copyright protection and trading based on blockchain. As long as the work is uploaded to the platform, the creator will get a hash of the copyright deposit.

Baidu uses distributed crawler capabilities and image search capabilities to monitor whether there is any infringement of copyright on the Internet on the Internet for 24 hours.

If there is infringement, it will automatically save the certificate and save it as a piece of evidence through the content hash value. This evidence package is authorized by the copyright holder.

It can also be synchronized to the judicial blockchain node, so that the court will also determine that the evidence is a valid evidence.

Picture 12

Ecology 6

In fact, we have a complete solution in the field of judicial affairs.

For example, we have an APP for C-end users, which can completely use the APP to complete the collection and storage of evidence, and then upload the evidence to the court's electronic litigation platform through the APP, and automatically synchronize the judicial blockchain.

At the bottom of the judicial blockchain, there are many alliance nodes, such as the node of the public security law, the node of the notary office, the law enforcement agency of the judicial identification center, and the deposit platform nodes of each alliance partner, to jointly endorse the behavior of its deposit.

Picture 13

At present, Baidu “Super Chain” has reached in-depth judicial cooperation with two Internet courts.

In the electronic evidence platform jointly established by the Beijing Internet Court and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Security Center, the “balance chain” uses our Baidu “superchain” as the underlying technology, and the XuperIPR is also added as one of the application alliance nodes.

In addition, the Guangzhou Internet Court has also established a cooperative relationship with us. Baidu “Super Chain” has participated in the construction of the underlying architecture of the entire system. The copyright application platform XuperIPR has also been connected to the trusted electronic evidence platform as the first platform organization.

Picture 14

In the exploration of several years, Baidu Super Chain has launched a number of commercial solutions based on self-developed technology, and the underlying technology of Baidu Super Chain, XuperChain, will be open sourced at the end of May for more developers and demand enterprises to accelerate. Technological innovation in the industry.

My sharing is over, I hope Baidu "super chain" will have more breakthroughs in the future to serve the society, thank you!

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