Blockchain distribution map of 88 listed companies: 70% of the extended application, Internet companies are good at the underlying foundation

With the end of April, the listed company's 2018 annual report season officially closed. Through the annual report, the development of the blockchain business of each company involved in the blockchain concept has also emerged.

Recently, the chain of pulse statistics A shares, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, nearly 90 listed companies that have disclosed blockchain business, including BATJ, Anne shares, Sifang Jingchuang, Hang Seng Electronics. Through their publicly published annual reports and announcements, find out what these companies doing blockchain business are doing? To what extent has it developed? According to the statistical information, the blockchain map of Chinese listed companies is drawn:

(This figure is based on the “classical, inter-chain pulse, 4 categories, 17 sub-categories, 100+ detailed item blockchain classification system”. Mapping: Mutual Chain Pulse Research Institute)

73% of listed companies focus on blockchain applications

Mutual chain pulse observation of 88 domestic listed companies involved in blockchain business, the main listed place is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. There are 76 companies in the A-share market, accounting for 86%; there are 6 Hong Kong stocks and US stocks, each accounting for 7%.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

The main business of each company involves financial, software and information services, and communication. In the practice of blockchain business, it focuses on four areas: blockchain application, industrial base, industrial periphery and currency trading.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

According to public statistics, 64 of the 88 listed companies have blockchain services in the blockchain application area, accounting for 72%; 19 are in the industrial base field, accounting for 22%; 2 are in the industrial peripheral areas; The home belongs to the field of currency trading.

Among them, Keda and Fosun International belong to the investment field in the industrial peripheral areas.

In the announcement of 2018, Keda Co., Ltd. stated that the company and Jianan Yuzhi and other companies reached a cooperation intention on the blockchain issue. The parties intend to establish a blockchain research institute and jointly establish a blockchain research alliance; Initiated the establishment of a blockchain industry fund, with a planned total fundraising scale of 1 billion yuan.

In the second half of 2017, Fosun Group invested in domestic blockchain technology companies to distribute technology. In the 2018 annual report, Fosun International also said that it will explore emerging areas such as blockchain technology.

The blockchain business of Feitian Integrity and UFIDA Networks is in the field of currency trading.

According to the annual report of Feitian Integrity, in September 2018, the company released the JuBiter Blade, a new generation of digital currency cold wallet hardware products; UFIDA previously used Bodang technology for 10 million RMB. Bochen Technology was originally positioned as a blockchain technology standard and solution provider, but some commented that it has gradually transformed from blockchain technology company into an exchange company.

From the perspective of horizontal business types and deep farming, the 88 block companies have different blockchain business developments. From the perspective of vertical development, at present, 70% of listed companies' blockchain business has developed to the practical stage, and the rest are still in the research stage.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

In its 2018 annual report, Jinzheng Co., Ltd. stated that the company vigorously carried out exploration and research on emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain based on the Internet and mobile Internet; digital technology also revealed in the annual report, the company Digital rights management techniques based on blockchain are currently being studied.

Financial, digital vouchers, entertainment and entertainment applications

Compared with companies that develop industrial peripherals and currency trading, companies that focus on the application of blockchains account for a larger proportion. The inter-chain pulse is further divided, and 64 types of applications belong to listed companies in the blockchain application field. Among them, the application of 27 enterprises belongs to the financial sector, accounting for 42% of the total proportion, nearly half.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

Mutual chain pulse statistics, companies developing blockchain financial applications include China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank and other banking institutions, aerospace information, advanced digital communication and other high-tech enterprises, financial software and network service providers such as Hang Seng Electronics and Kelan Software, and Soochow Securities, First Venture and other securities companies.

Therefore, based on the financial application field, the inter-chain pulse has been divided into two sub-divisions, which are mainly divided into 11 sub-areas such as banking, payment, securities, insurance, asset management, asset certification, and supply chain finance.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

Of the 27 companies currently developing blockchain financial applications, nine are exploring supply chain finance (33%).

Among them, part of the bank: the 2018 annual report of the Postal Savings Bank shows that the bank actively develops the smart, convenient and safe blockchain Forfeiting asset trading platform, and continuously optimizes the function of the online supply chain financing platform; CITIC Bank released the first “Zone” The blockchain + supply chain pilot innovation project and the joint industry have established the largest blockchain cooperation ecology among domestic banks; Huaxia Bank Annual Report pointed out that the use of blockchain technology is actively carried out, and the blockchain is piloted in the Xiong'an Group construction project. + Business cooperation model of the supply chain.

