The money is safely stolen, and there is a new solution to the problem of saving or failing in the water.

On May 8th, the currency security was stolen 7,000 bitcoins, which made the security of the blockchain network pay attention again. The media was full of descriptions of the details of its theft. Feng Qingping was too lazy to look at it.

The incident of the currency security reminds me of the RChain public chain deception that occurred on April 26, because it misdirected 11 million RHOC tokens into the deliberately fraudulent wallet, and pushed it to the huge loss. The edge of the building will be tilted, almost the greatness of life, the grievance of death.

Feng Qingping always believes that the current blockchain development stage, the regulatory system is very lacking, the infrastructure is still behind, and the technical bugs are also frequent, allowing hackers to obtain a huge space for display, across the sea, the prestige is extremely incomparable, and also profitable. There is even news that the hacker strength supported by some countries is also doing the job of robbing the family.

The high seas of the blockchain industry are filled with countless Somali pirates, and the victims are faced with painful choices again and again. This time, the sea has been set off, and it has repeatedly hurt people’s painstaking efforts in the blockchain industry. Confidence.

The security of the blockchain will always be a problem that touches people's sensitive nerves. The height of a high-footed monster is also one foot higher. Perhaps the biggest enemy facing a hacker is only time, and there is no Great Wall that cannot be destroyed.

Hacker 1

If we simply face the continual attack of hackers with defensive thinking and attitude, it is estimated that it will be miserable. Even the money in the head is not self-protected, not to mention the many other technologies, funds and strengths that are not in the trail. Small exchanges, wallets and project parties. From this perspective, entering the blockchain entrepreneurial industry is like a tightrope, and it is by no means a false statement.

The stolen problem itself caused by hacker attacks is not the focus of Feng Qingping. What I am concerned about is how to recover the harm of such incidents, how will it be reduced, and even avoid such incidents?

In view of the unusual transaction in Syscion on March 7, 2018, involving 7,000 bitcoins, the currency has taken a counter-measure against the abnormal account, so there is no accident, the handling of this incident, The currency did not dare to take the world again, and implemented the rollback again. Instead, under the background of wealth and wealth, it was decided that the SAFU investor protection fund SAFU was responsible for compensating the victims’ losses. As for the struggle with the hackers, the frozen charge On the basis of the account, there is still a tug-of-war and a protracted war.

We can't blame CZ's decision. After all, he doesn't want the coin classic to be born. The fork of The DAO in Ethereum is still expanding. In the face of violations of their own property, the choice of procedural justice or the result of justice has become a serious and painful choice. However, Feng Qingping saw that no matter how these wisdoms are made, it seems that they have not been able to get rid of a paradox, that is, to lose property or to lose morality.

Bible Cloud: There is nothing new under the sun. In the vast history of history, there have been such problems.

In China's Confucian culture, there was an ethical issue that triggered people's thinking. If the scorpion falls into the water, in the ethical environment where men and women are not allowed to be given, the younger brother is saved or not saved. If it is saved, it is faced with indecent assault. If it is not saved, it is not sitting, not disregarding it, disregarding the relatives and violating The three majors are often.

This is really a troublesome issue, but it is highly consistent with the blockchain security incident represented by the theft of The DAO in Ethereum.

On this issue, the traditional Confucian master Zhu Xi did not give a suitable answer. He insisted on curbing human desires and keeping the heavens and the earth, and proposed a treatment method of starvation and death, and cultivated countless Chinese-style rigid and rigid nerds. If Zhu Xi is dealing with this security incident, it is estimated that he will be the same as CZ, and he will not dare to roll back. CZ is not a nerd, why is it stuck in a state of self-restraint?

After snagging, Feng Qingping tried to find the root of the thinking that plagued people. People have always used technology as a barrier to safety. They don’t know that the civilized fashion of the road, the morality of slanders, and the legal environment protecting property rights are the biggest security bottom line. The consensus on the protection of private property rights is ours. The greatest protection god and solution. Technology is advanced, but if we entrust the future to technology, we will face the development of artificial intelligence, which will cause smart devices to dominate the worries and dilemmas of people's destiny. But now, because there is no consensus, we are both worried about the nerdy dilemma of being stuck in the rigid code of the law, and worrying about the rollback of arbitrary plunder.

Just like facing the fall into the water, the problem of the rescue of the younger brother is still not saved. This is not a problem in itself, the problem is our own thinking. It is because we have not reached a consensus and differentiated into a one-sided narrow understanding. Let us make the simple problems complicated and make the hackers have the opportunity.

