Market Analysis | Giants (BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.) are stalled in other hot currency currencies

According to a report from Bitcoinexchangeguide, according to a recent report released by Diar, Bitcoin's institutional transaction volume increased for the fourth consecutive month and reached a new high. Institutional trading volume now accounts for 19% of the total trading volume in the encryption market, compared with only 10% in December last year. In July 2018, institutional trading volume accounted for 24%. Obviously, the market obviously has incremental funds to enter the market, but the sedan chair of the organization is not so good. No big heart can't get the last moment. Now the disk is very boring. In this place, everyone seems to be quietly watching the next move. The recent volume of the mainstream currency has not changed significantly, indicating that the funds entering the market in the previous period are in a silent period. We are still unfolding and killing. At present, we are still standing on the long side. At present, the small currency is still in an active period. There are still hot spots in the market that have not been turned off. At this time, the mainstream currencies may not move. They have to shock all the hot money. All kinds of flames are extinguished, and it may be possible to start performing. Of course, it is possible that everyone will go down one by one, but I think that the main capital of the mainstream currency in the early stage is not particularly large (the capital is large, the shipment is difficult, and it cannot be used). The mentality of the retail investors is understood, and if the bears are suppressed, the support below is not far away, and the profit margin is not large. Can it help the bulls to pull a wave and suppress it? Is it more perfect?


BTC's futures price is still in a premium state for the spot price, and the range has increased. From the time-sharing chart, we can see that the triangle finishing has come to an end, the target still fails to choose the direction, and the channel is no longer available. The role is now, there are still hot currency in the active, the pie may still have to wait for the hot spot to stall, has not successfully attracted the attention of new funds, the 1-hour level of the macd indicator in the vicinity of the zero axis of the continuous fork, the indicator is blunt In the short-term, see if the support below is effective. If you fall below 5,100 US dollars, pay attention to lighten up the position, and drop below 5,000 US dollars to look at it. If the direction is upward, then pay attention to the volume of the match, and the amount of pressure on the top will be high. The rhythm is still seen at $5,900 in the medium term.

Source of data: qkl123


ETH's 1-hour level macd indicator has come to the zero axis, the current pressure is at 176 US dollars, the transaction volume is slightly enlarged to see if the volume can continue to enlarge, the market price of the altcoin may be over in the short term, the trend of the target is very Difficult to ponder, the next target is around $230, the space is acceptable, below the support line below our painting can reduce the position, and once again fell below $166 to leave.

Source of data: qkl123


XRP has released good news recently, but we can see that its currency price is not rising. I saw that some friends in the comment area said that the rubbish wave only fell, but what I want to say is that the mentality should be peaceful, not only It doesn't fall, it doesn't fall, it doesn't just rise, but the rhythm is fast and slow. Regarding the target, it is recommended that everyone keep patience. At present, the target falls below 5 antennas again. The shrinkage is also falling, the support level of the target. At around $0.348, we have not yet effectively broken below that level. We are still bullish and bullish. We are likely to take off at any time. The next target is around $0.43. We will defend our defense and break below the $0.348 to lighten up and fall below 0.3. The dollar is on the sidelines.

Source of data: qkl123

The LTC LTC looks a bit like the M head from the time-sharing chart. The two integer attempts to attack the $100 integer have not been successful. The volume is shrinking. The support below is around $75. The support is strong and can be low-sucking. When the price fell below 75 dollars, the M head was established and left to wait and see.

Source of data: qkl123


The pressure of the BCH250 antenna is strong. It has not stabilized after many attempts. At present, it has fallen below 5 antennas. From the trend of the hourly level, the target has fallen below the triangular support line and has not yet stood back, but there is no deal. Quantity, the effectiveness of the break still needs to be confirmed, it is possible to step back on the support of 270 US dollars, break the 270 US dollars to reduce the position, and then go back to step 226 US dollars, to reach the point to pay attention to low suction, we still look at Lord, the next target is around $410.

Source of data: qkl123

EOS EOS time-level triangle finishing has come to an end, but the target selection breaks upwards, the volume does not match, the effectiveness of the breakthrough is doubtful, the macd indicator is higher, maintaining the view of the shock upward, and the observation amount can be observed after reaching the pressure of 5.9 USD. Coordination, if you don't cooperate, you will have to pay attention to the high throw. If you fall below 5 dollars, you need to lighten up the position. You may return to the important support level of 4.4 USD.

Source of data: qkl123


TRX maintains the previous view and continues to see more. The neckline at the bottom of the head and shoulders has broken through. The macd indicator has reached a strong area above the zero axis. The moving average system is diverging upwards. The volume is effectively enlarged. You can actively do more and set a good stop loss. Bit, effectively fell below 0.028 US dollars to leave.

Source of data: qkl123


Everyone knows the new coins on the fire coins. It seems that the evaluation in the circle is not high. Concerned about whether the platform coins are heads or shocks, HT maintains yesterday’s opinion. It has confirmed that the 5 antennas are effective, and the 5 antennas turn heads. Under the pressure, the macd indicator diverges downward again, the trend is downward, the market weakens and the warehouse is weakened. If the price falls below 2.4 US dollars, pay attention to the exit. The top trend is not healthy, pay attention to the risk.

Source of data: qkl123

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