In addition to banking institutions, listed companies such as Hang Seng Electronics, Property Zhongda, Yuanguang Software, and Easy View Shares have also applied blockchain applications to supply chain finance.

In addition, the payment field in the financial sector is also the focus of the development of listed companies, with 7 related explorations (26%). For example, the annual report of accurate information shows that the company has newly invested in the operation and maintenance payment platform based on blockchain technology in the field of big data; Kelan Software has cooperated with Tencent Financial Cloud in 2018 to develop the application of the city commercial bank bill of exchange blockchain, and the bank draft Digitization, realizing bank bill of lading information and query function; Julong has launched a RMB circulation management solution based on blockchain technology.

The above companies that develop financial blockchain applications account for nearly half of the total blockchain applications, while nearly half of the remaining segments are occupied by digital certificates. Of the 64 listed companies that develop blockchain applications, 14 The family is working hard to promote the development of blockchain in the field of digital voucher.

Among them, companies focus on both traceability and digital identity authentication. Eight companies including Suning Tesco, Zhongan Online, Beidahuang, and SF Holdings have practiced in the traceability of blockchain.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

Four companies, including Meitu, China Unicom, Sifang Jingchuang and Yuyin, are promoting the development of blockchain in digital citizenship and digital identity authentication.

According to the White Paper released by Meitu, the company will create a decentralized, secure and encrypted identity pass for the user: Meitu Smart Pass, where users can use face features as a pass key on the blockchain. Decentralized user identity authentication; China Unicom's wholly-owned platform holding company, Unicom Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongxiangbit Technology Co., Ltd. jointly built a blockchain-based identity authentication and data depositing platform.

Mutual chain pulse observation, in addition to the financial and digital vouchers field closely integrated with blockchain technology, the entertainment field including game category, as well as the media communication and social field are also the main directions for the development of listed companies, accounting for 12% respectively. 11%.

Traditional Internet companies become the main force in the field of industrial infrastructure

While most companies develop blockchain applications, some companies are also building industry bases, including basic services, infrastructure, basic technologies, and mining. Most of these industries are based on traditional Internet companies, such as BATJ and other areas of the BaaS platform in the basic services. Thunder actively deploys the public chain in the infrastructure field.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

As a result, the inter-chain pulse breaks down the basic service area into six aspects: media, market-related, enterprise services, BaaS, security protection, and quantification. However, the nine listed companies that belong to the basic service sector are all concentrated in the BaaS platform. This includes not only Internet giants such as BATJ, but also companies such as China Ping An, Xinchen Technology, and Chuanhua Zhilian.

According to the 2018 annual report of Hailian Jinhui, its company independently developed the blockchain bottom layer framework and excellent chain system, based on the excellent chain system of “excellent chain cloud deposit certificate platform” and “blockchain-based cross-border factoring financing”. The credit management platform has been put into operation. Huasoft’s annual report also revealed that the company has independently developed a “simplified chain” platform using technologies such as blockchain, which can seamlessly link core companies and their upstream and downstream asset parties and various financial institutions and other financial institutions to help enterprises finance. development of.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

Mutual chain pulse statistics, there are five enterprises that build infrastructure in the industrial basic field, namely, the construction of the public chain of Thunder, the construction of the private chain of Hanwei technology, the construction of the alliance chain of Zhejiang University New and Julong shares, research encryption algorithm Guardian.

In April 2018, Thunder released the world's first blockchain application with a million-level concurrent processing capability – Thunderbolt. In this annual report, Thunder also mentioned the blockchain business: By providing high-performance blockchain underlying technology services to the market, Thunder has become a leading company in the blockchain industry.

In addition, the companies that develop blockchain business in the mining field are China Great Wall, Shenzhen Science and Technology, and Luyitong. In 2017, in the emerging blockchain digital currency mining machine market, China Great Wall Dragon Series power supply took the lead and became the benchmark for China's digital mining machine high-performance power supply.

Shen Technology has previously said that the company is one of the largest manufacturers of bitcoin mining equipment products in China, and is currently also negotiating cooperation opportunities with China Bitcoin in artificial intelligence applications; and the main subsidiary of Luyitong acquired Jianan Zhizhi The product is a self-developed digital blockchain computing device with an ASIC chip as its core.

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