Those who create resonance coins are likely to be nailed to the shame column of the currency circle.

A resonance coin that came out of the dark net, despite the use of blockchain technology, but the pyramid-like pull head, brainwashing with the guise of realizing the dream of wealth, is essentially a game of pyramid schemes and funds.

Two weeks ago, VDS raised funds of 1.3 billion yuan, from 0.62 US dollars to a maximum of 12.8 US dollars, its circulation market value reached 7.2 billion yuan, its blood-sucking ability to kill Fomo3D, Bell chain.

However, the 20-fold increase lasted only one day, and VDS started the plunge mode. As of press time, the VDS has fallen from the highest point to 4.86 US dollars, a drop of 62%.

Those who create resonance patterns may earn some money at first, but they may be nailed to the shame column in the history of the currency circle.

Resonance coin coming out of the dark net

"Be sure to treat it as a bullish project. Don't use it as a fund. The great thing about VDS is thinking." Wang Ning explained this to Shen Chain Finance.

“VDS is a good technology, and this currency is worth holding for a long time.” A Beijing-based press conference called “National United Group Spot Exchange”, six women in yellow clothes wearing Chinese clothes danced on the catwalk On both sides of the T station, sitting on a group of viewers with an average age of 50 or older, Wang Ning took pictures and sent a circle of friends and “same good” popular science VDS.

Two months ago, Wang Ning came into contact with VDS through a friend who opened a real company in Wangjing. According to Wang Ning, after he got the VDS white paper, he was sent to the head of the University of Fire Capital, Yu Jianing and Bao Erye (Guo Hongcai).

Wang Ning claims to be familiar with many of the big names in the currency circle, such as Zhao Dong, Bao Erye, Yu Hong, and Yu Jianing. Wang Ning told Shen Chain Finance: "At the beginning, Bao Erye didn't believe me. Later, many people in the circle and he recommended VDS. He bought a lot. After reading the white paper, Yu Jianing just said that 'the technology of this coin is very good'. But Yu Jianing should not buy it."

However, Wang Ning’s statement was denied by Jianing.


Yu Jianing told Shen Chain Finance: "We never commented on VDS, and I have not had any communication with this person."

Up to now, Shenzhen Financial has not received a reply from Bao Erye.

Wang Ning not only holds the VDS himself, but also specially pulls a WeChat group of more than 200 people. Every day, he transfers to the VDS promotional materials from the dark network and telegraph groups. Wang Ning believes that VDS is a good project with a landing scene. "I promote it now, just like the 2013 currency circle."

Compared with Wang Ning, other people with rich experience have already seen the business opportunities of reciprocating coins and cutting leeks.

A public chain founder who did not want to disclose his name told Deep Chain Finance: "Recently, some friends have asked us to make a VDS upgraded version of the plate, which I refused. This thing is useless, except for MLM or MLM." The founder also revealed that "they have always been mining in the industry, amateur money."

Baidu "funds disk" keywords, the second entry appears is the advertisement of the fund disk development system. Deep Chain Finance has found a technology development service provider in Inner Mongolia, Tianhe District, which provides internal wallet, Fomo3D and mining trading system.

“Resonance coins have been very hot recently,” said Zhang, the company’s marketing director. Do a set of imitation VDS system, Zhang gave a pre-quote between 15-20 million, development time 20-30 days.

Both the fund disk and the technology development company are part of the resonance coin industry chain, and the miners and blockchain nodes are even more indispensable.

Bitcoin miner Zhang Chen not only operates 30 VDS super nodes, but also produces VDS mining machines. Zhang Chen told Deep Chain Finance that a super node currently receives 26 VDS block rewards in a single block week (one week). Two months ago, due to the small number of main super nodes, a single block week will receive 188 VDS block rewards.

Zhang Chen said that based on the heat of the resonance coin, people have been selling resonance coin mining machines in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu, and their prices range from 1-2 million yuan.

Some non-first-tier exchanges that are also upstream of the industrial chain also hope to drive traffic through the upper resonance coin. Like MXC, users can still buy VDS from MXC, although they don't get a white list.

Before the exchange is online, it must obtain API authorization in advance and the project party, otherwise it will be grabbed. In order to maintain anonymity, the VDS team announced in advance the list of authorized 100 exchanges, which flowed from the dark network to the Mingwang.

According to Wang Ning, "In the whitelisted exchange, the CEO exchange was the first VDS to go online, and got 500,000 VDS airdrops. The Fubit Exchange not only went online with VDS, but their boss also bought a lot. The VDS is used as an appreciation."

Fund disk game

Compared with the fund trays that used to be in the outer layer of the block chain, there are two main points in the "innovation" of VDS:

First, it creates two different but mutually influential price systems for internal disk resonance and external trading;

Second, it integrates MLM thinking and 12-level model into the first- and second-tier market, ZEC's anonymity, OTC transaction, Super-node campaign and other industrial chains to form a decentralized chain marketing system.

A complete set of logic can be derived from the VDS white paper.

According to the white paper, VDS started with 100 million VDS in the creation phase, of which 17.475 million VDS was airdropped to BTC users in 1:1, 72.25 million VDS as initial capital for one-way resonant pool, and 12 million VDS as initial ecological construction of VDS. fund.

Among them, the ecological builders include Ming Net builders, VDS evangelists, mine pool creators, data platforms (such as non-small, currently out of VDS related data), VDS exchanges, etc., all links run simultaneously.

