The most profitable cryptocurrency field is lending

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In the cryptocurrency world, it is easy to focus on the two most common types of tokens: smart contract tokens (such as Ethereum) and currency tokens (such as Bitcoin). However, if you look at the median return on investment (ROI) of cryptocurrencies over the past 90 days and the past year, you will find that the winner is the field of lending.

The above figure shows the median ROI of cryptocurrencies in different fields in the past 90 days and the past year. The classification and analysis of all 349 currencies are carried out by Messari based on its methodology, and we have produced a median ROI chart based on it (given that there are some extreme values, using the median to show the overall trend of each field will be better than average Value is more objective). In order to make the chart more readable, we have removed areas where the number of items is less than or equal to 5.

Through research, we found that borrowing, a small-scale field with only 8 project issuances, has the highest median ROI (in USD) with 5 of the currencies in the past 90 days and the past year, and has become the most profitable. field. The five currencies are Maker, Nexo, Ripio Credit Network, Aave, and Cred. Overall, the median ROI of cryptocurrencies in the lending space over the past year has exceeded 75%, and the median ROI over the past 90 days has exceeded 15%.

Although there are few samples, it can also be seen that the field of lending is one of the most popular areas of cryptocurrency in the short and long term.

Each item has its own unique selling point. In general, cryptocurrency lending projects tend to provide users with decentralized investment and loan services, and generally allow users to invest their coins in various projects with different risks and different expected returns. Of course, this also benefits from the fact that the blockchain is immutable and does not require support for features such as trust.

In addition, the median annual return on investment of exchange-type tokens (listed as "centralized exchanges" on the table) is also considerable, mainly due to the excellent performance of platform currencies such as Binance BNB last year. However, the returns on such tokens have recently decreased. On the other hand, the situation of decentralized exchanges last year was not optimistic. The annual ROI fell below -40%, and the 90-day ROI was close to -20%.

However, it is worth noting that although the 90-day data looks more differentiated, from the median annual ROI, all areas have not exceeded the 140% ROI of Bitcoin over the same period, and only over 40% of the ROI over the same period in Ethereum. Lending and centralized exchanges.

In other words, the lending space is very popular, but Rao has not been able to catch up with Bitcoin.

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