These types of blockchain games are destined to "die" in the development of the annual ring.

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In the 2018 blockchain game fire, which game is most impressive? What was the blockchain game that was so popular in the past, which ones really survived? What is the problem at the current stage of the development of the blockchain game industry? With this question mark, I reviewed the days of the wind and rain that the blockchain game has passed since the end of 2017.

Ethereum achievement blockchain game 1.0 era

The first blockchain explosion game is a fascinating cat that went online in November 2017. This classic pet-developing game unveiled the prelude of the blockchain game 1.0 era. At that time, it was once hot, raising a few Ethereum cats seemed to be the fashion inside the circle, and even caused the Ethereum network congestion. Once a fascinated cat, a virtual cat worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, the cute cat captured a lot of loyal fans, long live the top three in the list.

But this is just once. With the madness of the DAPP explosion in 2018, a variety of cat and dog pet development games, a highly financial spinach game, and a fund game called "Ponzi scheme" rushed into this emerging market. The less playable game like the fascination with cats has been forgotten by the public. At present, the daily activity is only maintained at around 300-400, and the peak is not there.

Source: Dappradar

Source: Dappradar

However, fascination with cats is a relatively successful classic blockchain game, which is a milestone in the development of blockchain games. Earlier, other blockchain games were not so lucky, most of them were fatal, and some were already cool.

For example, the drumming flower game that started to fire in January and February 2018: "Cryptographic Celebrity" and "Encryption Country". The game is said to be pulling people, the latter people need to spend more to buy the celebrities or countries bought by the people in front, in addition to celebrities, the country, as well as famous paintings, expressions, Lamborghini, horses, etc. The kind of encrypted assets, but ultimately the same formula, the same routine. The biggest routine of this kind of game is to flick the "gambler" to take over. At the time of the fire, it is not difficult to see some "childcare" shouting in the major communities.


I have to admit that this type of game did attract a large number of dreams of amaranth at the time. However, the dream is always a dream. The number of the pick-ups is not limited. It hurts the last pick-up of the leek for a second. Later, this kind of drumming flower game will not be finished, after all, no one will want to take the high position. In short, this type of game fires faster and cools faster.

"Encrypted Celebrities" has always been alive (Source: SpiderData)

"Encrypted Celebrities" has always been alive (Source: SpiderData)

"Encryption Country" has always been alive (Source: SpiderData)

"Encryption Country" has always been alive (Source: SpiderData)

The next entry is a variety of farm games, the first is the "Eagle Shrimp Farmer." As the popularity of the game climbed, various versions of the cottage began to appear, raising frogs, fish, and even ants, and none of them were. Looking at it now, the original farm games have already been "exited" in the market. Although there are other new farm games in the future, most of them are not hot.

Basically, blockchain games in the first half of 2018 were based on Ethereum. Most of the gameplay is simple, the update is iterative, and it’s so popular, but it’s still as stubborn as a cat. very few.

EOS main online line, blockchain game opens "runaway" mode

Perhaps no one expected that after the EOS main online line in the second half of 2018, all kinds of blockchain games based on DAPP began to grow rapidly, both in type and quantity, and there was an explosive growth, which was added within one month. More than 100 new Dapps are not new, with 216 new ones in October as the EOS outbreak peaked. With no fees, high TPS and generous developer rewards, EOS quickly took up most of the blockchain game market share.

Time came to the second half of 2018, FOMO3D games came out, and the whole currency was swept overnight. At that time, many players smashed their heads into the game, which is known as "never stop." The rules of the game are simple and clear, but cleverly use people's "Fear of Missing Out" mentality and humanity's greed for speculation. The final reward of the game is obtained by hackers through technical means, and many players vomit for a Ponzi. Scam game. Therefore, after the second round of the game was opened, there was no hot scene in the first round.

However, after the Fomo3D fire, there will still be a lot of cottage versions, and there will be several copies within a week. Fomo2D, Fomo4D, FomoFast, FomoLightning… The speed is very fast, the ending is very cool, in this fund In the game market competition, the vast majority of fund games did not live for two weeks.

I escaped the drumming flower game and avoided the fund game. The next quiz game can lock a large number of users. In August last year, the EOS main network ushered in the first star-rated project EOSBET, which opened the era of spinach. Spinach games such as scorpions, poker, slot machines and other games began to land on the blockchain game stage.

Among them, the story of the two brothers EOSBET and BETDICE can be described as beautiful and tortuous. EOSBET is the first DAPP to recognize dividends on EOS. It quickly occupied the market from August to October last year and became a head star project. But the good times are not long, EOSBET has only a single dice game, and faces the problem that the project token can not be transferred, the hacker attacks several times, the operation team is not professional enough. Compared with BETDICE, which has a good certificate design, excellent operation and strong technical team, it can only be abdicated.

On the basis of EOSBET, BETDICE has added a variety of games such as poker and lottery. The token is also liquid, and it combines the novel platform mechanism to greatly enhance its competitiveness. In a short period of time, the water and daily life far exceed EOSBET, and Long live in the DAPP rankings. I thought that such a DAPP could break the magic of "coming fast, going fast". I didn't expect that in less than three months, the game would fall to the altar, and even now it is more than its big brother EOSBET. Still low, it is a sad story.

Source: Dappradar

Source: Dappradar

In addition to BEDICE, EOS Poker and other spinach DAPP, various game DAPPs have also experienced explosive growth. As of December last year, some games with stronger game attributes have begun to emerge, such as EOSJOY (Energy Snake), "Encryption Throne" , Flappybird, my encryption hero, EOSDOTA, etc., play more diverse. The attributes of the game between players are strengthened, while the attributes of mining dividends are relatively weak.


In the second half of 2018, not only EOS, but also the wave field broke out. With a strong ability to copy, it has become a rising star of blockchain games. In a short period of time, relying on spinach games has attracted a large number of users. At present, the daily life and the flow of water are far beyond Ethereum. Some time ago, even more than EOS, the proper industry dark horse.

At present, blockchain games are mainly divided into seven categories: cultivation, quiz, RPG, simulation management, sandboxing, placement, and strategy. At this point in the development of the blockchain game industry, developers seem to finally realize that they gradually focus on the entertainment attributes of the game, but obviously, to reach the height recognized by the public, it is unlikely in a short time.

to sum up

Although the blockchain game at the moment has an incalculable prospect, it is also facing various tests. The first thing that bears the brunt is the lack of market flow. On the one hand, it is affected by the overall market environment. On the other hand, the high threshold for users to enter is also a major factor. Secondly, the common problem of most blockchain games at present is that the playability is not strong, the homogenization is serious, and there are certain security risks.

Despite all the challenges, there are many shortcomings, but it is undeniable that with the popularization of blockchain technology, some traditional leading enterprises have begun to join the blockchain field, such as Tencent’s new online game, “Catch the demon together”. Combines AR and blockchain technology. When more regular troops join the industry, more users can easily experience the game, blockchain games can be accepted by the public, and real scale can be realized.

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