VDS white papers, promotional videos and other series of materials, the first to flow out of the dark network, the people who got the information from the dark network began to build the Ming Net.

(Search for "VDS" in Baidu, there will be VDS Mingwang website)

The qualified team that builds Mingwang will receive corresponding rewards in each block week (7 days for one week). According to the latest data released by the VDS Mingwang audit telegram group on May 16th, 142 Mingwang are in the latest district. In the block week, 140 VDSs were obtained respectively.

After the Mingwang was built, the chain sales played a huge role.

VDS activates the first batch of users to use airdrop mode. Within a certain period of time, users with more than 0.1 BTCs in the 0-231839 block will import the BTC private key in the VDS wallet, and will get 1:1 VDS and a VID. Stamp.

VDS adopts the 12-level roulette mode, and VID stencil users must directly push 12 people to obtain the right to create OTC trading groups and establish nodes in the wallet.

In this pyramidal pyramid scheme, within the 12th level, each user who wants to obtain a VID stamp must deposit 10 VDSs into the recommender's VID address. Only after becoming a VID user can the VID be developed offline. The more fission, the more dividends are obtained from the VDS that is plucked by the lower line.

The VID stamp is equivalent to the membership card used in the MLM to develop the offline.

Ideally, from 1st to 10th, a VID user can develop about 5.1 billion offline, and each user can be the top of the pyramid, constantly absorbing blood from new users.

(In the video, the man with the V mask explains the revenue principle of the mode disk and the resonant pool)

In order to enhance the subjective kinetic energy of user fission, the VDS team invented a one-way resonance mechanism. The simplest statement is that users deposit BTCs into VDS wallets and exchange (resonance) VDSs in one direction.

The first batch of users participating in the resonance pool, each BTC can redeem 3756 VDS, the second layer can be exchanged for 3755, each layer is reduced by one, and up to 10 BTC exchange quota.

A total of 37,560 BTCs are required for the total redemption, yielding a total of 70.525 million VDS.

The VDS that the user exchanges can get the outer disk (exchange, OTC) transaction, and build the light node and super node in the disk, which is another important benefit of the VDS user.

The main benefit of the VDS SuperNode comes from the 1% handling fee drawn from the VID creation, the 50% block reward generated by the new block, the transaction fee and the 50% OTC expansion fee.

The main benefit of the light node comes from the lucky draw of each block week, that is, 50% of the BTC used to redeem the VDS in the resonance pool, and rewarded to the 20 lucky nodes randomly selected.

It is the price of the inner disk of the resonance pool and the price of the exchange in the outer disk that form two sets of price systems that are independent and mutually influential.

When the exchange price is higher than the price in the resonance pool, the speculator will choose to transfer the BTC into the VDS wallet and convert it into VDS, which will cause the VDS price in the resonance pool to rise continuously and eventually exceed the price of the off-exchange exchange.

Funds from Qingdao?

On the one hand, the way of manipulating VDS in the dark network can imitate the anonymity of ZEC, and it plays the role of deceitfulness. On the other hand, many people really can't judge which VDS is from the fund.

VDS official Mingwang audit group

A VDS holder told Deep Chain Finance that the person who is known as V-Reviewer is responsible for issuing VDS exchanges, data company whitelists, Mingwang audits, etc., and rarely talks about other things.

Deep Chain Finance verified V-Reviewer, V-Reviewer said: "We don't have a project side, I am receiving tasks online."

Sun Yulin, who is well versed in the operation of the fund, told Deep Chain Finance that VDS is a fund disk from Qingdao. Sun Yulin said that their technology is still there. (Normally speaking, it is easy for VDS to rise to several hundred yuan, but it depends on how big the pattern of their money is.

Zhang Chen also said to the deep chain that VDS is a fund from Qingdao.

However, Zhang Chen and Sun Yulin did not disclose more relevant information.

In the VDS promotional video: a man wearing a black hat with a V mask, using a voice-changing, fluent English, claims that the VDS through the decentralized cash flow distribution system will bring ultimate wealth freedom to mankind.

(VDS promotional video

In just one month after VDS's hot money circle, there have been at least eight kinds of resonant coins. They are essentially exaggerated brainwashing language and pyramid bloodsucking routines, no matter what kind of outerwear they are wearing.

Two weeks ago, VDS raised funds of 1.3 billion yuan, from 0.62 US dollars to a maximum of 12.8 US dollars, its circulation market value reached 7.2 billion yuan, its blood-sucking ability to kill Fomo3D, Bell chain.

However, the 20-fold increase lasted only one day, and VDS started the plunge mode. As of press time, the VDS has fallen from the highest point to 4.86 US dollars, a drop of 62%.

Huang Lianjin, a well-known blockchain expert and expert member of the China Electronics Society blockchain, said to Shenshen Finance: "First of all, the pyramid scheme of the resonance coin is illegal in China. Second, its model can be copied. The economic model is difficult to replicate. Whether it is IEO or resonance mode, it will only be a flash in the pan."

Huang Lianjin also believes that "those who create resonance models may earn some money at first, but they may be nailed to the shame column in the history of the currency circle. The development of the entire blockchain, many models themselves are cut amaranth. Tools, only real-world applications can serve the real economy.

In this article, Wang Ning, Zhang Chen and Sun Yulin are all pseudonyms.

Wen Hao Wu Salt

This article is the original deep chain Deepchain ( ID: deepchainvip) . Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

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