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A few days ago, I re-overturned Yuval-Halali’s "A Brief History of Humanity" in one chapter: It is the empire, money and religion that have made a major contribution to the unification of human civilization.

Needless to say, the empire, from the glory of the sacred ancient Roman Empire, to the greatness of Alexander the Great, to the iron knight of the Mongolian Empire Genghis Khan. Violence is rampant, military conquest, war spreads everywhere in history, and promotes the prosperity of Europe and Asia.

What is the nature of money? It is a concept of trust: from shells, slave sales, silver, gold, to the Song Dynasty, even cigarettes in the scorpion. Money appears and declines in various forms. In modern society, in fact most commercial transactions are just a computer electronic data transfer to another computer. It is simpler in China, and the scan code pays one second to the account. As long as everyone is willing to accept electronic data transactions, it is more portable than shells, or other coins and banknotes.

It is religion that promotes unity. Just because all social order and class know the products of imagination, the larger the society, the more vulnerable it is. The importance of religion lies in the fact that these fragile structures constitute the legitimacy of human beings. In this way, basic social laws are not easy. Shaking has occurred to ensure social stability.

Looking back, we can't see that bitcoin is not a combination of money and religion. Without borders to centralize electronic money, from the birth of bitcoin to countless believers, it has followed suit. Even Nakamoto has not figured out clearly. Big grabs. In fact, who is important to think about Nakamoto? Not important, the important idea of ​​Bitcoin is that a monetary consensus has been reached.

God's evangelist

It is known that the first theological religion appeared in the Egyptian god Aden in 1350, when the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten took Aton to the altar and formulated the state religion worshipped by Aton, and he did not hesitate to exclude the infidels. , abolished the other belief systems except Aton.

The largest number of Christians currently believed to have originated in the Palestinian province of Rome in the first century AD. Christianity was originally a mysterious sect of Judaism. The sect believers wanted to convince the Jews that Jesus of Nazareth was their long-awaited Messiah.

The earliest evangelist was Paul, who called the saints. According to the records of the history, Paul is a small man, Xie Ding, a pair of small eyes, a pair of legs, according to the current person's statement is the standard short stupid. Surprisingly, at the beginning, Paul was a person against Jesus. In the process of arresting the followers of Jesus, Paul suddenly fell, and suddenly he heard a word: Who is persecuting me? Paul asked: Who are you?

"I am Jesus, get up, go to the city (Damascus), someone tells you what to do." It turned out that Jesus was the scorpion. After he got up, Paul found that his eyes were blind. When he stood up, he was led to lead him into the city. At this moment, Jesus sent Ananias to see Paul. Ananias pressed Paul on his hand and Paul saw the light again. From then on, a very arrogant Paul's 180-degree turn against Jesus became the most powerful evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus.

In the world of cryptocurrence, Nakamoto is "São Paulo", the CORE party with the right to submit the code, followed by the preacher Bitcoin Jesus, the Wenkleworth brothers, the founder of Ethereum Vitalic, the Chinese Li Xiaolai And Wu Jihan, the former servant will spread the latest concept of Bitcoin to all corners of the world.


Divine differences

In general, monotheism is more fanatical than polytheism, and is more enthusiastic about preaching. After all, if a religion is willing to recognize other beliefs, there are only two situations: one is that there is no single god in the world, but there are many gods at the same time; the other thinks that although there is one of the highest gods, the following Divided into many small gods, because people can see more truth.

But because monotheism usually believes that the god that he believes in is the only god, he also believes that he has seen all the truth in the world. Naturally, it will criticize all other religions for being completely untrustworthy. In the past two thousand years, monotheism has used this as an excuse to launch many wars.

The bitcoin gods of previous years did not see any cryptocurrency other than bitcoin, thinking that they could not succeed, just as outsiders believed that bitcoin was the same prejudice as Ponzi scheme.