Bondage 1

In the history of China, there are also some people who solve such intractable diseases. Wang Yangming is one. He believes that the way of saints is self-sufficient. In his understanding, moral behavior does not rely on external discipline and punishment, but from the inherent moral will. Only the heart is in the way, and then it can distinguish between right and wrong. Nourish your heart and be honest. In Feng Qingping's view, sincerity is a consensus, and a sincere consensus is formed. If problems such as fallen water are dealt with, there will be no doubts and no sorrows, and it will be more than enough.

Feng Qingping believes that if Wang Yangming comes to deal with it, he will certainly break through the obstacles of thinking, and also abandon the shackles of saving or not saving, and carry out property preservation in the substantial sense. Rollback or not is not a problem in itself, the problem is our thinking.

Blockchain technology brings us the decentralized dreams and means of realization. As everyone knows, it also leads some people to astray, firmly defends with code, but neglects a problem. At the immature stage, this is a dangerous idea. As we firmly support children's independence, but forget the children whose minds are not yet mature, they still need guidance and protection, and they cannot do anything. The child who made the mistake is not wrong. The wrong one is the eager parent. It is the mode of naive thinking behind the parent's leading role. "If the road is also a road, it is difficult to know that people are sick."

In the book Law, Legislation and Freedom, Hayek points out the fundamental difference between law and legislation: law is a set of rules that are spontaneous and spontaneous. It is not the result of deliberate design and planning by anyone, but purely from ordinary The interactive experience of people in daily life, on the other hand, legislation is a set of rules and regulations that are designed and imposed on the entire society by individuals and groups of the government rather than citizens.

Its current meaning is quite similar to the current status quo, and it also provides a solution to the current problem. He pointed out that a good social order must properly handle the tension between law and legislation, because once a misjudgment occurs, whether it falls into anarchy, the doubt is slipping into the centralized system, which is a great harm to individual freedom. .

Faced with the immature analogy of the code, Hayek pointed out in the "Knowledge of Knowledge" that we have the knowledge and ability to do so in the process of establishing various social processes, which is likely to make us deeply It hurts because we don't have this knowledge.

He also mentioned in "Fatal Conceit" that a wonderful task of economics is to prove to people that they know very little about what they think they can design.

On the dispute of decentralization, Hayek provided a bright road, that is, to pursue freedom, and to solve the consensus problem of the community. This is a political issue and a governance issue. It requires a forward-thinking layout rather than a reinstatement. Act of. It is impossible to rely on the design of the centralized system. Only relying on the consensus to implement the self-government upgrade is the unchanging policy to cope with change.

In the midst of different opinions, are there any pioneers in the blockchain industry, doing the right thing in the right way? I am very pleased that Feng Qingping, who is concerned with the subject of governance, has discovered some representative blockchain networks. The community decides the direction of choice and establishes a series of tool components and support systems through technical means. In the processing of voting weights, it is different. The usual prudence and the pursuit of perfection, and strive to establish a community consensus model through the fairness of voting rights, and all rules are handled in accordance with the holographic principle, not only the rule holography, but also the entire process of processing is holographic, all in the sun And operation, transparent and open.

Under the premise of this consensus of thinking, similar to the problem that the currency security is damaged by hacking, the rollback or not rolling back is no longer a difficult choice. The practice of this type of ecological network is to let the community decide on the decision, choose whether to roll back or not, and openly and transparently conduct the community collaboration platform in the form of voting.

Including the establishment of a series of tool components for voting, an efficient system bootstrap network has been established, which is flexible and seamlessly scalable, and responds to the high uncertainty of the future, thus creating a self-governing network, allowing freedom, Equality and sharing grow and inherit in the network.

If the private assets of the network participants are stolen, relying on the autonomous network, the direction of the community consensus can be used to choose the direction without worrying about the similarity of the etheric classics, and the decision-making concerns of the network centralized rights, through transparent disclosure The voting route is implemented to avoid the trap of thinking that the younger brother who fell into the water is rescued. Perhaps this is the charm and role of regular holography and process holography.

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Hayek said in "Fatal Conceit" that creating wealth is not just a material process, nor can it be explained by a causal chain. What determines the activity is not an objective natural fact that any mind can grasp. It is a thousand different kinds of information scattered.

In the feudal era, people faced the need to speed up the carriage, whether it was more with horses or the choice of wheels, and creative people invented the car. At a time when Somali pirates in the blockchain industry are prevalent, perhaps we need to consider not just technical issues.

Sometimes security is not our biggest problem, but we are the biggest problem. The nebula provides a kind of thinking. The meaning is not to provide a model, but to tell us another way to solve the problem.

If Wang Yangming is resurrected, facing the pits that people have dug themselves, to fall into their own behavior, it is estimated that he will laugh and cry. After all, for Wang Shengren, my heart is bright and what is said!

Author: wind Lemna

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