The party's commonality is the common instinct of mankind. The war of the gods blew the horn during the Crusades. Because every person who participated in the expedition wore the "Ten" mark on the chest and arms, it was called the "Crusade." A well-known religious military operation carried out with the permission of the Roman Catholic Pope for nearly 200 years, a war waged by the Western European feudal lords and knights in the name of reclaiming the land occupied by the Arab Muslims against the Eastern Mediterranean countries. A total of nine times.

The most famous of these is the "Temple Knights", who are the most powerful of the Crusaders. In 1129, the Knights Templar was officially supported by the Holy See and had many privileges. It quickly grew its size, power and wealth, and even developed the earliest banking industry in Europe.

Disagreements in the Bitcoin world appeared on August 1, 2017, Bitcoin cash officially and Bitcoin parted ways. On July 21, 2017, the Bitcoin Bifurcation Solution BIP91 has received full network computing support, and agreed to first perform the isolation witness upgrade, and upgrade the block size of the underlying blockchain to 2M within the next 6 months. However, the "spoiler" appeared – the mining giant BitBTC's mining pool ViaBTC prepared a hard fork system, based on the bitcoin's original chain to launch "bitcoin cash."

Subsequently, countless forks and coins were emerging, bitcoin cash, bitcoin diamonds and bitcoin infinity, etc., were launched. The facts finally proved that some people used the fork to accumulate wealth. Only then, there was no practical use. At that time, the function of supplementing the expansion of Bitcoin was not realized, so that the progress of the project stagnated and the price of the currency plummeted. , fell 99%.

The despicable act of plundering with the Crusades to spread the "gospel" is exactly the same.

Signing a contract with the devil

Bitcoin believers, the fear of French currency is like the flood of Warcraft.

Especially in emerging markets, the middle class generally does not have the security of wealth. Last year, the collapse of the Lira, the first dominoes fell, triggering a chain reaction of a series of emerging countries' currency collapse. From Turkey to Argentina, Greece, warning the world all the time, too fast and too much to increase the supply of M2, in the short term to boost the economy has a role as a tonic, in the long run is to drag the national economy into the abyss of eternal, like and can not see The devil signed the contract.

Bitcoin claims to have a hedge against the legal currency, but it is not. In 2018, Bitcoin fell even more. The sequelae of the big bull market in 2017 appeared. Bitcoin has been self-sufficient. In a sense, buying bitcoin is no more secure and secure than holding a legal currency.

All speculators are only using the bitcoin as a gimmick to earn real money, more legal currency. The so-called beliefs are constantly changing. The biggest value of Bitcoin is value-added. If Bitcoin does not have any room for value-added, it will become an electronic version of gold. Is there such a big charm, worthy of investors? Chasing each other?

Then the question comes. If Bitcoin is worthless as the outside world says, it is just a group of fanatical gamblers who are deceiving the world. There is no safe-haven property and value-added space at all.

Such excessive rhetoric is inevitably a malicious speculation of conspiracy theories. The world is developing in a vast way. It is impossible to be swayed by a slap in the face. The arrogance of one hand is only in the imagination of ignorant people. At least at this stage, bitcoin is only one. The field social finance experiment is not perfect, and the technology needs to be further improved. As a supplement to the allocation of personal assets, it is better to be cautious than to be afraid to suppress it and guide the road towards formalization.

Bitcoin is stupid for legal currency. Innocently believes that it is also possible to create a decentralized currency that circulates in reality. It is a delusion that is not self-sufficient; for Bitcoin, the legal currency is stupid, and the currency is super-fax. The hard-earned money of robbing the working people is just that the world is ignorant and likes to worship authority.

In the end, Catholicism accommodates Christianity; Christianity embraces Protestantism; New Protestantism embraces humanism. Can the future legal currency accommodate bitcoin? It deserves our deep thought.

Voltaire, known as the "king of French thought" once said: "What is tolerance? It is a characteristic of human nature. All of us have shortcomings and mistakes. Let us forgive each other's stupidity. This is the natural number. One rule."

(Author: Bitcoin Caesar)

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